the first taste

here where all is still green or brown because of drought only the calendar says it’s autumn. . but i have never minded much about such facts and things. in my heart it looks like this! . i awoke this morning to thunder and rain. no sideways rain as is usual here in my windy prairie country. … [Read more…]

finding the center

. the colorado trip has been postponed. don’t feel sorry!  or sad for me old bean. i’m not sad about that. there is time. plans needed to be changed. . instead we will probably go out to georgia .  .  .  or is it down to georgia sometime in october. that is where the marine’s … [Read more…]

living a small life

there’s a movement going on old bean! and it’s exciting!           ~ but first.  some thoughts about why we needed this movement. in the 80’s there was a catch phrase from a popular movie that described the era. ~ ”  GREED IS GOOD  “ ~   our country bought into that … [Read more…]

making the best of it

. . this picture I saw recently made me think of my mother. and I realize that so much of what I am now is because of her. . my little mother was my best friend throughout my early life. I never went through that horrible stage that some teenagers do. you know . … [Read more…]

mini living . when i say i’m a minimalist . . . usually people immediately get a mental picture of how they think i live. . a white cube. nothing in it.  nothing of beauty to look upon. hard edges. cold. . and for the die hard purists living it  . . . i suppose that might be true. and truth … [Read more…]

an expensive day?

this post was originally from 2012. but since it’s that time of year again . . .  have washed its face and refreshed all the lost images due to the recent hacker on my peanut here. . it’s a fun post. and if you’re planning a big day or know of someone who is . … [Read more…]