cozy minimal

what does

a hospital stay

  black mold and mildew

a rushed move

and lots of pros and cons


blue and white quilt

have to do with adjusting to a new life?


i’ll tell you!


when i first moved to my little  ‘ safe harbor ‘  .  .  .    it was    JUST THAT.

i felt for the first time in a long time that i could relax

and simply breathe clean air.

and for many weeks that was enough.  i told myself i wanted to be rid of


rummy and i even talked about it.  it was a different mind set.  even for me.


i was still terribly weak.  they only keep you in hospital long enough to stabilize

you.  they told me i was still dehydrated and i had to drink lots of water .  .  .

and so it was to be a long road back!


fast forward to NOW!

NOW i am feeling my old self once again.

i am stirring around.  deciding on the kind of life i want since i’m no longer in

danger of checking out!  LOL!


i am still and always will be a minimalist.


and that’s a large ‘ however. ‘  that sounds nicer than BUT!  doesn’t it?


after months of barely wanting anything .  .  .  seriously  .  .  .  the captain’s

solution of owning nothing that can’t fit into his back pack was looking

pretty darned good!

and for many .  .  .  the captain included

that is the way to go if you’re a dyed in the wool minimalist.


but there are ALL KINDS of minimalists.  ALL KINDS!  it’s not one size fits all!

that’s the beauty of it.  and i realize that i am not that kind.  not yet anyway!


if i were younger and wanted to travel i would be that kind in a heart beat!


i’m in no shape to travel.  i know that now.

it’s a dream that has been relegated to armchair travel the likes of PBS television

and the world wide web.

and i’m okay with that.  i have to be.  money and health stand in the way.



one day last week .  .  .  i decided to make this place i call home .  .  . well


my own little  ‘ safe harbor. ‘


remember the above picture?

oh here.  i’ll show it to you again.


and no.  i do not have that wonderful ceiling and the natural paneling.



like the comforter there.   i would smother.

it’s the color and the pine that made me think of it as my room.



i DO have the overall MOOD of this room and the wonderful color scheme!


blue and white quilt



it’s fairly close to what my bedroom looks like.  at least in spirit it is.



and YES!  someday i keep saying i’ll get a camera.  it’s not a priority apparently.

so you will need to simply envision how my bedroom looks in the meantime!


i have two quilts on my bed. one goes all the way to the floor.

and the top one is a twin size and goes about 6 inches down on all sides.


they are two different patterns.  and yet they work well together.


the top one is blue and white.


two crisp white pillows are on the bed.

and an oblong pillow in front of those is the same pattern as the bottom quilt.

are you dizzy yet?



it’s really quite nice.

very english perhaps.

or maybe even more  .  .  .  cape cod.

i love the sea.

and since this is my safe harbor  .  .  .   it seems appropriate.


on the wall are two paintings by my friend celia who is a water colorist.

they are seascape scenes that make me think of my time on the st. lawrence in

upstate new york.

reminders of my beloved mother and gram.


each night i spread a white sheet over the top of the bed and sleep on that.


then in the morning part of my routine is to fold up that sheet and put it in

the closet.    it works like a charm.

bed made.  simple!


and simple enough to launder too .  .  .  the sheet  and when needed the little

twin quilt!


a cream colored blanket is nice if it gets too cool.  and with the A/C it often does.


i have a pine night stand and 5 drawer dresser bought years and years ago.

the pine and the blue and white quilt are particularly lovely together.

and the white wicker chair and small glass topped ottoman are perfect by the


it’s a rather spacious room.


there are white curtains over the blinds to help block the oklahoma sun.

i have the windows open when weather permits.  i love fresh air.  as you know.

in the early mornings now i’ve already had a taste of what fall might be like here.

and i’m going to love it!


when i hung those curtains i knew what i wanted the room to be.

my sanctuary.

by an imagined sea.


a place to read.  to sip coffee.  to listen to the rain.

or .  .  .  since one of the windows looks to the west  .  .  .

to watch the sun going down.


on the large wall opposite the bed i have hung another quilt that my reve’ made

she is my nephew’s wife.

and here she is in case you forget .  .  .  taken about the time she made the quilt!

although truth to tell .  .  .

neither of them has aged all that much!  they keep themselves in great shape!


mike has to since his MOS is special operations forces.

every single morning he’s not deployed he has PT at FIVE A.M.


i have no idea what reve’s motivation is!!!


but i wish i had it!


the two

i never get tired of looking at these two.

that’s the marine’s son before he became master sgt mike!


when their oldest son was only TWO she made my quilt!   can you imagine???

how she had time to make it with a two year old running around i’ll never know!

but it is dear to me as is she.  and it deserves a place of honor.

and so it hangs on my bedroom wall.


and the long simple pine bench that my marine made is in front of reve’s quilt.

it’s the perfect finishing touch.


add a lamp on the night stand  .  .  .  holding books and a large sea shell .  .  .

and my white wicker chair and ottoman by the window .  .  .

and i am soon transported to wherever i want to be!


this room that is so fresh and beautiful.

it lifts my spirits.  it fills my heart.

it takes so little really.

it’s not covered up with tons of stuff.

it has just enough!


it is



if you prefer

cozy minimal.


next post i’ll write about the living room maybe.


trying to keep these posts minimal.





til soon old bean.

til soon!








  1. I’m afraid I have to say it, “One picture is worth a thousand words.” I’d be happy to buy you a camera. I would love to see pictures of your place. 🙂

  2. We all have our own comfort level when it comes to minimalism. Whatever works best for you is what is best for you. Not everyone can do the backpack thing but it’s ok. I’m happy with what little I have, as you are with what you have.

  3. Now Ms. Tammy, I will no longer accept excuses about taking pics! You have a phone, yes? And if you don’t, well, that needs to be rectified pronto!

    I have to say…I absolutely ADORE that bedroom! Did you know I’m a blue and white girl through and through? And I love light colored wood. Yes, I want that room. Now!


    • tammy j

      i DIDN’T know that about you! but i do love it too. it’s kind of nordic but cozier!
      my phone is about 20 years old! LOLOL.
      seriously. it’s a flip top.
      but i gave monk my word. now i will have to! 🙂

  4. Becky

    You are such a little darling! Loved your description of your bedroom…sounds so seaworthy…riding on peaceful waters. Love blue-and-white-pine palettes. So comforting. Looking forward to your description (and photographs) of your living room!

  5. As I read I was painting a picture in my mind. As much as I’d love to see a real photograph I was happy with your detailed description. In my mind’s eye I can see you there with your cup gazing out at the weather. How proud you are of your treasured quilt and rightly so. Those homemade gifts are priceless because you know the time and effort that was put into it. The marine’s son and his wife are such a gorgeous couple and she is so talented. i am so glad you are now healthy and ready to nest into your safe harbor.

    • tammy j

      oh peggy! i am glad too.
      this year has been the pits for ALL of us i think!
      even little sadie. i’m glad she’s feeling better.
      i’m still thinking of don and your friend. only thinking the best dear heart. the best. ♥

  6. Glad you made the decision to drop anchor. where I am from, we say you redd up the room. get it ready for the one who is coming to stay. you.

  7. 3 things.
    1. I love that you’re making your place a home.
    Cozy and minimal!
    2. But I wish you would ripped the quilt off at night and mess up the sheets. Kick your feet out and untuck the bottom, make a MESS, roll around and feel the coolness of the bedding and ENJOY! Don’t worry about it being tidy and neat. Life is too short to sleep on top of it like a hotel room.
    (Sorry! Didn’t mean to get all crazy about it! LOL!)
    3. ALL my photos are from my PHONE.
    Every single one!
    That means I have a camera in my cabinet that I’m no longer using. I need to dig out the cord to connect it to the computer but I’m sending it to you. I hope I still have the box (Sometimes NOT being a minimalist comes in handy… although I will have to look in 10 places! LOL!)
    BUT if I have the box, I do believe there’s a CD in there to upload a photo editing thing.
    I’ll look for it tomorrow! 😀
    PS – LOVE Blue and White!

    • tammy j

      i’ll take care of it for you! and eventually send it back! 🙂
      no fear!
      the sheet covers the entire bed. believe me. i mess it up ok! LOLOL!

  8. I absolutely love that room, Tam! And I understand completely how it is the essence of your own boudoir. I think I really can visualize it and since it’s the larger room in Safe Harbor, why not treat it as the very room for your Calgon experience–art gallery, morning coffee spot, sunset meeting place, in addition to your nightly dreamland.

    Your Reve and Mike are beautiful representatives of the many couples who give so much to the people of this country. God bless them!

    • tammy j

      that IS the room where I spend a lot of time dewena!
      except that in the summer with the south and west windows it never gets really cool.
      alas… even with the A/C on and the windows covered! but oh… the early mornings and …
      in the fall and winter it will be lovely!
      my darlings. he only has about four more years until he can retire. and even then he’ll be young.
      that makes 3 more dangerous deployments to go through.
      his next one is in April. it rolls around fast. little Jacob is already dreading it.

      they are among so many that live that kind of life. to keep us all safe. XOXO♥

  9. My bedroom is more functional and barer looking primarily because I live in Western India and we don’t have the extreme cold that you have in the winter. My making my bed takes me just under a minute too.

    We all must develop our own levels of minimalism. And forgive ourselves for transgressions like buying books!

  10. Linda Sand

    I’m so glad you decided to settle in and be well.

    I love puffy comforters. They comfort me. In the winter my bed has a fitted bottom sheet, two pillows and a comforter. Making the bed means smoothing the comforter. Done!

  11. wow in my mind’s eye with the help of the photo you must have a beautiful space to call your own. Wish you had a camera, darn. Anyway so glad to read you are feeling much better. What a great handsome pretty couple they make.

    • tammy j

      i am so mercurial. i swing back and forth from loving sheer modern to midcentury to
      english country to whatever!!! but this place seems to lend itself to the little cape cod look.
      for now it is pleasing!
      and yes.
      they truly are a handsome couple! love them so much! xo♥

  12. That’s a lovely bedroom. If yours is anything like it, it must be quite something. It would be nice to see pictures of the actual Tammy bedroom, but I understand you not wanting a camera. I don’t have a camera either and don’t share this widespread obsession with taking pictures of every little thing or person you come across. I shall just have to imagine your bedroom from the detailed description!

    • tammy j

      oh thank you nick. you’re very kind.
      cindi is sending me a camera. so i suppose i shall have to take a few!
      it’s not my intent to turn this into one of the home décor blogs however!!!
      i like looking at those kind of blogs too but there’s so much else to explore.
      it might be fun to see what all i can photograph. might make taking walks fun.
      i’ve never been one to do that. so we’ll see.
      it might become a new hobby. OR it might not be my thing at all! ♥

  13. Evening Tammy….
    Your bedroom sounds wonderful!
    But…and this is a BIG but….
    One of my greatest pleasures is getting into fresh linens on my bed…I change the pillow cases everyday!
    When I am rich….clean linens EVERYDAY!
    Am I shouting? I learned from the master
    Enjoy your evening…had a wonderful day with Vivian…
    Linda :o)

    • tammy j

      never fear! come autumn and winter i get under the covers.
      but when it’s in the 40’s out there… even with the A/C… it’s too much!
      this summer you’ve had a taste of our heat. I can’t wait until FALL!!!! XO♥
      and ps. hope you got my last email. i’m SO proud of you! ♥

  14. I’m nearly at a point of showing you a true minimalist room – my “art making room” – known as quite a different name to my landlord!

    And I might even show you another kind of minimalist set of objects – known here as the “box” palace…

    I have 2 main box palaces – one in the basement storage space and other upstairs…

    Hoping to have them go somewhere else – like in another home, then the fun will begin “oh where have I put/packed ***?”

    The last time I moved…I couldn’t find a stapler – to make it worse I had 2 of them! Just when I was about to give in to a purchase – they appeared one sunny day in the strangest box possible. My packing up had, had helpers!!

    This time anything missing is going to be “my fault entirely”

    • tammy j

      LOLOL!!! the box palace!
      that’s why i never let anyone help me in a move.
      although the boxes all get unpacked very soon anyway… because it’s only what i need.
      another beauty of having only what you need. you will soon see! you are making GREAT progress! WOW!

  15. Your bedroom sounds beautiful, Tammy! I’m a big fan of blue and white in the bedroom. It’s so calming, soothing. And quilts – how lucky you are to have one specially made for you by someone that loves you.
    I’m so glad you have your safe harbor and that you’re starting to feel better, my friend. xo

    • tammy j

      thank you my susan.
      it is a bit out of the norm… but i’m enjoying having more around me now.
      and moving into autumn and winter will help! i wish the best for you too dearest bean! XO

  16. Tam, this pic is peaceful, pretty perfection! I know that you value the priorities of lagom, and that you have created your sanctuary under its premises. Like you, my daily luxuries are that first sip of morning coffee, soft sunlight pouring in the room or raindrops knocking on my window – both welcomed company, (second only to my daughter’s presence), and all enjoyed more profoundly on the weekends, when I am able to linger in such simplicity and not dart out the door to make the bus downtown!

    Wishing you a weekend of lagom luxury, my friend. Enjoy!


    • tammy j

      oh darling girl.
      someday when you’re OLD like MOI!
      you can sip that coffee ANY DAY of the week
      knowing you don’t have to catch that bus!
      it makes being older WORTH IT! LOL! XOXO♥

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