moving on old bean

well old bean. here’s the deal. . you are just the BEST! from the very first post on the peanut YOU have made me feel welcomed  and appreciated  and even loved . heck. most of the time here i have even felt pretty darned cool! . we’ve laughed and we’ve cried and we’ve fought many causes! . judging from some of the … [Read more…]

easter chicken and heat

like a lot of places in the rest of the nation . . here in the middle of the country we have had endless days of heat indexes in the danger zones. extremely high dew point and high triple digits temperatures that won’t quit. . add to that the fact that nights have not been … [Read more…]

summer survival mode

yup.   this is where we came in i think. . AND .  .  . yup. we’re STILL HERE! . and though we’re still mostly grumpy about it around here  .  .  . . we at least have put some thought into our arsenal for surviving SUMMER in these triple digit temperatures. . it’s dark out now and it’s 99 degrees at … [Read more…]

are we there yet?

THIS is the way most people feel about summer.   like WOW! can’t get enough of this great sunny SUMMER weather. lounging about in cool blue pools! flowers blooming to beat the band. picnics in the park. grilling in your own back yard. hiking in the great outdoors. on and on it goes. and coming … [Read more…]

duck lessons

hello old bean! thanks for stopping by. . i love that beautiful picture above!   don’t you? it makes me think of energy.  a light filled energy! . little by little i’m learning to attract the positive energy out there. . the one that connects us all to each other  .  .  .  just like in the … [Read more…]