moving on old bean

well old bean. here’s the deal. . you are just the BEST! from the very first post on the peanut YOU have made me feel welcomed  and appreciated  and even loved . heck. most of the time here i have even felt pretty darned cool! . we’ve laughed and we’ve cried and we’ve fought many causes! . judging from some of the … [Read more…]

finding the center

. the colorado trip has been postponed. don’t feel sorry!  or sad for me old bean. i’m not sad about that. there is time. plans needed to be changed. . instead we will probably go out to georgia .  .  .  or is it down to georgia sometime in october. that is where the marine’s … [Read more…]

simply jack

on the other side of this world today there is sorrow. my vicki. her jack. his passing. it’s unspeakably hard. it has been the source of the darkness i have been feeling. . this blue boy. beloved blue australian with fur that looks wiry but wasn’t. it was silky and soft to the touch. perfect to … [Read more…]

summer survival mode

yup.   this is where we came in i think. . AND .  .  . yup. we’re STILL HERE! . and though we’re still mostly grumpy about it around here  .  .  . . we at least have put some thought into our arsenal for surviving SUMMER in these triple digit temperatures. . it’s dark out now and it’s 99 degrees at … [Read more…]

a tiny winged soul

house sparrows they are the common folk of bird land. . maybe they’re not brightly colored. maybe their chirruping is not the most melodious. maybe they can be a nuisance if you park under a tree where they reside. but lo! they have ALWAYS been a favorite of mine!  my whole life i have loved … [Read more…]

duck lessons

hello old bean! thanks for stopping by. . i love that beautiful picture above!   don’t you? it makes me think of energy.  a light filled energy! . little by little i’m learning to attract the positive energy out there. . the one that connects us all to each other  .  .  .  just like in the … [Read more…]