easter chicken and heat

like a lot of places in the rest of the nation


okc thunderstorm


here in the middle of the country we have had endless days of heat indexes in

the danger zones.

extremely high dew point and high triple digits temperatures that won’t quit.


add to that the fact that nights have not been cooling down either and all that

combined has made the last dregs of summer here unbearable!


on tuesday my computer decided to disconnect me from the internet.

i called and no one seemed to be able to figure out why.

the modem and router were working just fine.

FINALLY!   today a very sweet girl geek squad member from utah helped me!


i have a sneaking suspicion that this little computer ‘ just don’t like me! ‘


there’s a sweet family story about that last phrase in the sentence above.


he is now special operations force that is highly trained and frequently deployed

in extremely dangerous situations.

he’s six feet tall and thanks to special PT training every morning at 5am when

he’s not deployed he is in the best shape of his life.


i’m not sure he would appreciate my telling this about him .  .  .  but it’s sweet

and he doesn’t read my blog anyway!

SO  .  .  .

when master sgt mike (my nephew… the marine’s son) was a little boy of three

his mother and i took him to the easter egg hunt at one of the local parks here.


we got there a bit late.  there was a  HUGE easter CHICKEN .  .  .

don’t ask me why it was a chicken instead of a rabbit.

maybe all the rabbit suits were taken.


well .  .  .

looky here!  here’s one mowing a lawn!


easter chicken mower


anyway .  .  .  the easter chicken was handing out candy to put in the baskets of

all the many children.


little mike .  .  .  being only three was quite a bit smaller than all the other kids.

most looked to be about four or five and on up.  he had his little basket.

he kept trying to get close to the chicken.  and yet the chicken never seemed to

be able to see him.  he was down too low apparently.

the parents were to wait in a separate area .  .  .  giving the children and the

easter chicken time to interact with each other.


mikey came back to where his mother and i were sitting.  we asked him if he

got any candy.

his reply .  .  .

” no.  that easter chicken just don’t like me! “


of course you might know that his mom and his auntie tam remedied that!

but ever since then .  .  .  when something goes awry without a reason  .  .  .

that saying comes to my mind!  LOLOL!


SO  .  .  .

perhaps this computer likes me after all.  it’s just possible it can’t SEE ME!


and .  .  .   as to the REAL NEWS of this post  .  .  .


please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

we are expecting possible thunder showers tonight and maybe tomorrow as well.

a cold front  ( temps in the high 80’s!)  has moved through.

hey.  we’ll TAKE IT!   it’s so nice to be under 100!

and the temps next week will only be in the low 90’s.

it’s practically a miracle!!!


i have a little catching up to do on your blogs.  i’ll be around.

i know one thing.  being without this computer is so strange now.

it’s part of my world.  when i’m without it .  .  .  oh my!


PLUS  .  .  .

after the last problem with it  i elected to pay for the plan that allowed me to call

the geeks for any reason for a whole year.  i think it’s already paid for itself!


this will be me soon!!!


Boy Playing in Rain --- Image by © Ed Bock/CORBIS

Boy Playing in Rain — Image by © Ed Bock/CORBIS




i’m not a boy!



til soon old bean!

til soon.


  1. Thanks so much for writing. I was worried about you and was about to send an email to see if you were all right.

    I’m so happy you might get a reprieve in the hot weather, and that you have that one-year geek service. That’s priceless when you need it.

    Yay, tammy!

    • tammy j

      I was so afraid of that monk! I wouldn’t have gotten your email anyway.
      it was the strangest thing.
      the girl in Utah said it might have happened when Microsoft updated … otherwise she didn’t know.
      glad to be back!

  2. That is SUCH a cute story tammy! I can see why it would stay with you after all these years.

    It is 3:53 now here on the east coast. At EXACTLY 3:30 I thought about you and wondered when we’d here from you again. (I know what time it was because I was in the kitchen and looked at the clock). I just sat down to check my emails and at exactly 3:30 your email came into my inbox. No lie.


    It’s brutal here too. Very humid and in the 90’s. Just walking outside makes me sweat. Yuk!

    • tammy j

      ohmygosh! too spooky.
      synchronicity is what rummy calls it!
      never fear.
      whatever is SLOWLY coming our way from the west is usually moving to the NE.
      so maybe you’ll get some.
      watch it go right past us and then DUMP it all on you!!!
      I’ve been watching my beloved NE. you certainly have had your share of heat this year.
      when we lived there… there was sometimes a hot spell. but it never lasted long.
      hang tight. can’t last forever! (that’s what I tell myself anyway.)

  3. Oh may you get lots and lots of rain! I hope you dance and enjoy it. Cute story you shared and what a cute photo.

    I’m ready for fall – more than ready and we haven’t even been that hot. I just find summer one of the most boring seasons anymore – spring blooms gone, fall leaves not yet fallen – winter snow not making everything look so clean and pretty…..summer – ..summer…. not my favorite but it certainly use to be when I would bake all day in the sun. No more of that.

    • tammy j

      I was one of those ‘bakers’ too!
      now it’s all I can do to get from the car to the store and back again! LOL!
      nice description of summer btw. 😀

  4. it’s still Winter here, even if people say “it was Spring yesterday” – or that the spring bulbs have popped up in places, that seems to happen a lot…I’ve got some out the back doing just that – but they are in a sheltered place.

    • tammy j

      at least it’s on its way.
      still weird to me that you’re in winter and here it’s summer!

  5. Becky

    Scary storm here last night! I was so afraid a tree would come down on the house. But, nothing happened…just lots of tree litter everywhere in the morning. The heat has been unyielding here but we tasted a lovely day today after the storm blew through, We will be in the 80s for the next few days! We can go outside again!

    • tammy j

      that is scary when you have lots of trees.
      and I have a bad habit of sitting by a window during any storm. silly really!
      we got NO RAIN. and now our chance is gone.
      but like you. now a few days for 80’s. and it’s so welcome. yes! outside again!

  6. Adorable story, Tam, ‘seeing’ as little Mikey cannot go unnoticed, nowadays! As far as your computer goes, don’t take it personally – we all have a love/hate relationship with our laptops! I’m sure yours ‘likes you, lots’, especially since you know how to ‘push all its buttons’ and thus hold the ‘keys’ to its heart’! Be nice, now!

    Wishing you a vewy wainy weekend!

    • tammy j

      awww… the wain missed us! but it’s a few degrees cooler.
      and at least poppy stopped by!!! that’s good enough for me! XOXO♥
      I hope you get to have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I noticed you weren’t posting but last time that I got all worked up it turned out to be computer related and I just kept telling myself that it was probably the same thing…
    and it was! Yeh!
    Well, not Yeh that you had computer problems but, well you know.

    That’s a very cute story and I love that mom and his auntie straighten out that chicken!

    It rained on and off all day here but it doesn’t seem any cooler?! Nope, it’s just like a hot sauna.
    I got home so late that I couldn’t even “float”.
    I hope we both get some cooler weather soon but I don’t trust the weather people to ever be right.

    I pretty burned out today, physically and emotionally. I had six more special needs dogs come in and I also had someone I care about, really hurt my feelings.
    I’m just too tired to deal with much more so going to bed now!
    Love ya and glad you are ok and that you got the support plan!

    • tammy j

      we never got a drop. but you’re right. it probably would have been like a sauna!
      never fear.
      i’m fine. this computer is pushing all my buttons!
      I wish you had some GOOD HELP at your work.

  8. I loved that story of Mike and I’m going to steal that phrase when things go wrong. I’ve been thinking about you burning up there in OK. Our temps have consistently been in the eighties…which is a cold front to you but extremely hot for our region where the houses aren’t air conditioned. We huddle in out one room with a window air conditioner during the day and sleep with one in the bedroom at night. We are seriously thinking of putting in central air. It’s so hot out that I’m not getting any gardening done.

    • tammy j

      I noticed the hot air is EVERYWHERE! and yes. I remember the hot temps back east.
      but they never lasted long. but…
      not any more!

  9. Great story and I hope that you tease your nephew whenever you get to meet him with that. I would if he was my nephew.

    We had a bit of sunshine and dry weather today for a change. I wish that I could send you some of our monsoon!!

    • tammy j

      oh I wish you could send us a monsoon too rummy!
      I get my licks in with the master sgt! LOL!

  10. Isn’t it wonderful how these family sayings get passed down? I still remember my little sister Deb coming in one day after a neighborhood girl had hurt her feelings: “That Sandra, her think her so smart.” And we still say a light bulb “bulbs out” when it burns out because Gurn said it when he was little.

    Wouldn’t 80 degrees feel marvelous now? With 65 at night? Some of our blog friends will be having that soon. Even you will probably beat me to it this year, Tam!

    • tammy j

      I have beat you to it! at least for just a short while!!!
      last night it got down to 70!!!
      no rain but that ‘cold’ front they talked about.
      I have all my windows open and the breezes blowing through!
      just in time for my sanity!!!
      still will be hot next week… but oh my!
      I will add what deb says to my bank of children’s sayings now…
      “her think her so smart!” LOL!

  11. Even temperatures in the eighties must be a relief after coping with the hundreds! I’m glad temperatures here are more comfortable.

    Yes, perhaps your computer can’t see you. Or it’s just so busy inventing new error messages that it hasn’t noticed you’re around!!

    • tammy j

      your last comment just made me laugh! I love the last line! LOL!!!
      finally had to turn on the A/C.
      but oh… it was so wonderful… the little taste of fall that we had! ♥

  12. Evening Tammy….
    We finally got some rain….even a few tornadoes in the province…
    I emailed you…do I have your correct address?
    Please send me a quick note….I have much to tell!
    Enjoy your week…Cheers!
    Linda :o)

  13. Hang in there, Tammy. Just about three more weeks till the cool starts. Glad to see you got some good advice finally from locals and old friends, and are sounding more joyful and like the old creative tammy whose writing I like so much. oh, and thanks for dropping by my page. I always appreciate it.

    • tammy j

      three weeks? I WISH! alas… in the ‘good ole’ days perhaps.
      but now our summers last until late November.
      but in three weeks at least the nights will be cooler and i can have the windows open
      at least through the night and for a little while in the mornings. that’s something!
      thank you for coming by dear heart!

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