the first taste

here where all is still green or brown because of drought only the calendar says it’s autumn. . but i have never minded much about such facts and things. in my heart it looks like this! . i awoke this morning to thunder and rain. no sideways rain as is usual here in my windy prairie country. … [Read more…]

cozy minimal

what does a hospital stay   black mold and mildew a rushed move and lots of pros and cons . have to do with adjusting to a new life? well. i’ll tell you! . when i first moved to my little  ‘ safe harbor ‘  .  .  .    it was    JUST THAT. i felt for the … [Read more…]

summer survival mode

yup.   this is where we came in i think. . AND .  .  . yup. we’re STILL HERE! . and though we’re still mostly grumpy about it around here  .  .  . . we at least have put some thought into our arsenal for surviving SUMMER in these triple digit temperatures. . it’s dark out now and it’s 99 degrees at … [Read more…]

imagination and reality

which is better old bean? i was a very imaginative child. books were my friends.  and i could lose myself in them.  i still can.  and do! . they provided me a rich inner life.  i grew adept very early on in making things how I WANTED THEM TO BE in my head instead of how … [Read more…]

the truest gold

what is the sense of happiness? what is it for you? . is it the beautiful views from your window? the sparkling private pool in your own back yard? the flowers in your own garden? the mountains in the distance .  .  .  perhaps still with white snow on their peaks? the perfect summer temperature?  not suffocatingly … [Read more…]

an apple woman

we all come in different shapes and sizes. all my life i’ve been short. i used to be 5 foot 2 eyes of blue. now i’ve shrunk and i’m 5 foot 1. . recently due to the illness i lost over 20 pounds. JUST LIKE THAT! phhft! . kind of nice really.  a little silver lining i … [Read more…]

living a small life

there’s a movement going on old bean! and it’s exciting!           ~ but first.  some thoughts about why we needed this movement. in the 80’s there was a catch phrase from a popular movie that described the era. ~ ”  GREED IS GOOD  “ ~   our country bought into that … [Read more…]

our work here

  do not ask how did we get here ! .       do not ask . why are we here ! . . life IS . . tell THIS tell ALL . . . . amidst the broken edges of the world that slice the heart may we find solace dear friends. . … [Read more…]