for the love of zeke

zekehe was a real gentleman.  he wore a black tuxedo everyday with a white

waistcoat.  he carried off this formal attire effortlessly.  he thought he

looked good.  i did too.  some even said he looked like that movie star,

benjie.  only benjie of course, wore a plain brown and beige suit.

we strolled together every day.  we were like little postmen … rain or

shine,  sleet or snow … there we were walking the streets of our


he had a fondness for cats.  he liked them.  some even liked him back.

he’s the only gentleman i knew who wagged his tail in a circle when he

was happy.  and he was happy a lot.  it’s like back and forth just wasn’t

good enough!

and he smiled, zeke did.

when we went to visit old cal one day, a world war II veteran we knew

who had stomach cancer, zeke sat right down in front of cal’s chair,

looking up at him.   i left to tour mrs. cal’s garden with her.

when we came back in about 20 minutes later, there was zeke, still

facing cal.  they were just sitting there talking you know.

cal said  “tammy, this is the  best dog i’ve ever known.”

zeke turned and smiled at me.

“i know,” i said.

zeke was like that.