a happy camper

   HELLO ! it’s just me here. and a beautiful day.  ~ via:earthsunmoon.com ~ YUP. i’m a happy camper. it doesn’t take much. but oh . . . sometimes that much is so out of reach that . . . well. it’s probably not too pretty. ~ i was not voted best dramatic actress in … [Read more…]

test pic post and message to capt.

CAPTAIN!!!! OH MY DARLING CAPTAIN!!! I FOUND IT!!!  all by myself.  just like you said i would! it’s there.  i just would have to find it. EXCEPT . . .  now i just have to be smart enough to remember what i did.  AAAGGGGHHHH!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! oops. sorry for the emotion.   LOL. ps.  don’t … [Read more…]

creeping clutter

good morning! ~ or what is left of it anyway. ALL MORNING and into late LAST NIGHT i have been trying in vain to get wordpress to let me SEE MY PICTURES and put them into a post. GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN !!!! ~ no luck. ~ so i’m afraid now you’re stuck with just me. … [Read more…]

what’s going on?

     a little trouble in paradise!!! i don’t know. many of you have alerted me . . . THANK YOU BY THE WAY !!! that you cannot comment. it tells you your address is in the email file. and then you cannot comment. three of you have used the same word . . . ” weird … [Read more…]