good grief are you still here?

peanut birthday

my goodness gracious!

on september 7th

the little peanut turned 4 years old.


who woulda coulda thunk there was that much to blab about




my mother once told me that i talked from an extremely young age.

and the truth is .  .  .

i haven’t shut up since.


thank you for stopping by always .  .  .


for your own verbal support to those who leave comments here


and to those who are the silent majority .  .  .

thank you TOO!


i love you all!


huge thank you’s and super hugs


a happy puppy



and from my famous alter ego  .  .  .


a dog who is cool

til soon old bean.

til soon!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday to the Peanut!
    Of course, we’re still here and we’ll continue to be here, to ponder life, the universe and everything, at a comfortable pace in this welcoming space, with you and your ultra cool alter ego – love you both!

    Poppy XO♥XO♥

  2. When you started blogging, did you think it would last this long? Or were you like me (who is also 4+years) and didn’t give that part of it much thought?

    Whatever the answer, I’m glad you kept on keepin’ on :).


    • tammy j

      you know i never did think about it. actually still don’t!
      the captain usually reminds me only this time even he forgot about it. 😀

  3. Happy 4th Birthday, little Peanut! It was only 6 weeks later in 2012 that I began blogging and I think we found each other fairly quickly, didn’t we?

    I’m so grateful to the Peanut for it’s beauty and gentle humor and wistfulness and zest, but most of all for leading me to a very dear friend.

    God bless you and the Peanut, dearest Tam,

    • Tam, I clicked on Gram’s Way, which I saw right across from here and loved it again. Couldn’t comment there but had to let you know that it is a beautiful post, worthy of being read often. Even with the pics missing, maybe even more so with them missing, I could picture your home. And I don’t mean your wren home or safe harbor but the home that is Tammy with the things around you that are dear, inspirational, and comforting.
      Love you!

      • tammy j

        oh! darling sister mine.
        i had to go back and read gram’s way again. i had forgotten everything in it.
        my goodness how long winded. 😀
        it’s true though. it was her way. and it is my way.
        it has a ‘centering~ness’ to it for me.
        this safe harbor has a whole different feel to it.
        someday i will tell you about it. and SOMEDAY i will even take pictures.
        i am the great procrastinator!

    • tammy j

      you KNOW how grateful i am that i discovered YOU.
      i cannot even imagine not having you in my world now!
      thank you for all that you write here.
      it uplifts me always.
      i love you right back.
      XOXO♥ with hugs to you and my two little ones milo and otis.

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Best day ever when I found you!
    I’ve been blogging since… 2009?
    Wow, mind boggling!
    I remember writing a post about women living in small, minimal spaces. Cool places.
    I had just read the best article in MORE magazine about a woman who lived on this beautiful boat. So I emailed her and asked permission to write about her and use her photos.
    Of course you know that woman was Leslie!
    So I started Following her blog and there was just the sweetest person ever always commenting and being so supportive about Pete’s Harbor that I had to go to her blog!
    Little did I know that she would become such a wonderful friend and sister to me!
    Yep! Best day ever!
    Love you. xoxoxo

    • tammy j

      REALLY??? THAT’S how you found me??? I never knew THAT! LOLOL!
      I love you too little sister.
      yep! best day ever fer sher!!!! XOXOXO♥

  5. Happy 4th anniversary, Tammy! I’m so glad I found you – you words always ring so true for me. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful light into my world. xoxo

  6. Such a wonderful day when I discovered the Peanut. Right away I knew your blog was something special. It was a place for me to come to always hear positivity..even sometimes when you found it hard to find the bright light. It was different than all those decorating blogs that I loved. It had substance and stories told in that centered font of yours. It required scrolling…and scrolling as I read down and down. I loved that it was form and in content. And I found a friend who cared about me..and Sadie. Congratulations Tammy on keeping it up for four years. May we see many more posts.

    • tammy j

      oh peggy. i’m so touched by what you’ve just said.
      especially when I know good and well that my nemesis is the forever LONG LONG LONG posts!
      see… one “long” would have sufficed! LOLOL!
      it’s something I keep working on. 🙂
      maybe in another 4 years i’ll get the hang of it!
      you’re just a dear. and yes. I count you and my little Sadie as very special friends.
      and isn’t it odd… I would have told you that I come to your own blog for the same reasons!
      the uplifting quotes that make me appreciate the world around me!
      and the beauty always… the creativity. not to mention the unique PHOTOGRAPHY! ♥

  7. Happy Blog-a-Birthday

    someone recently was alerted to my blog, which you know often waxes and wanes & they discovered I started it 2011…actually I had previous blogs but they have disappeared into vapoursteer…

    • tammy j

      thank you!
      i would never have thought it could last for four years.
      even now i have moments i think to let it go… and start anew…

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