• tammy j

      oh I hope you do. I had forgotten that sense of fun. it really is you know. now if I can just hold my comment replies to 200 words!
      seriously. I’m the only person who never groaned when they assigned a 2000 word theme! 😀

  1. Oh my gosh, Tammy, it has not been the best day and you just made it so.much.better!! Instant smile when I saw you pop back up in my feed. There just might be some hope for this year yet. Big hearts to you my friend!!

    • tammy j

      LOOK! a dear face! hey Red! how ya doin’?
      saw in my email where you had a ‘fail’ and that doesn’t sound like you. I was knee deep in trying to remember this thing. will have to see what the mysterious fail was. 😀 xo

  2. What? What!! Lord a mercy, what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Peanut on the top of my blogroll, not the bottom!

    Girl, you pulled one over on me but hallelujah and praise the Lord, so glad I saw this before I head off to bed. This makes my day, Tammy dear. I am going to bed now but will be smiling all the way. Dare I wake RH up and tell him? Better not.

    Welcome back, Tam! Don’t it feel good?

    • tammy j

      I know! I put one over on myself! I didn’t ponder I just jumped back in with both feet!
      and it DOES feel mighty good!
      except thank heaven and little dogs you didn’t wake a tired husband. xo♥

  3. Peggy

    You’re back! Yippe ki yea! I was shocked, shocked I tell you to see the peanut on the top of my blog roll this morning. You have made me so happy. Welcome back to the world of blogging and sharing your thoughts with the world. And you are keeping it short? Good luck with that..LOL,

    • tammy j

      well. I’m thinking there’s no need to worry. I spent hours yesterday trying to trim down the ‘about’ on here. for anyone new or old for that matter. 😀
      who knew my life was so fascinating that I couldn’t keep it to 200 words. LOL!
      thank you dear RV Braveheart.

  4. WHAT????!!!!!

    I AM surprised!!!! Pleasantly, happily, joyfully, excitedly, smiling ear to ear, SURPRISED!!!

    I am hardly in blogland these days, but I thought, let’s see if any of my favourite bloggers have a new post up…I literally moved my entire body closer to the screen upon seeing ‘peanut on the table/you are not surprised’ in my blogroll!!! Couldn’t believe it! So glad it’s true!!

    YAY!! HURRAY!!! It’s turned out to be a beautifully sunshiny day, here in blogland, despite it being dull and grey and not a leaf shaking in sight in the real world!

    WELCOME BACK, Ms. Tam!! We’ve missed you so much!

    Till soon, old bean, till SOON!


    • tammy j

      AH! my little breath of fresh air and sunshine from CRETE!
      isn’t it wonderful to have friends all over this world?
      I see PoppyKathleen and I hear strains of music for dancing
      and dishes broken in joy! and a voice singing in a gorgeous resort
      and the beautiful little shop owner “twirling.” love you! xo

    • tammy j

      thanks Shackman! so glad to see you here.
      I wish I could look forward to my saying things from Northern California.
      we shall enjoy the mutual dream nevertheless.

  5. Great to see you blogging again. I missed your wonderful bubbly posts! Bad pennies may turn up again, but so do good pennies. And so do bloggers who can’t quite get rid of the blogging habit….

    • tammy j

      HA! I know. it’s like “she’s everywhere! she’s everywhere” all of a sudden!
      and I have to say. I think it will be just as much fun as it ever was. 😀

  6. Chris K in Wisconsin

    So, I read Claudia’s blog every day, and I THOUGHT it was you commenting over the past several months… and this morning ~~ SURE ENOUGH it IS you!! Glad to see you are back, and please don’t fret about too many words. Sometimes too many words are exactly the right amount. I was sitting right with you in those classes making a frowning face when essays were assigned ~ but inside I was smiling and bursting with joy at the prospect of putting word to paper. Seriously, welcome back!!

    • tammy j

      thank you dear bean!
      and after saying you saw me at Claudia’s …
      do you remember that phrase on tv “she’s EVERYWHERE! she’s EVERYWHERE!”
      or maybe it was in a horror film (which I don’t watch) and “IT’S EVERYWHERE!”
      it just popped into my head. yup. down but never out.
      the mouth would rebel. LOL! so good to know another long essay lover.
      and love that you’re back at the peanut!

  7. Holy macaroni! Welcome back my friend. You have been missed.

    Now why didn’t I get this in my email? WordPress doesn’t have blogrolls so I depend on emails for new posts. Guess I should subscribe again?


    • tammy j

      well I’ve been scammed and hacked since then and the Geek Guys at
      Best Buy changed my email address twice. I could hear people groan from here!
      maybe the subscription was going to my old email? wait. that doesn’t make sense.
      LOLOL! who knows?
      probably should subscribe again if you want to.
      you’ll never miss any earthshaking posts if you don’t… but…
      and it’s already lifting my spirits to be back! xo

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