1. Peggy

    Sometimes it just takes a little thing to make us happy. We don’t ask for big parades or grand gestures. I completely understand how a shower curtain could bring you joy. Every time you look at it a little part of your heart sings. With so much in the news bringing us down it’s nice a little thing can perk us up. Take a picture, my friend and share it with us.

    • tammy j

      knew you would get it!
      the name of it is Midnight Rose. but it’s not your mother’s roses.lol.
      it’s a very dark navy background with almost retro modern flowers and palm fronds.
      the colors are rich and vibrant with deep forest greens and brown and rose hues.
      it’s unusual for me. I’m not even a flower person normally!
      but that’s probably why I like it right now. I’m just a wild and crazy girl!

  2. I know what you mean about a little thing like a new shower curtain giving you such pleasure. I feel the same about new bed linen or new dishcloths or new towels. And yes, some people might see that as rather self-centred when the world is going to hell in a handcart, but it’s those little pleasures that keep us going.

    • tammy j

      it’s true Nick. the little pleasures. even those three words are lovely.
      my mother used to say if she were wealthy she would sleep in fresh linens
      every night. cool crisp sheets that smell of fresh air and sunshine!
      I remember Northern Minnesota when I have brought in sheets that could stand
      in the corner like cardboard. frozen solid! seriously.
      don’t think she had those in mind.

  3. Tam, I’m just thrilled that you’re feeling happy. Not that you ever (or rarely) let on that you’re not. If it takes a new shower curtain every month, please do it. I buy a new lipstick every February, and you know that a purple hyacinth every February for me is RH’s assignment. And he knows that a trip to Goodwill every month or so is like a B12 shot for me and he’s happy to oblige, happy himself that I’m such a cheap date.

    I just had a thought! I bet you’re feeling happier also because you’re now blogging again, maybe?

    Whatever you’re doing, I’m applauding you for it!

    • tammy j

      well. darling sister mine. thank you! but I just thought… why are you wasting time
      when you need a total attitude adjustment. I got the oil changed in my car
      last week. maybe that was a clue to do a little self maintenance! ♥

  4. Totally get it, Tammy and feel the same way. Whenever I start to get the blues, I pick up a bunch of $3 flowers and it changes my mood. Enjoy your curtain!

  5. Linda Sand

    We now have glass doors on our shower but I miss my lovely IKEA shower curtain we had in the last apartment. So, I understand perfectly. Maybe I should see if I can get someone to paint a lovely design my shower doors?

    • tammy j

      that’s such a cool idea! although I wouldn’t be allowed to do that here.
      maybe you could hang a long beach towel over the glass door.
      for color. so many now are unique and quite beautiful.
      if you just wanted a dash of color and design of it. and it’s useful too.
      always a nice plus. but I prefer the lighter weight … because they dry faster!

  6. I think that a person already has to be generally happy to feel elated about a beautiful shower curtain. You, Ms. Tam, possess a lightness of being that I have always admired, even when confronted with situations that have caused you to have a heavy heart, and that takes strength, as well as a natural, cheery disposition.

    YOUR floral shower curtain that transports you to a luxury spa, MY cute crockery that cracks a smile on a pre-caffeine persona…trust me, I KNOW!



    • tammy j

      trust you to say such a kind thing Poppy.
      and yes. I know that you have to KNOW!
      and we thank heaven sometimes it takes so little. xo♥

  7. Capt. Fritter

    My shower is in an old shed where they used to slaughter goats to feed the sugar cane workers. Doubt if a shower curtain would help.

    • tammy j

      OMG! I want to write it so badly. the old (LOL!) because you have literally made me laugh OL.
      but I recently have been publicly chastised by a couple of people for over-using it
      to the point of revulsion. and believe me I understand totally. it’s a habit I would like to break.
      but if you insist on making comments like you do I will be forced to prove to them I can’t change.
      you are just incorrigible. that means you do it on purpose. aloha.

  8. At our age, any change is a remarkable achievement as we resist change, or at least I do as do most of my friends and family or around my age. So, I am impressed with the changes you have made, particularly becoming a Vegan.

    Strangely enough, I am planning on a blog post on the subject gathering the ideas.

    • tammy j

      my health demanded some changes Rummy. and I look forward to your post!
      it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought it might.
      and I’m already seeing the wonderful benefits.

  9. I’m so happy that your FLORAL shower curtain is bringing you so much joy!
    But I think the Vegan diet started the ball rolling.
    I know that it has for me. It’s easier for me than I thought too. (Oreo’s help too!)
    If you ever weaken, just remember Henry running, I know I have that burned into my brain and my heart.

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