simply jack

on the other side of this world today

there is sorrow.

my vicki.

her jack.

his passing.

it’s unspeakably hard.

it has been the source of the darkness i have been feeling.


this blue boy.

beloved blue australian

with fur that looks wiry but wasn’t.

it was silky and soft to the touch.

perfect to catch tears.


jack two smiling


she had him from the time he was just a puppy.

he has been her shadow.

always THERE for 15 long years.


just to be near her.

in her work room.

keeping watch

feeling her near him.

just to be with her.

that’s all he wanted.


jack blind

even after he became blind.

she was his eyes.


he was such a gentleman always.


the last thing she had written to me was

after he’d eaten . . .  he still enjoyed a little tug of war

with a favorite toy.


this is the hardest of hard.

we who have loved and lost

we know that sorrow.

it is the darkest dark.

a loss every bit as hard as losing a person.

it IS a person.

the person just happens to wear a fur coat.


jack one


beloved jack.




tears now.

cannot write more.


love to my vicki

and her jack.


  1. I just can’t handle this news.
    It’s truly devastating.
    I know her Jack was like my Blue is to me.
    I can’t bear the thought.
    And after last week with Blue’s emergency surgery and the pure terror I felt at the possibility of losing him.
    I’m sitting here sobbing for Vicki.
    Sobbing for Jack.
    He was so much more than a dog.
    He was friend, a confidante, a special magical soul.
    My heart is broken for her.
    For the sad loss of her Jack.
    She has my deepest of sympathies.

  2. What a sad time. I am sorry for your friend and send prayers. I lost my kitty last spring, she was the first baby placed in my care and she was here with us for almost 20 years. I get it…

  3. Linda Sand

    Crying. Which means I’ll need a a nap this afternoon. But, I’ll be all right then. Vicky won’t. So sorry.

    • tammy j

      I know. and hopefully all these words might comfort her a little.
      she said he had a very bad night last night.
      today (there in australia) is the day. they gave her time to say goodbye.
      I know of nothing harder. because it’s necessary. and because we have a hand in it.
      that is the hardest of hard. it stays with you the rest of your life.

    • tammy j

      he lived a good long live cathy. longer than most dogs. 15 years.
      he was her little shadow. she took such good care of him.
      but age has caught up with him.
      and I know there are wonderful memories for her. just as you say.
      they get right into your heart.

  4. I know losing a beloved pet, especially one you’ve known for 15 years, can be just as distressing and shattering as losing a person. I don’t understand the insensitivity and lack of imagination of those who poo-poo such grief and say you’re making too much of it. I can only assume they’ve never lost a pet themselves.

    • tammy j

      exactly so nick.
      and those insensitive people had better never say it in my presence.
      but I do know what you’re talking about.
      those “it’s just a dog” people.
      those people should have more attributes of the dog!
      they give us so much. asking only food and water and affection in return.
      people could take a lesson there. xo

  5. So sad. We have a couple of these that walk the lake with their owners and I love their coloring on the fur. They are beautiful dogs. It is so hard to put a loved pet to sleep. I remember the ride to the vet with my Goldie and how at least her death looked peaceful. Hope your friend is comforted by lots of invisible nudges by her pet..and all the love they shared.

    • tammy j

      I too have gone through it twice. the last time with my little zeke.
      it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. both times. zeke had cancer.
      I think the thing is… they are simply perfect love.
      and losing that is huge.
      your words are always so comforting sandy.

  6. Hello Kind Friend! I come here on a sad day, to celebrate a beautiful treasured life that I know was “well lived.” I know how hard it is to say good-bye… I hope comfort is found by all those who share the loss of a friend and companion, and in the memories that can never be taken away.

  7. Pent-up tears of losing my own furry family members are flooding once again. They take such a huge chunk of our hearts when they go, that at times I wonder how I will cope. But cope, I do. Somehow …

    Beautiful tribute, Tammy. Albeit I wish I did not have to read it. Love and hugs to you Vicki.

    RIP beautiful Jack.

    • tammy j

      you’ve said it well wendy.
      they take that huge chunk of our hearts with them.
      and they leave a hole.
      but what an honor to have known each one of them!
      perfect love.

  8. How sad for her. She was lucky to have such a wonderful companion for so long. We have had to put down two dogs at age sixteen. You always carry them in your heart.

    • tammy j

      mine too.
      there really are no words for this kind of pain.
      it’s one thing to find them already gone. but to have to help them.
      you never forget that.
      thank you always for coming here susan.

  9. So sorry to hear about Vicki’s beloved Jack. You’ve written such a warm and touching tribute, Tam. My heart melted at the description of mutual devotion between these two, true friends


  10. Kaitlin

    Oh they take a large piece of your heart when they go, don’t they? I am so, so, sorry for your friend. I am also glad she knew such love – it doesn’t hurt so much if it wasn’t good.

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