our hearts to yours alberta

canada burning. . . 88,000 people evacuated from one city alone. homes lost. . the devastation that wildfire brings. . at last count 49 wild fires burning. ~  here where i live . . . tornadoes leave devastation too . . . but at least they LEAVE QUICKLY. . this wild fire has raged for days. and … [Read more…]

cinco de mayo

. YAYYYY!   OLE! . it’s cinco de mayo! . i love this day. it’s a day of celebration. joy ! outrageously beautiful color ! music ! dance ! and TEX MEX!!! LOLOL! yes. a favorite cuisine here where i live. and i absolutely LOVE IT! ~ YUM !!! courtesy:vangha.blogspot.com ~  actually it can be very healthy. my favorites … [Read more…]

duck lessons

hello old bean! thanks for stopping by. . i love that beautiful picture above!   don’t you? it makes me think of energy.  a light filled energy! . little by little i’m learning to attract the positive energy out there. . the one that connects us all to each other  .  .  .  just like in the … [Read more…]