1. I love your beautiful snail romance, Tammy! Exactly why we all missed these posts so much.

    RH taught me early on to watch where I step in the garden in Spring for your very reason…actually I don’t believe he thought of the romantic aspect because he feels that way about everything, including spiders, excluding brown recluse spiders. Splat, they’re gone!

    I try not to step on snails because of the horrible crunch sound when I have accidentally done so. And when they’ve made a raggedy mess of my hostas I do think about sitting out saucers of beer, where at least they’d die happy.

    The photography is gorgeous! I understand why you were captivated by it. I will look at the tiny things differently this coming Spring. And I’m in no hurry for that! Not that Spring is not wonderful but we both know what comes soon after–July and August!

    Kiss on first date? It just wasn’t done in my day. Boys would think you were FAST!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear Tam,

    • tammy j

      YUP! NICE GIRLS! that’s what we were called.
      I think that’s gone out now at about the age of 10! AAAGGGH!
      my first kiss was a spin the bottle game.
      I was 12 … the youngest in the party. it was in Virginia.
      the boy was all of 13 or maybe even 14. he was nice too though.
      he kissed me on the cheek! such sweet little memories.
      that wasn’t exactly the age I was talking about of course.
      Happy Valentine’s day to you DSM.
      I knew I loved your RH. now I know why.

  2. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn’t.

    Not a big fan of snails although I don’t really see many of them here. There are slugs though, is that the same? I think all the birds might be eating them.

    I don’t mind spiders and I leave them be so they can trap flies. But I don’t see many spiders either because the cats think they are toys.

    • tammy j

      we had huge slugs in Virginia when we lived there.
      stepping on one accidentally in the dark was not a favorite thing!
      I have gotten where I can take out TINY spiders in a plastic glass
      saved just for that very thing. but bigger ones I’m ashamed to say…
      are smashed. and it does make me so sad. but not sad enough to let them live here with me.
      ya just gotta love cats. LOLOL! spider M&M’s to them no doubt!

  3. Peggy

    Great pictures of snails. It always makes me wonder how long those photographers had to wait for that perfect picture. I got a new macro lens and need to try it and out.
    Spring can’t come soon enough. I’m getting cabin fever bad.

    • tammy j

      yup. you were definitely in mind when I mentioned SNOW.
      I’ve wondered too on those nature photographers. some are amazing!

  4. Linda Sand

    You reminded me of a thing I read recently which I will probably misquote, “I got 2 days of aerobic exercise in 5 minutes today. I ran into a spider web.”

    Can’t you just “see’ it?

  5. As children we were taught that snails helped in the fertilising process in gardens and that they should not be harmed. That has stayed with most of us from that generation who find it odd when people say that they find snails slimy or obnoxious.

    No, I did not kiss on my first date.

    • tammy j

      here it seems no little life like that is valued. only the end results are sought.
      pesticides and sprays are used on everything from grass to weeds to vegetable gardens.
      so the result is perfection in our fruits and vegetables and perfect lawns and flower gardens.
      so sad and scary to me in the extreme. reverence for life itself has given way to expedience.
      and I didn’t kiss on my first date either!

  6. It certainly looks like a kiss to me. Do you think it was love at first sight? Or maybe they had been surreptitiously eyeing each other for a while, getting up the nerve to ask for a date? And finally they made it.

    I dislike snails and slugs. Mainly because they leave those horrible little trails behind them. And slugs are just generally slimy and repulsive! I’ve never seen any mating snails in my garden, they all seem quite solitary.

    Si, amo anche la lingua Italiana. (I studied Italian for several years)

    • tammy j

      I think it looks like a kiss too Nick!
      and who’s to say it’s not? we’re only mortals. we don’t know it all even when we think we do.
      example: I only recently learned that lobsters have the same central nervous system as we humans do.
      and because of that scientists know that lobsters feel pain just like we do.
      if they manage to survive the trauma of being plunged alive into boiling water they will endure
      the same horrendous pain we would feel under that same circumstance until they die.
      actually since the sea is not our home we would be able to die sooner from drowning.
      the lobster doesn’t even have that as solace.
      we humans overlook things if it interferes with what we like to eat.
      some chefs mercifully cut their spinal cord before boiling them. but most people don’t.
      I’ve never eaten a lobster. it has always seemed so terribly cruel to me.
      UH OH! sorry! Peanut Soapbox. going back to its special soap box storage in the closet!
      whew! that was a close one. XO 😀

  7. A beautiful tribute to snails, Tam. Only a gifted, Italian artiste could make snails seem so appealing – not in the appetizing sense! – God forbid! – although the Greeks, like the French DO indulge in such gourmet fare. I, and my Canadian side, do NOT!

    Actually, I now have a soft spot for the slimy creatures, ever since I noticed them on our supermarket produce, when my husband pointed out that seeing them (and traces of their clammy travels, yuck!), was a good sign which meant that the produce, (lettuce, for example), was not sprayed with pesticides or other harmful stuff. I, too, try to be careful not to squish the little critters, but if I happen to do so, by accident, the crunch of their shells makes me cringe with guilt!

    Happy weekend, my darling bean!

    Love you!

    • tammy j

      L has a point. you know you’re not eating poison at least.
      but then I’ve never seen any slimy tracks on my lettuce. LOL!
      I just like the little guys.
      I once sent an email to Dewena about ‘mouses’ (that sounds friendlier than mice.)
      and her reaction was Ewwww! YUK. 😀 so maybe from afar some things are best left to admire.
      love you PoppyK!

    • tammy j

      you do know don’t you that you live dangerously close to the wild side.
      but you are the only Pickle Ball Queen I know. so you are forgiven. XO

  8. This was a sweet post! I have never really thought about snails before and definitely didn’t know they “kissed” – how cute! Glad to see you’re back, Tammy! 🙂

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