1. yes for me the last one below! He reminds me of a more beautiful “Jax” from Sons of Anarchy or the guy who looks just like him on Vikings. Charlie Hunnam and Travis Fimmel – these guys could be twins and i think they are both really good looking and hey – the bun would look great on both of them.

  2. I’m afraid I don’t pay that much attention to how guys wear their hair. Andy doesn’t have either a beard or a bun or a pony tail. I keep my own hair short because it’s so much easier to wash. When it was long it took forever for it to dry.

    • tammy j

      I enjoy my ‘wash and wear’ pixie cut. it’s just so easy.
      the reason I wrote about them here… living in a university town…
      you see them EVERYWHERE!

  3. skye

    Thank you for my laughs for today!
    I read you always, but comment only when I have something important, BUT I couldn’t not share how much I enjoyed the laughter this post gave me.
    Thanks again and have a Wonderful Weekend!

  4. Count me in as another one drooling over that last one :).

    You’re a riot Tammy! I haven’t noticed this new phenomenon, but thanks to you, now I will. Can’t say I’m a fan, but that’s only because I’m set in my ways, old and crusty.

    Carry on ace reporter!


    • tammy j

      we may be old and crusty and set in our ways…
      but we still know a cutie when we see one.
      does that make us dirty old ladies? LOLOL!
      don’t answer that.

  5. I am not necessarily a fan, but my daughter’s boyfriend has one. He wears it well, but I do love to tease him about using the scissors. 😉

    • tammy j

      oh! a real life man bun.
      in a way it’s probably very daring and courageous of them.
      I imagine they do get teased by many people. 😀 especially mom’s of girlfriends. LOL!

  6. Linda Sand

    One of our nephews wears one. Fortunately, he has a good beard to go with it. They remind me of Shogun.

  7. I live in a college town too so yep! they are here too.
    That last boy is yummy.
    Although I feel like I shouldn’t admit that!
    AND I watched that show with that “Jax” character for the sole reason of drooling over that actor.
    But I must say, the serious dark one in glasses is pretty smokin too!
    Glad I read this just before going to sleep! I should have some nice dreams!
    Oh, to be young again!

    • tammy j

      now now. you forget. 36 remember? LOLOL!
      and yes. it is a tossup between the glasses and the viking. 😀

  8. Good Heavens Tammy! You did not have to write a blog post to tell me that Sean is no longer the in style! Okay. I will try and grow what little I have at the back of my head and see if it will grow long enough for a bun. The full beard is no problem though.

    • tammy j

      don’t you dare do that!!!
      the word classic male comes to mind my sean.
      the beard yes. the bun NO!

  9. I must say I don’t see the point of a man bun. Why not show off your hair properly instead of cooping it up in a bun? Have to say I’ve never had one myself. And yes, what is this silly fashion for man this and man that, to stress that you’re not adopting anything (shock horror) that could be seen as feminine?

    I don’t know why men bother with beards. They just make me laugh.

    • tammy j

      ditto the bun!
      but i do love a good beard.
      IF it is clipped close and is neat.
      i think some men grow them because their face is very sensitive to shaving.
      though in my climate a beard would be extremely HOT to wear i’m thinking!

  10. Male skirts, male handbags, male buns, the manny. I hope they have a job, like being an actor, where dress code isn’t important, because the studio clothes you during work hours, male insurance and male survival training, llike martial arts. It is not a tolerant society out there today. ps love your blog, Tammy. Miss your comments on mine.

  11. are man buns not just a hipster thing anymore? i’m so out of it.

    i never liked beards until i met my guy.

    i guess i’m lucky he doesn’t have a man bun. (haha.)

    • tammy j

      talk about behind the times! i never even knew about them until recently.
      the middle of the country is always the last to know. 😀
      and yup. special guys and their beards. very quite nice actually! xo

  12. Ah, Tammy. You are there just when I need a laugh….and some eye candy! In my humble opinion…If they look that good they can wear their hair any way they want. I think I’ve learned that things, and with that I mean hair fashions, just have to change. I have a laugh every time I look back at my beehive from the seventies.

    • tammy j

      i look back at my own briefly worn farrah fawcett angel wing waves of the early 80’s! LOL
      nothing dates us more than our hair. 🙂
      wonder how many of those guys will have that bun as their wedding picture and wonder later…
      WHAT was i thinking! i do love the fact that we live in an age where any style is accepted though!

  13. I’m all in on the man bun, Tammy. Just take a look at that last picture. He certainly doesn’t look like anything needs to be tweaked – least of all his bun.

    • tammy j

      we have great taste! he’s the one alright.
      although the studious one is lovely too!
      love your last line. LOLOL!

  14. LOL-Tammy— What a FUN post. It is so good to visit you and see a post from you here! I have been away from blogland too long. I have missed your warped (sorry) sense of humor. Actually, Trump’s hair might look BETTER in the bun! lol

    We see it here with the Packers-only they have long braids, etc. Not a fan personally…well, a fan of the Packers-just not of the super long hair on men. I don’t mind ‘longer’ hair but when it gets to braid length I might want do sneak in at night and do a little ‘snip-snip’—on the hair, that is.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting me, too, xo Diana

    • tammy j

      your comment got through the stupid captcha this time!!! YAYY!
      i’d definitely have to snip snip. 😀 XO

  15. Tam!
    You are always chasing the latest story, always ‘on top of things’ so to speak, and this news bulletin on the man bun proves it!

    But, alas, I, too, am set in my ways, and thus, I must confess that buns look best on gals. So, I hope that this trend soon shall pass! Having said that, I do like long hair on a man (to the shoulders). A full beard not so much; a five o’clock shadow is perfect, just enough stubble to mysteriously stimulate the senses!

    Happy weekend, beautiful!

    • tammy j

      kissing stubble is a little tricky though… i remember that sometimes it hurt!
      having not kissed stubble in ages however… LOLOL! i do admire a nice one.

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