the truest gold

what is the sense of happiness? what is it for you? . is it the beautiful views from your window? the sparkling private pool in your own back yard? the flowers in your own garden? the mountains in the distance .  .  .  perhaps still with white snow on their peaks? the perfect summer temperature?  not suffocatingly … [Read more…]

i love you i hate you

      i cannot tell a lie. dear computer .  .  . THIS is how i feel about you you know old bean. it’s like this. i have one foot in the 21st century and the rest of me is solidly in probably .  .  . oh.  i don’t know the late 19th century.  … [Read more…]

are we there yet?

THIS is the way most people feel about summer.   like WOW! can’t get enough of this great sunny SUMMER weather. lounging about in cool blue pools! flowers blooming to beat the band. picnics in the park. grilling in your own back yard. hiking in the great outdoors. on and on it goes. and coming … [Read more…]

an apple woman

we all come in different shapes and sizes. all my life i’ve been short. i used to be 5 foot 2 eyes of blue. now i’ve shrunk and i’m 5 foot 1. . recently due to the illness i lost over 20 pounds. JUST LIKE THAT! phhft! . kind of nice really.  a little silver lining i … [Read more…]

for once

for once i have absolutely NOTHING to say. . my goodness folks!  is she sick?  is she feverish? LOL!  nope. you know only too well that    sometimes i simply get all talked out. and now it’s just a very quiet time here at the peanut. . i’m sending love to each one of you. you’re the BEST! and … [Read more…]

our work here

  do not ask how did we get here ! .       do not ask . why are we here ! . . life IS . . tell THIS tell ALL . . . . amidst the broken edges of the world that slice the heart may we find solace dear friends. . … [Read more…]

a tiny winged soul

house sparrows they are the common folk of bird land. . maybe they’re not brightly colored. maybe their chirruping is not the most melodious. maybe they can be a nuisance if you park under a tree where they reside. but lo! they have ALWAYS been a favorite of mine!  my whole life i have loved … [Read more…]

mini living . when i say i’m a minimalist . . . usually people immediately get a mental picture of how they think i live. . a white cube. nothing in it.  nothing of beauty to look upon. hard edges. cold. . and for the die hard purists living it  . . . i suppose that might be true. and truth … [Read more…]

darkest before the dawn

. sometimes this world seems so dark old bean.  we’re all feeling it. sometimes it’s downright scary. IF you think about it like that. . which i don’t.  not anymore.  i’ve just been thinking about all of it lately. . and i think we’re experiencing the darkest just before the coming dawn. . tragic things ARE happening everywhere.  … [Read more…]