the first taste


where all is still green or brown because of drought

only the calendar says it’s autumn.


but i have never minded much about such facts and things.

in my heart it looks like this!


rain street

i awoke this morning to thunder and rain.

no sideways rain as is usual here in my windy prairie country.

but just lovely rain.  simply rain falling straight down.


enough that i could have all the windows open and both french doors.

i sat in front of the open french door in the dark.

the scene lighted only by little porch lights.

just listening to the rain.  watching the shining water in the walkways below.



as i write this the working people who are all my neighbors have swished away

in their cars.

i send them thoughts of safety on the wet busy highways.

it’s ‘hump day’ for them.   the day when most of them are half way to their

weekend,  when energy lags.  and the rain may not be a recognized blessing.


once again i remember my own blessings.  mainly the one of being RETIRED

from working!  i never cease to appreciate that i’m finally here.  and retired.

and have days and time to do just as i please.  what a gift!

it’s well worth working for all those long years!


i’ve never understood people who are bored with retirement and hate it.

perhaps my needs are too simple.

or perhaps i’m just lazy now!  admitted underachiever that i am.

 i worked hard for so many years.

 but now i don’t.

and i’m so happy!

and in the end . . .  for me that’s what counts.  happiness and contment.


retirement means i can sit here and enjoy the rain.

the silence.  the cool air.  the day to come.  without the busy~ness .  .  .

the hurry~ness .  .  .  the worrie~ness.


and i wish my easy~ness for all those who must endure the opposite today.


the air this early rainy morning has that hint in it of things to come  .  .  .

things that are all my favorites  .  .  . in my most favorite season!


the need for a light sweater.

the air crisp enough that a hot drink of something good warms me through

and is most welcome!

the sound of crunchy colorful leaves under my feet on an early morning walk.

breathing in coolness that refreshes my soul.


coffee and rain window

it has been in the 90’s here for weeks on end.  and will return to that after this

lovely rainy interval.


but that’s alright.

that doesn’t keep me from thinking autumnal thoughts today!


today is the first taste of autumn to me.

and i’m going to savor every minute of it.


til soon old bean.

til soon!


  1. Retirement is a great time of life. At least for many, but not for some. Remember that post I wrote about ‘being bored’? Some people just don’t know how to go outside themselves. They don’t have creative minds and can’t see the wonder all around. That’s ok. They can continue working and leave the beaches, the trails, the mountains for us 🙂

    And I have a bone to pick with you Missy! It’s NOT Fall yet! We still have another week :).

    • tammy j

      LOLOL! point taken!
      however last late november here our temps were still like high summer…
      not a leaf turned and not one dropped! so i tend to forget specifics on the calendar date! 😀 xo

  2. We had tropical downpours, flash flooding all over the island, landslides, and now we are under a boil water order.
    The Big Island has lava flows, possible volcano eruption and earthquakes.
    And there is the possibility of another hurricane in a week.
    Welcome to Hawaii!
    (Still way more better than nasty, cold Pa.)

  3. My aunt loved her very quiet, unstructured free days, my mom retired and then went back to work part time within a few months, she missed it too much. I think that some people are okay being alone and alone with their thoughts and pursuits…others are not and the structure the workday provides, keeps them busy and their unwanted thoughts at bay. Of course, those are just my thoughts! 😉 Glad you are enjoying your retirement!

    • tammy j

      i think your thoughts are right on the mark. one size does not fit all! 😀
      i really liked my job. but i would come home so exhausted i always thought…
      if i ever get to retire i’m going to just relax and read ALL the books i want to!
      when bob was alive i didn’t work. but i did do LOTS of volunteering.
      now i’m just enjoying what i want to do! selfish perhaps… but happy nonetheless. 😀

  4. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! I know that rain was so welcomed. I know you were smiling when you sat there and watched it fall. I love to do that too. I love a rainy day. We haven’t had too many of them and so I am constantly watering the flowers, especially the new ones that were put around the waterfall pond. But our days have cooled down to the seventies which is delightful. It has been great weather for my sons to work outside. They are getting so much done it is unbelievable. I have forgotten the stamina and strength of youth.

    • tammy j

      I know! it’s just fun to watch them! and to know that everything you need doing is being done well!
      and don is having a good time helping too!
      now little sadie has to get well to enjoy fall and ALL will be well! XOXO♥

  5. It’s in the 70’s here.
    Possibly a couple of 80 degree days of weather next week but probably with rain.
    So I drained the pool today.
    But I do love Fall!
    Just hope it lasts a while before Winter comes.

  6. We actually had a week of temps in the 70’s!
    What a blessed relief. It was back in the 80’s but, I don’t care – like you, I’ve already switched to autumn mode, even picked up a little pumpkin at the market!
    It took me a few years to get used to being retired, but I’m finally adjusted. For the longest time I felt as if I should be “doing something.” Silly me. I finally granted myself permission to do whatever I feel like – what a blessing. xo

    • tammy j

      I know exactly what you mean about those very first years.
      I felt like I must be playing hooky!!!
      and we’re like you… only instead of 80’s we stay in the 90’s.
      BUT! the nights are at least heavenly cool and that makes my early morning walks lovely!

  7. Loved the images u posted and your talk about being happy right where u are after retirement – with time to do whatever. I’m afraid sometimes I’m the other type of retiree – i can take a few days at home and then i need to get out and see new things. It drives Mike crazy as he could sit at home all day and be happy.

    When cold weather comes I have dreams of going down the hill and walking in neighborhoods I love where the leaves are still falling because winter down the hill is like autumn in other places. That is one thing I liked about living in So Cal – while others froze we could take a drive to the beach and enjoy 70 degrees.

    I am somewhat fond of winter now but I do love autumn the best up here.

    Glad u are enjoying just “Be-Ing” – that tells me u are a wise soul and know you are complete no matter where u are. i’m a teenage soul i guess, lol. Always looking to catch the next wave.

    • tammy j

      I like that! a “teenage soul waiting to catch the next wave!” LOL!!!
      nothing wrong with that at all! 😀

    • tammy j

      oh dear raj!
      it has been a long time since you’ve spoken here. you are always so welcome.
      it’s as if you bring a sense of calm with you. i can actually feel it.
      and therefore i hope you can retire from the rat race very soon too!!!

  8. Sorry, I’m behind – I have been doing a kind of retirement thing – sift/sorting up too many decades of all kinds of things…

    I’m looking forward to setting up my new pad, with the kind of things I believe I need for a bit longer on this earth…And if in that unpack I find things that don’t match that, they too will find themselves going to someone else…

    I love the idea (well right now) that here in mid-arvo I’m all warm and cosy on my bed – tapping on the keyboard…no one else is expected today here.

    • tammy j

      there is always something wonderful about a fresh start to me.
      and this change for you is one in many ways.
      i’m so happy for you.
      and never apologize for living life off the internet! i often have to play catch up myself. 🙂

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