the experts

they’re EVERYWHERE !

they’re everywhere!

expert drips


they can affect people’s lives.  we like to be spoon fed our information.

it’s apparently easier to accept all these self proclaimed expert opinions

than to do research of our own.  to read. and get varied opinions.

and then to make our OWN decisions based on our own situations!


the so~called EXPERTS are everywhere now.

‘ the panel of experts ‘  that you constantly hear about.

and they’ve all written books!

when did that happen?

how in the world did we ever live without all of them?


” THIS is the way. the word. the truth ” of whatever it is they’re an expert in!


it’s all the MEDICAL EXPERTS that this post is about.


those medical doctors who have ALL written a book or made videos.

and only THEIR WAY is the way and is the best way to live and to fix you.


and so much of their information conflicts with every other expert out there.


 just look at all these experts in the picture below!


too many drips


and of course they all have books you buy.  or check out at the library.

or read on your kindle.  or listen to their interviews about it all on television.


especially if you have a certain condition.  you listen.

or if you’ve had heart attacks or perhaps cancer or another debilitating


you find you are grasping at straws.  you want to live healthfully!

and for as long as you can.  so you listen.


they all speak and write with such authority and with proof of  ‘research’ for

their expert opinions and findings.

they surely are finally the real information!  FINALLY!


this wonderful free country we live in with free speech and free press

comes with a responsibility for we the people!


it’s OUR responsibility to keep an open mind and be cautious.

to listen and read and simply realize that these are OPINIONS of people.

maybe very learned people yes.  but still people. and still personal opinions.


people who are SELLING books.  and being PAID for speeches.

many have done exhaustive research.  and that is good.


but many have not.

and to take anyone’s word just because he’s labeled an EXPERT .  .  .

and if you’ve noticed they all seem to be called that these days .  .  .

well.  i’ve decided this.

to just take their word for it and live accordingly is very foolish.

and THAT is MY own NEW EXPERT opinion!



because for YEARS i have tried to follow every new word they’ve said.

and i’m finally exhausted by it old bean.  and i won’t be doing it anymore.


i’ll tell you why i’ve come to this necessary new conclusion of my own.


something that was said to me years ago began that YO~YO of exhaustion.

and i’ll tell you about it shortly.

maybe it’s happened to you as well.  i hope not. because it was very cruel.


see these experts below?   they’re like the ones in the OTHER picture.

only THESE are the special  HEART EXPERTS!

there are a LOT of them.

because heart disease is the major killer in our country.


heart drips


i’ve had three heart attacks in my life .  the last one in 2003 resulted in one

stent implanted in the ‘widow maker’ artery after which i had cardiac arrest

while in the recovery room.


upon my release from the hospital i was instructed by the EXPERTS

that from now on i was to NEVER EVER eat the following  .  .  .








whole milk


red meat and pork



peanut butter

and other things i won’t bother to add.  the list is already long enough.


so of course for years and years i have tried to stay away from all such foods.


i was instructed  repeatedly and sternly to do this.

IF i wanted to stay alive.  and of course i do want to stay alive.


i was instructed to eat only a specific margarine made with canola oil and

fish oil right before i left the hospital after the stent implant.


they even gave me a COUPON for that brand of margarine!

good grief.  wonder if they got paid by the margarine company?



 MANY OF THE EXPERTS  have changed their tune .

NEW BOOKS and speeches are all pushing the new information!


after YEARS of never eating an avocado or ANYTHING with coconut

which i love by the way .  .  .

i am being not just encouraged but TOLD NOW that to have a healthy heart

i must have as part of my diet  .  .  .

NOT margarine.


it’s now bad for me.  even their weird special margarine that i just HAD to eat.

NOW i SHOULD be eating BUTTER!


AND i CAN and SHOULD now be eating all of the following .  .  .



all meats including the fat





dark chocolate

peanut butter

among other things that were not allowed before but again made this list long.


it seems .  .  .

there is a brand new culprit that is the cause of everyone’s problems!

it’s of course   ‘CARBOHYDRATES’ that are the new enemy!

the wrong kind of carbs anyway.


now the heart experts say that the list of formerly forbidden foods are suddenly

GOOD for me!

and i can name the EXPERTS who have proof of it!  i can name their BOOKS!

all practicing physicians and cardiologists with patients they’re treating.


oh but .  .  .  wait  .  .  .  is that new list the last word?

i think it might be?

EXCEPT .  .  .  NO!

 for all the OTHER heart EXPERTS are still saying it ISN’T!


which expert do i believe?

does it matter?

is it life or death?


i’m sure for some people it is.  even for me it probably is or might be.

given my past history of episodes.  and my genetics.


and therein lies the rub.


they all have a book out and they all are saying OPPOSITE things.


and they’re ALL experts!


never before in history have we had so many self proclaimed

and media proclaimed EXPERTS.  on EVERYTHING really.

politics.  social interaction.  psychology.  but especially in the medical fields.

and the area of nutrition and how it affects one’s body.  especially the heart.


they’re literally EVERYWHERE!


on television.  on news programs.  on the internet.  in books.  in articles.

oh it fairly nigh onto makes your head spin.

at least it does MINE!



i finally have a plan old bean.

and here is MY plan. 


i am going to live my life as i see fit. 

according to my own common sense.


i am going to STOP worrying about it all and just start LIVING!!!


common sense tells me the following things about my new plan and my body.


i know that i need exercise EACH day.  to MOVE and find joy in moving!

and to the best of my ability i do just that.


i need to never over eat even if it’s just a salad.


my own particular body needs vegetables and fruit and whole grain and seeds.


my protein mainly comes from beans and nuts and legumes.

i take a good multivitamin with B12 included.


i need to drink plenty of water. and i do now.

i long since have quit drinking sodas and sugary drinks.

but if i want one occasionally i have it.  the same with wine or a beer.

on occasion i share one with the marine.

and i do enjoy a cup of good black coffee in the mornings!


sugar is not good for anybody.  and i have it very rarely.  though .  .  .

i will totally enjoy the special times i do allow it and feel free of any guilt.


i haven’t for some time now . . .  nor will i be eating what is called junk food.

but when i want a pizza .  .  .  i will EAT a pizza!



to cut out entire types of foods like the experts insist?


  no more.  just not doing that old bean.


i can’t worry about every little morsel i eat from now on.  i refuse that mind set.

thinking that if i eat certain things  .  .  .  they just may KILL ME.


i’ve decided that it’s the WORRYING about it all that is causing me stress!


that constant STRESS IS JUST NOT good for my heart! or anybody’s heart!


it’s as simple as that old bean!  and i already feel better.

you might ask why should i have worried about it so much for YEARS?


i have already far outlived the ages my parents were when they died.

my father from a massive heart attack at 45.  my mother from cancer at 51.


i’ll tell you why.


when my husband bob died  i was in my early 30’s.  and my worry began

the day a doctor looked directly at me and said


” you are going to die just like your father did. “


hard to believe isn’t it?  that a physician would say that to a young person.

any person really.  but especially one my age at the time.

and she even knew i had just lost my husband to cancer.

i wasn’t in the best emotional state anyway.

her words startled me.  and it seemed excessively cruel to me at the time.


maybe she was just trying to SCARE me into not eating what was on her list of


i remember her words as if it were yesterday.  and yes. they DID scare me.

and they made me feel DOOMED.

enough so that i tried to follow each ‘new’ expert’s advice for years on end.


seriously.   can you really imagine how i felt?

THAT day began my days of literally worrying about every new should and

should not.  and so i started listening to all the EXPERTS.

and BELIEVING THEM.  but then they began giving conflicting information!


at the time she told me that .  .  .   i weighed 105 pounds.

and i hadn’t even had my first heart attack yet.

my lab numbers were what she was going by. they’re always into the labs.


i no longer weigh 105 anymore but i’m not excessively heavy either.

i’ve religiously read all the experts’ books. listened to all their advice.

all their conflicting instructions.  old and new.



my new life plan is this.


i totally enjoy my life.   i find true joy in it!

but if i die tomorrow  .  .  .  that was in the cards too.

  no regrets!

i am through being afraid.


i have decided to BECOME MY OWN EXPERT now.

it’s my body and my life.

The word 'Expert' highlighted in green


it’s time to just start using good old common sense.

it’s what my marine does.  he calmly lives his life and stays amazingly healthy.

there is a wealth of information out there. and there will always be new



it’s up to me to keep an open mind and not follow every new path blindly.


i swear.  some of the ‘old wives tales’ were better at figuring this stuff out

than all these self proclaimed experts.

they were attuned to NATURE.


they were observers of nature those women were.  they had little to work with.

they didn’t go off on tangents of any kind of excesses.

they were keen observers.

and they seemed to instinctively KNOW that our bodies heal themselves

if given half a chance.


and many of them had seen enough of life to know what worked.

and what didn’t.


our nation has become a nation of pill takers and disease followers.

we’re sitting ducks for all the professional experts.  self proclaimed experts

who are making billions off of our fearful sheep~following ways.

and if you have something they call  ” heart disease ”  they can and DO

scare you half to death with it all.  you suddenly LIVE BY LAB NUMBERS!


well.  no more.

not for me.

i admire their new research.  but only I can truly know what is good for ME.


you may feel totally different about all this!

and that is good for YOU.  this is certainly NOT advice for YOU.

i wouldn’t want you swayed any more by my words than by any of theirs!

that would make the purpose of this post hypocritical!  and it’s not.


i’m surely not trying to tell you how to live YOUR OWN LIFE.

i think what i’m doing here is what i often do with a post.


when i think out loud and get it  ‘on paper’  as it were .  .  .

it helps my OWN resolve you know!   it’s helps clarify it in my own mind.


even though it often comes off sounding like  ‘preaching!’ here.  LOLOL!

which you know is never my intention old bean.  please know that.


this has only to do with me and my own decision for my life.


i am simply going to walk amidst ALL the EXPERTS everywhere from now on.



i will listen and read and smile. 

 but i WON’T get wet!


rain on screen



til soon old bean!

til soon.


  1. Good morning, dear lady! Sage advice! I also have lost respect for all the “experts” on nutrition and eat everything in moderation and sometimes NOT moderation when I feel like splurging. Stress is probably worse than anything we eat. And stress is shoved in our faces every hour by the “experts”. Worry about this. Worry about that. Fear this. Fear that. Well, I say SHOVE IT! Pardon my French. Enjoy your food, dear thing!

    My recipe for a happy life: Eat what you like in moderation, and stay away from doctors! lol You’re right, they live by those lab numbers nowadays. What if they’re wrong?

    P.S. You’d like this doctor. He is a teachable one, not god-like in his thinking. He’s funny, too. Much love!

    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

    • tammy j

      I do love dr malcolm! he’s one of the few that makes sense!
      I only found him a few months ago. here on the internet while researching something.
      and i’m with you… if the others and big pharma can get us to stay SCARED enough…
      it’s money in their pockets!
      wow. I sound very cynical I know. but it’s been too many years of being in the fear seat.
      I like YOUR philosophy!

  2. Definition of an expert: An ex is a has been. A spurt is just a drip under pressure.
    If you want to live a long and happy life, it’s simple. Stay away from doctors. They don’t make money off healthy people.

  3. Any time an industry is motivated by profit…well, we know how that goes.

    Common sense is not very common, and too many people give dr.s god like status. They’re only human and they can, and do, fall victim to greed at the expense of their patients.

    I didn’t know you had three heart attacks Tammy! Good grief! Does that mean you take medications regularly?

    • tammy j

      yes. I do take meds regularly. I will be on plavix the rest of my life to keep the stent open.
      recently while in the hospital… my new PCP found out the heart clinic cardiologist had me on
      FIVE different meds for blood pressure. TWO were diuretics! and there I was dehydrated! SHEESH!
      he took me off everything while I was in the hospital and monitored it closely.
      it stabilized! when I left he said I only needed one pill for it.
      NOW i’m only taking the one little pill for blood pressure. and… i’d like to get off that one too.
      (and am working on it!) it and the plavix are all I take for heart now. and I feel so much better.
      they will literally drug you to death!
      and you’re so right about it being PROFIT DRIVEN!

  4. Ah yes, the experts. I am sick of listening to them, too. My parents and their parents ate a diet rich in all of those things. They we cut them all out for awhile and now they are back. Did heart disease go away during those times? No. So I am with you. All in moderation, get rid of stress. Follow your intuition and be your own expert. PS- I like Capt. Fritter’s comment!! 🙂

    • tammy j

      I think our little community here is well agreed! 😀
      and the captain is priceless! LOL!
      my marine walks miles every day or when weather forbids… every other day.
      he eats healthfully but doesn’t OBSESS over it like I was doing!
      and he’s in wonderful shape.
      stress is the killer.
      I always think of you dearest bean and your little mom. that post touched my heart. ♥
      so glad you’re hanging out in that cool beautiful pool!

  5. Experts by definition are people who know more and more of less and less. In the medical profession that less includes patients!

  6. Applause! Applause! My feelings to a T.
    I, too, have to take a pill for the rest of my life because of an auto immune disease – the pill keeps it from attacking my organs. But, I just turned down meds for high cholesterol – went to the health food store and bought some garlic tablets and fish oil and its gone down 33 points. I honestly think that some exercise, eating mindfully (enjoying that fresh made ice cream from the local dairy on a hot day!) and living a peaceful life to avoid stress is the ticket. I plan on enjoying my life too, Tammy. Yay for us!
    Love this post. You are my favorite expert!

    • tammy j

      oh susan!
      i’m always so glad when you come by the peanut!
      thank you.
      we are agreed on EVERYTHING!
      and whenever you can do it with natural elements… so much the better!
      that statin drug destroys your muscle tissue. I learned THAT too late.
      and each time I told the cardio that he said…
      “well it’s more important that we get these ‘numbers’ down.”
      can you imagine??? so… I simply finally QUIT taking them.

      now working to get that muscle mass BACK that I lost all those months.
      should just have been like you and never started that horrid med.
      it apparently takes SOME of us longer to look at a horse shoe. LOLOL!
      BUT… kudos to us BOTH now! we’re on our way to good health. XOXO♥

  7. Linda Sand

    When it comes to those lists I ignore them in favor of eating all things in moderation–including moderation. It is good for us to indulge now and then. Thus the 80/20 rule–if you do what you think is best 80% of the time, you can handle the 20% indulgences.

    As to meds, I took myself off all of them except the one that prevents heart burn. My Living Will says I want no preventative treatments but do want pain meds even if they hasten my death. So why was I taking all those preventative meds? Wonder what my doctor is going to say on my next visit?

    • tammy j

      your doctor will not like it!
      but you are so RIGHT.
      and after all. it’s OUR body. for better or worse!
      and it’s been my experience that doctors actually know very little about nutrition.
      the ones that haven’t written all the books anyway!

  8. Tam!

    I am so relieved that you have once and for all broken up with your so called ‘ex’perts who have wreaked such havoc on your health for so many years, and most probably put you in more danger than protected you from it – case in point: your margarine example! I just read the same thing about soy; ha! And to sum up, I remember defending my beloved butter on countless occasions when margarine maniacs just could not ‘process’ my points!

    So glad that you have seen the light, my friend, and may your heart be lighter for it!

    Now, keep calm, pop a piece of chocolate (as opposed to yet another pill!) and put the coffee on!


    • tammy j

      LOLOL! a little breath of fresh air from Canada just breezed in!!! XOXO
      i’ll do just as you said! ♥

  9. So is this the post you told me you had been holding? If so, thank you for posting it, dear Tam. And to think that you had already written it when I emailed you about my latest doctor’s advice. I have felt nothing but relief since I did not even open that prescription he wanted me to take. Just reading the side effects was enough to send me to google.

    I’ve written out pages of foods that are recommended to bring down these lab results, and surprise, surprise, they are all foods I love! So I’m not going to feel too deprived going back to the no desserts plan I stuck to for 4 months this winter, and cutting out red meat is not a punishment since I love fish, only an inconvenience.

    Stress? Well, having a friend I can turn to for understanding certainly helps that! And just think, dear Tam, we have lived long enough that maybe WE’RE the experts now!

    Love you,

    • tammy j

      yes! just now getting around to it. i thought it might sound too pushy.
      but i’m SO GLAD that you didn’t start taking the statin.
      my cardio insisted. and he tried three different ones on me. for months i tried.
      each of them affected my legs and the last one even my arms and back.
      they literally destroy your muscle tissue! i even started SEEING the difference in my legs.
      but gradually with exercises i’m getting it back. not to normal yet… but i’m working on it.
      to think that i was destroying my own body with that … excuse me… CRAP.
      I told him that I was barely able to walk across the room while taking it.
      what good do LOW “numbers” do if you can’t walk? it’s really beyond ridiculous anymore.
      BUT! enough bad talk. we’re not falling for their dangerous meds.
      i’m thinking that seeing your Zack and Courtney had to be like the best medicine EVER!!!
      also just now saw a notice in my mail box that you’ve posted. on my way there right now.
      love you right back darling sister mine!

      • “what good do LOW “numbers” do if you can’t walk?” Well said, Miz Tammy! I also was told I needed a statin (I think everybody is now! Sheesh!). I did a bunch of research and saw how awful they were with all the side effects. Then my doctor wanted me to try a ‘natural” remedy, red yeast rice, thinking I’d not mind taking that since it’s “natural”. But one of its active ingredients, monacolin K, is in Mevacor, an FDA-approved statin. Basically, it’s the same as a prescribed statin! No thanks!

        Besides, older women are actually better off with higher cholesterol. It’s actually protective. Statins don’t really add any value to our lives, and in fact, destroy more than they supposedly fix.

        • tammy j

          AMEN Kimberly.
          I didn’t even know that about red yeast rice. again. one has to be cautious about ALL of it.
          like Doreen said earlier… an industry based on profit.
          I revisited Dr Kendrick’s site again and his opinions on all of it. so enlightening. and sensible.
          thank you for reminding me about him!

  10. Well, you already know what I think on the whole matter 🙂

    Life is for living to the fullest. Not living half a life in fear.
    So, if you want a sundae, dripping with chocolate fudge sauce over creamy vanilla icecream, you should jolly well have one. The treat for the week, and something to look forward to.

    Expert. I was once told by someone with a wry smile, that, “X is an unknown quantity, and spurt is a drip under pressure”.
    So, I’ve maintained my opinion thus ever since.

    • tammy j

      “not living half a life in fear.”
      you have said it all. and with few words.
      you know what I think about the whole matter too.
      even before this post.
      and I’m getting there. slowly but surely.
      ♥ across the blue.

  11. Becky

    Oye, statins destroy muscle tissue? Wow, scary news for me who has been taking one for years. My brother paid $100 to have his veins looked at and, guess what, there was NO plaque…which convinced his doctor that he could go OFF the meds. At 65, he takes NO meds. Guess I’d better ask him about that test…

    • tammy j

      that’s what all the statins did TO ME. but I am highly sensitive to side effects.
      my body (like my dad’s) just does not respond well to most any medication.
      I literally lost my voice on Lisinopril (for blood pressure)
      it usually only gives most people a cough. so that’s how my body works.
      the statins may not have that effect on YOU! and wonderful news for your brother! ♥

  12. Well, there are experts and experts. Some are genuinely knowledgeable and give very useful advice, others are just quacks who don’t know what they’re talking about. I think you have to investigate every “expert” and decide which category they fall into. There’s often a trendy consensus among “experts” as to how we should all be behaving, and then a few years later that consensus is turned upside down – advice on diet especially. But I wouldn’t reject all “experts” out of hand. That’s what the Brexit supporters did, and now we’re seeing the economic collapse all the “experts” warned us about.

    • tammy j

      yes! you’re so right nick!
      the tendency of people to go off half cocked! whether in brexit or regading their health.
      I was guilty for following all of them for years. this one. then that one.
      no more. will use my head from now on!
      doing my own choosing now based on what’s personally good for ME.
      we’re all different. what works really well for some may not work at all for someone else.
      I just don’t think it’s ‘one size fits all.’

  13. I say, eat whatever you like.
    except pork.
    Please don’t eat that.
    They are smarter than a lot of dogs.
    As smart as a 3yr old child.
    So they know what’s happening…

    I took a statin for a while. I had no idea about side effects but I was tired and very achy.
    So I stopped.
    I’m still tired and achy but in a different way now! LOL!

    Here’s the thing about experts. Even real experts.
    They are just people, they make mistakes.
    Or worse, they are motivated by money. I even see it with vets. Some will run up the bill with tests and drugs and while some patients DO need all of that, some might not. Kinda depends on which vet, just like doctors.
    Some are motivated by greed and some really want to help.
    So, I’m with you, I would rather do my own research. I’m much too cynical anymore.

    I also agree that moderation is the key.
    And exercise and SLEEP.
    and getting rid of or at least eliminating as much stress as possible.
    I always think how Beatrice Wood lived to 105 and Georgia O’Keefe until 98. I mean REALLY lived.
    They lived life on their own terms and created Art.
    I think that’s the key. Doing what you love, whatever that might be and having a good attitude.
    Personally I plan on avoiding doctors and especially hospital at all costs.
    So I’m working on being more like them.

    • tammy j

      how I love georgia o’keefe. strong unique and beautiful!
      beatrice I will have to read up on. not familiar with her. so thank you.
      like the captain says… just stay healthy!
      the marine takes NOTHING. but he takes care of himself. he says movement.
      exercise is the key to it all. and judging from the shape he stays in…
      I think he must be right.
      but REST and good sleep and less stress… right up there too!
      which is why I worry about you.
      you get all the exercise you need. but your stress level? WOW!!! LOL.

  14. You know your own body better than anyone. Those so called experts don’t. It’s funny how their proclamations change over the years on what is good and not good for us. Do the people in Europe have the same restrictions? Our health consciousness seems to have gone overboard these days. Whose advice do we follow? I had to stop watching Dr. oz because each day he would say some other way to eat. I just do what I think is good for me. And so are you.

    • tammy j

      AMEN girl.
      they’re all into being a star these days.
      I too have wondered if Europeans are as crazy about ‘the physical condition!’
      i’d imagine they’re not.
      they are better at simply LIVING and enjoying life it seems… than we are.
      like eating.
      we race through a meal like we’re on warp speed.
      they take their time. and DINE. that’s one difference.
      and it would make our lives better if we slowed down and savored life more I think.
      we’d probably be healthier for it. 🙂

  15. Good post – i’ve never followed any thing that others say – i once read in the 70’s a very wise person said the more you “treat” or “avoid” things – the more you will draw them to you. I also read once that if you bless and enjoy everything you eat – it will bless you back. I always get a chuckle out of changing medical advice – where one year something is good and another something is bad.

    I certainly enjoyed your post. good for you.

    • tammy j

      I was too young and impressionable when that doctor said that to me.
      I put too much stock in her supposed ‘knowledge.’
      it took me a long time to get smart.
      I have long believed what you said… if you bless and enjoy everything you eat…
      it will bless you back. I love that.
      and the fact I subconsciously believed THAT instead of her prediction I would die young…
      is probably why I’m still here!!! 🙂

      • most definitely. I just read something about how our Western Medicine …would look at voodoo as crazy…but… we are under a “curse” so to speak because of the constant advertising about illness, supplements, vitamins, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure…on and on…we get so much of that ..that’s it’s quite hard to get out from under the beliefs – probably next to impossible but at least we are wise to the fact of what is happening to us. Advertisement industry is very sneaky and they generate billions of money for their clients who pay them to hypnotize us. bah humbug, lol

        • tammy j

          how interesting you should bring up voodoo! a perfect example of mind over matter!
          I LOVE your comment!
          it’s almost as if the tv commercials are an insidious poison we are subliminally taking
          every single day. whether we pay attention or not! hypnotize is a perfect word.
          so are BAH HUMBUG too!!! LOL
          sorry this is late… I haven’t had access to internet since Tuesday. computer glitch! AAAGGGHHH!

  16. most of the food experts – can’t tell you how much quantity you should have…they might say a “tiny bit” – well how much is that? – they move onto another topic

    bluezones is something I have been loosely following but everytime I ask about how much/quantity of anything they have – they either don’t reply or they direct me a recipe…

    how much should I have at one sitting – no reply…

    same with exercise, rest,

    same with type of “something”

    I find that “stress really gets to me, and right now I’m trying to keep a lid on a bit of it – to do with what is deemed “slum landlord” – I know I need to move – real fast…”

    “but there is a lot to do…hope to have it all sorted out home-wise by end of next week”

    am making progress:-)

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