moving on old bean

well old bean.

here’s the deal.


you are just the BEST!

a colorful hug

from the very first post on the peanut


have made me feel

welcomed  and appreciated  and even loved



most of the time here i have even felt pretty darned cool!

a dog who is cool


we’ve laughed and we’ve cried and we’ve fought many causes!


judging from some of the weird titles in past posts

i think i must have written just about every thing under the sun.


i’ve often used the peanut as a soap box and you know it.

but all in fairness and good cause.


just look at the change in    sea world     now!


they’re no longer making those magnificent whales do circus tricks.

and they’re not having any more after the current captives die.


no more huge whales kept from their beloved oceans .  .  .

forced to live in the confines of a bath tub space at sea world.


a huge corporation brought to its knees and made to do the

RIGHT thing for a CAPTIVE animal that had no voice.


YOU did that!  yes you did.

because  you helped spread the word.

we hurt them in their pocket book with our voices and our boycotts.

we hurt their bottom line.  and that’s what it takes.


there is power when people pull together for good.

and saving whales is a good thing.

a bleh to politicians



 you stupid animal abusers

and you stupid politicians

and you stupid mean thoughtless people everywhere!


we stand UNITED here at the peanut

for a better world full of love and kindness and peace.


cozy minimalism!


wabi sabi!

and lagom!



AND . . .

we also know the secret of surviving it all old bean


here’s the reminder of the great secret.

feel free to share it.

we have shared it here for sure!

some might say ad infinitum ad nauseam



and  btw . . .

don’t think i haven’t noticed


you have NEVER put me down here

not just for all my LOL’s

but not even

for my constant DOTS and lack of CAPS . . .

nay not even once!


thank you!


we’ll try to live with this secret that’s coming up old bean

even if it’s sometimes through our own terrible tears


and that secret is

laughter truly IS medicine.

it’s good for our very souls.  not to mention our physical health.

even the scientists know it now.  there’s apparently clinical proof.


and snoopy knows it best of all.

they could have just asked him!


a dog laugh


oh. and

in thanking you i can’t help but mention

most important of all really . . .

you have endured my WORDINESS!


good grief charlie brown

alas and alack and as it were.


there has NEVER been a frugality of WORDS here.

and you’ve slogged through them all!


a dog and a blog


but it’s like this old bean.


i’m finding that i’m at the end of my words here now.

it has been so much fun.  it has.

but . . .

just not so much for me anymore.


i find more and more lately . . .

i’ve often been tempted to start PREACHING!

about this and that and everything!

a real bossy streak.




and that’s not my idea of a cool blog.

like .  .  .  who died an made me an authority ?




a beautiful day

i’m retiring the peanut.


i’ll keep it up for awhile yet

til my subscription or whatever you call it has run out.


  because i’ll want to visit it myself again from time to time.

a lot of those past post titles intrigue me

 because i’ve forgotten what i wrote about in them!


and after all . . .

my bob is here

and so are jacob and blake and their mom and dad

and my beloved marine.

my little family.


there are stories of young love and early married adventures

that make me laugh right out loud again.

and it’s rather nice to have that memory book here.



even though i lost all the pictures that time so that some of the posts

have a little X in the box where a picture would have been . . .

  all the words are still there.



the peanut owner is now going to just enjoy

ALL of your own blogs.

my friends.  of which there are now so many!

i’ve been honored to be in your group!


i’ll be visiting your blogs and others


      no doubt . . .

i’ll keep leaving overlong comments on each of your posts!



hey.  it just is what it is.


this is where i came in isn’t it?


my dearest captain giving me the peanut because i commented on

HIS OWN BLOG so dang much!!!


i love you.  all of you. 

those who’ve commented and those who never have.

and you’re ALWAYS welcome here!

whether i’m in current residence or not.


and i’ll lovingly and gratefully publish them

but i won’t be replying this time to any

of the wonderful comments you always leave here.


i want this to be a happy beginning for me!


and talking of endings . . .  even happy ones . . . always makes me cry



see ya in the trenches old bean!

a happy puppy



  1. Oh! I’m mourning already. 🙁 But at least you’re not leaving the blogging world. It would be a shame not being able to keep all your posts. I’m guessing we can find a way to transfer them to a free site so you would still have access. I’ve transferred things before for myself and it was fairly easy to do.

  2. I will miss you sooooo much.,,
    My wonderful Oklahoma friend…
    I am on a break right now…
    Wedding is a mere week away…
    Always visit me… Promise?
    Your CC Girl…

  3. Miss Tammy, this damn well better not be permanent. Don’t make me come there and slap you upside your head, ya hear???!

    I will miss you VERY MUCH, but you MUST keep in touch or I will come looking for you. Fer sure ;).


  4. Linda Sand

    Shall we take bets on how long she’ll be able to stay away this time? The Tammy we have come to know and love has so much to share I find it hard to believe she’ll not be back soon. At least I hope she will. And she can preach as much as she feels like doing; I’ll still be here reading.

  5. As long as you keep looking at blogs, maybe even looking for some new ones to follow, and of your comments are always appreciated…go well and thanks

  6. Becky Jerdee

    oh, boo! sounds like an April Fool’s joke but it’s October! I will miss your posts but am glad you’ll be surfing around for a bit more XXXOOO

  7. I’m back.
    I don’t know how WordPress works but can’t you save the entire blog to your computer?
    Export it?
    That way you would always have it.

    And I’m sure there must be a way to transfer it to another site.
    Maybe you could transfer it to Blogger.
    Because… you need a blog.
    Even if it just sits there…
    Waiting until you change your mind.

    I mean you might feel empty,
    void of new words but
    I bet that’s just NOW.
    One day you will feel like sharing again
    AND, you are assuming others have read your whole blog (which I must do myself quickly!)
    and you could always write about a topic that’s been posted before and it’s new to newer Followers! That way it would bring back that happy moment for you too!

    I Follow different blogs, some are kinda similar but most are not and I got to say, I LOVE reading your blog.
    It doesn’t matter if you are on a soap box
    or just talking about rain,
    I really enjoy reading it.
    I’ve never found you preach-y, you might be very passionate about something sometimes but never bossy.
    I’m hoping you will just take a break and think about it and then start again.

    if this is really what you want to do,
    then ooooooookaaaay. 🙁
    But you must promise to leave me long long comments and send me an email now and then.
    Love you!

  8. That’s a bit sad. I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts, written in your irrepressible Tammy style! You’ve always lifted my spirits with your cheerful and positive view of life. If only other blogs were so positive! Like Ramana, I hope you’ll still be scattering a few wonderful Tammy comments around the place.

  9. Celeste Alaine

    Oh, not good, but I’m happy if you are happy. I don’t comment often (ok, very rarely) but I have followed your blog for years and loved each and every post! You have a kindness that shines through your words and brings tears to my eyes, or laughter, or thoughtfulness…never anything other than pure gold on these pages. Lest I make you blush, I know you are only human, and, ok, yes I love that about you too!

    Once, I was under a lot of work stress and your posts on burnout really helped a lot (and made me laugh). I ended-up quitting that job 2 years later…just walked away and found myself again. I became a yoga teacher – yay! So thank you!

    Peaceful wishes to you.

    • tammy j

      I remember you dearest bean! I DO!
      and I remember that post.
      in your comment you said you were going to go out and take a walk! I remember.
      and in the post one of my suggestions for burnout was …
      “clean out your car!” LOLOL!

      i’m so thrilled to hear you are in something you should be doing for your soul.
      you will live long and prosper!

      your own words are so kind.
      and I will be back in blogland someday. don’t know what direction it will take.
      but yes. blogging is too creative and fun not to join in!
      the captain told me the peanut will be here til next September.
      if I start a new one I’ll post a notice here! thank you so much for being a loyal reader.

      • Celeste Alaine

        That’s right! I did take a walk that day, and the next, and the next. It helped enormously. I printed out those posts and they were like a warm hug and soothing cup of tea for the soul.

        I will certainly be checking back here now and then. And in the meantime there are your old posts to enjoy occasionally.

        Thank you again dear Tam!

  10. Well, I read this a few days ago and honestly felt too sad to comment. How selfish of me!
    Of course, all I’m wishing for you is good health and happiness. You are a bright light in my life, Tammy – you’ve made me laugh, cry, think and get angry. Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day.
    Sending you lots of love xoxo97ca

    • tammy j

      i’ll be back susan! just not on the peanut!
      don’t know really just in what way… probably on blogger.
      i’m already breaking the rule I set for no replies! LOLOL!
      so… thinking… typical as usual. old habits hard to break.
      thank you for your wonderful words here. and for being you. ♥

  11. Tammy, I am sad to hear that you will not be posting anymore, but I totally understand. I have been there often myself lately and I haven’t even been doing this very long. I will miss reading your thoughts. I have enjoyed every post. Since I have only recently found you, I do go back and pick old ones from your sidebar (new to me!) and I always love them…lowercase, dots and lols. Your style is unique and refreshing and puts the emphasis on your words not your grammar. It’s like chatting with you across the table. I will miss your wit, your ideas, your take on the world and your smile that I can clearly see, plastered there on the screen, in every character you typed. I hope to see you in my comments. I really do. Enjoy your freedom my friend. 🙂

  12. Marie

    I read hoping that the outcome of your latest missive would not be what I feared. I truly believe that all caring, thoughtful Americans are in a funk right now. This never-ending election has gone on much too long and as a nation, we are collectively depressed. After a little rest, please consider coming back to your blog. We need opinions like your’s more than ever.

    • tammy j

      oh dear marie.
      i think you might have just hit the nail on the head.
      what you say is probably true for many of us.
      thank you dear bean. i appreciate these words of yours. xo

  13. NO, you’re not! Moving, on, maybe, (to Blogger, did I understand?). Okay, Simon says ‘you may take one step forward… towards another blog, but NOT out of the complete Blogosphere!’

    Seriously, Tam, you cannot do this to us! Can’t you just take little breaks, or even BIG ones? I have, (albeit, because I had no choice), but everyone has their reasons, and I can understand that you might, at times, grow tired or feel uninspired, (been there, done that), but not RETIRED?!! From our favourite nut, the Peanut! From writing, caring, declaring and airing your fabulous and always entertaining thoughts and feelings! Not YOU, Tam!

    Now, if you’re completely set on this new ‘move’, then, by all means, let us know where you’re headed, and we’ll be right there, waiting for you, whether it’s at another domain, or another blog, simply commenting, we’ll always be on the lookout for your two cents, which, for all of us is worth a million hugs and kisses!

    Miss you already!
    Your Poppy♥ XO♥ XO♥

    • tammy j

      oh my own poppy
      I know. it’s the strangest thing. I already find myself regretting leaving the little peanut.
      it’s like I’ve abandoned a pet dog almost. and I would NEVER do that!
      I can’t explain it.
      it’s more than losing the muse. like you so kindly and wisely said… THAT happens to all of us.
      but this is different.
      I’ve lost myself somehow. this has been a very strange and trying year. and it seems endless.
      I won’t stay away completely from blogland. no.
      and I would feel ultra silly now to come back to the peanut after such ridiculous drama.
      and I actually truly felt relief too after that post. so I just don’t know.
      time will tell.
      as time always does in so many many things!
      but YOU are so dear. and you know that.
      i’ll always be in touch with my poppy! XOXOXO♥

  14. oh. i’m sad. although i get it (i’m trying to figure out what to do about it myself). but it still makes me really sad.

    maybe you could just do a tumblr or instagram or something (?) so we know what’s going on with you. because i worry, you know.


    • tammy j

      no worries dearest bean.
      just a weird thing right now. kind of running on empty.
      but i love it too much to not be in it somewhere! xoxo

  15. Oh Tammy my friend. oh No. I will try to be a good friend and understand the reasons why our beloved Tammy won’t be around to post her uplifting words to us. When Dewena recommended your blog to me so long ago I never thought that I would find such a kind, thoughtful wonderful person in you. Yes you have a unique style of writing and a way of looking at the world. Visiting your blog was like taking a happy pill it always made me smile. But not today. I have tears in my eyes. To not see those darling puppy dogs and not read those positive words will be so sad. I do understand. Even I am having a hard time coming up with posts daily. But I will miss you so. Please come back. Blogger is a wonderful platform. And please let me know when you do. Till then I will look forward to your comments which have so enriched my life

  16. Oh, this made me sad… :/ But I also understand very much too. (Says she who has had quite a lot of blog breaks the past couple of years. 😉 I’m must glad you’ll still be around some way. Because your love, laughter and compassion would be missed so much if you went away away completely. LOVE YOU, my friend!! ((BIG HUGS))

  17. Girlfriend, I do hope you don’t go away from blogging. As one who has deleted a few blogs and put a few into private mode, I highly recommend the latter. Just put it away. DON’T DELETE! You’ll regret it! It’s like a death! Seriously. Just put it to bed and start elsewhere if you wish (I personally LOVE Blogger, although it’s not perfect). And hey, while you’re at it, let us see that sweet Tammi face, huh? The real you is better than any slick avatar! Mua! <3

    • tammy j

      the captain told me it will be up until next September.
      that gives me plenty of time to decide what to do!
      thank you for such kind words.
      good to hear from you again dear Kimberly! xo

  18. I completely understand, you know I do.
    And, I will probably be doing the same very soon with my own blog.

    I’ll send you (another) email later today.
    Furever ♥

  19. well hell – just when i discover something cool it goes away – at least you’re going to continue commenting on other blogs

    tammy i hardly knew ya but happy trails – live long and prosper

    • tammy j

      oh shack!
      i’m sorry man. i saw recently where you even subscribed.
      but… you could i guess do what i’m doing on your blog… and reading old posts i’d missed.
      i’ve gotten to know you better that way! and…
      i’ll be back in blogland eventually. somewhere. it’s too much fun not to have one. 🙂

  20. I long ago lost the ability to write anything of interest on my blog – but you – I always have found interesting.

    I have lost interest also and thought of closing my blogs down but then something keeps me thinking I’ll keep them up and try to get inspired again.

    I always love your posts and this was sad but fun to see the photos you picked – you have never wrote too wordy of a blog post at all.

    anyway glad u are keeping it up and who knows you may get inspired again. At least we will see you around blog world.

    • tammy j

      no! don’t take yours down!
      it’s where i go for my art and sheer beauty fix! i walk where you walk!
      if only virtually!!!
      i’ll have another blog. or perhaps instagram. i don’t know yet. but something for sure.
      just need a good LONG break right now! XOXOXO♥

  21. I get your posts via e-mail, and read them when I’ve been sitting or WAITING in traffic. They have made a difference while I sit there…. AS has your friendship and support all these years. You are a true gem in every sense Tammy! I have truly come to value you, your thoughts, and your fun posts have lifted me more times than I can count.
    I don’t even know where to start counting… Most recently I wanted to tell you that I know all about the puppy mills right there in your state. When I was on the board of the rescue here, I was part of a rescue group that rescued dogs from the mills there in Oklahoma. They secretly go into those dreadful, horrid dog auctions, posing as millers, and buy dogs, and turn them over to a rescue. What heroes they are!!! It’s a cause that I still support, and I dream and hope for the day when they no longer exist.

    But back to you… I know that life changes. My life is also changing, and I struggle to keep blogging, but I do because I want the stories of the dogs that come to us told and remembered somewhere… And because I so treasure the friendships like yours that mean so much to me.

    Please keep in touch – Don’t forget that you are loved!! Drop me an e-mail and if you’re on facebook, look for me there, okay?

    • tammy j

      oh my own kim!
      what a beautiful comment. and that YOU have known about and even helped the horrid mills here.
      it’s a CONSTANT struggle. my part has been from the legality angle and trying to get legislature to
      SHUT THEM DOWN and make it a felony to operate one. as long as the public keeps ‘buying’ them they
      will keep on. it’s tragic.
      i’ll have another blog dear heart. I will! it’s too wonderful and full of friendship not to be part of it all!
      I am just so dried out. my voice for it is gone. for so long. but i’ll be back. and i’ll definitely NEVER stop reading life at golden pines! you know that.
      much love

  22. Hey Joe Cool,

    Life is full of wonderful new beginnings and sometimes we have to let go of something to make room for the next chapter in our life.

    May you noodle and dream your next step until it fits you like a T (for Tammy).

    And God bless you by unleashing a dynamic muse that may surprise even you, but won’t me because I know for a fact that it’s in there waiting.

    Love from your fellow late bloomer,

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