welcome to the peanut old bean.

this site is owned by a happily retired

but NOT a retiring person

who is interested in almost EVERYTHING!

so even though i’m a minimalist in all things . . .

it can be a very wordy place on the peanut  i’m afraid.


it’s a happy conglomeration of beauty . . . and

loving the simple life  . . .

art . . . stories . . . people . . . animals . . . nature . . . humor

always humor!  we like to laugh here at the peanut.

it’s the magic glue old bean.

in marriage.

in raising teenagers.

in LIFE!  it’s good for your body.

and why the  “old bean?” you ask.

i’m an anglophile who has loved ALL things english for years.

for instance . . . wooster and jeeves.  i loved all of wodehouse’s books.

and it just stuck i guess.   a harmless affectation. LOLOL!

jeeves is raising his eyebrow even as i speak.

so welcome old bean!

and if you should happen to browse in the archives . . .

i need to explain.

i was recently hacked by a ROBOT AD!  YES!  it was very weird.

my friend the captain was able to save the posts

but sadly none of the beautiful pictures.  and OH they were beautiful!

so you’ll see little x’s and blanks. and you’ll have to use your imagination.

but the posts are still fun and many are downright wonderful true tales.

so i hope you’ll visit them some day.

i’m so glad they’re still there.

and i’m glad that YOU are here now too!

til soon old bean.

til soon!