summer survival mode


  this is where we came in i think.



AND .  .  .

yup. we’re STILL HERE!


yup still here

and though we’re still mostly grumpy about it around here  .  .  .


we at least have put some thought into our arsenal for surviving SUMMER

in these triple digit temperatures.


it’s dark out now and it’s 99 degrees at 10 pm!  down from today’s 103.

but hey.  at least it’s dropped.

it practically feels like a cold front for pete’s sake!  😀


we’re in happy summer survival mode here at the peanut.

hopefully without dying of heat stroke in the meantime of course.


first on my list .  .  .  feasts right from the cold fridge!  refreshing and healthy!

                                         AHHHH .  .  .

the QUEEN of melons!  don’t you just LOVE IT?  I DO!

those happy little exclamation points are getting carried away again old bean.


i never tire of watermelon’s icy cold crunch  .  .  .

it is beautiful pure fiber and the most delicious edible water that there is!




or an even better summer survival mode   .  .  .  at no cost at all of course .  .  .

pretend the ocean is just a few steps away with those refreshing sea breezes!

and that beautiful heavenly shade to cool your fevered brow.


dream on


and  just keep seeing it .  .  .

if you want to cool down pretend you’re on an island and .  .  .


and .  .  .

uh oh.

i’ve obviously already forgotten what my last post was about.  LOLOL!

well that didn’t take long did it?


cause it takes some mighty powerful pretending and imagination

to think the ocean is just steps away

when you’re in the flattest hottest land locked prairie as this place i call .  .  .

ah.  well.

we just won’t go there.   we’ve beaten that poor old horse to death old bean.


it is what it is.

but old habits just die hard apparently.

enough of that imaginary stuff.    🙂


however now  .  .  .

this gorgeous fresh fruit tray is totally for REAL!


Rainbow Fruit Tray

courtesy of


first and foremost in my summer survival mode arsenal is my drink of choice

my drink of choice is always.  well.  anytime of year really.

but most especially in the heat of summer.

nothing is more refreshing or less inexpensive than  .  .  .

TA DA !!!

” just iced water with lemon please “

” thank you! “


water with lemon please


and .  .  .

of COURSE dear old bean!

staying inside in the blessed air conditioning.


mine has been running non stop for days.  and that’s with ceiling fans on too!

who knows what the electric bill will be.  but we won’t worry about it.

it’s perhaps the most important thing about the survival mode.

at least it is for me.


there’s just nothing like feeling the cool air in your ears!  and up your nose!


basset and fan

courtesy:huffington post


and something ESPECIALLY  for my summer survival mode that i do

 to refrain from all the violence in this old world just for awhile at least .  .  .

i watch wonderful light and charming summertime classics like

the seven year itch

with marilyn and tom.


in the middle of a NYC heat wave.  one little fan.  one gorgeous blonde.

and a downstairs neighbor with an air conditioner!

it’s  beautiful fun. light and witty.

classic in that .  .  .  they just don’t make’em like that anymore old bean!


marilyn and tom ewell

notice how she’s wearing gloves!  in the middle of a summer heat wave???


 her fan is color co-ordinated with her dress!

oh.  what???   you GUYS aren’t noticing the fan???  well.



and last but not least.  not if you don’t want skin like leather

or even worse .  .  .  melanoma .  .  .

never forget this stuff pictured below.

i have very sensitive skin like this little person really  .  .  .



sunscreen baby


i use the sunscreen below as my favorite.  i find i can tolerate it very well.

i hope you’re remembering to use your choice of whatever kind you like too!


my favorite sunscreen


and now .  .  .  feel free to share YOUR OWN survival tactics old bean!

we’re all in this together.


AND  .  .  .

here's to cool


ya finally just gotta get outta the pool eventually you know!


til soon old bean!

til soon.



  1. I’m so glad you have air conditioning! Wow!

    I don’t see what’s wrong with a little imagination if it helps. Exercising while I watch Netflix is one of my strategies, and you can’t say everything I watch is real/. My only criteria is does it catch my attention, keep me moving, and make me happy? If yes, then it’s a winner.

    Watermelon is my favorite food, so we’re kindred spirits there. 🙂

    • tammy j

      but how you watch from the trampoline is amazing to me!!! it truly IS!
      and i’m so happy you like watermelon that much too! LOL! 😀

  2. I noticed the fan coordinated with her dress right away, and I also noticed her shoes…they could totally be worn today and not look outdated.

    I can’t imagine 99 degrees at night!

    Who am I kidding? Have I forgot Cambodia so soon?! lol

    I’ve decided I’d rather be a bit chilly than warm. One can always put clothes on, but we can’t very well walk around nekkid now, can we??

    • tammy j

      LOL! I know! i’m definitely more of a sweater person too. I love it.
      and I’m pushing it to its limit these days. I wear very little. even when i’m out.
      the marine picked me up for lunch yesterday.
      he’s so kind to me. that way his vehicle is already cool. YES! i’m such a spoiled sap!
      or is it brat?
      when it’s under the 90’s I do at least go to meet him at the restaurant usually.

      but yesterday I had on a silky material fairly loose sleeveless top and white cropped pants.
      which in the not so terribly distant past people would say were a no-no at my age.
      no matter how hot it was! all those ridiculous shoulds and should nots people adhered to.

      isn’t it great that they’re all gone now? we can dress according to the WEATHER!
      as long as you’re clean and neat and don’t turn people’s stomachs you can dress COOL!

      and you’re right about marilyn’s shoes. I hadn’t even thought of that. they’re so pretty.
      oh my gosh! I definitely remember you in cambodia.
      you were SO SICK.
      and it lasted so long for you. it was simply AWFUL. and in that heat and humidity.
      it would have been my worst nightmare.

      even if it IS a beautiful land… and it truly is
      when you’re that sick you just want to be HOME! at least I do.
      I ALSO remember.
      you were a trojan.
      you not only endured it you even made the best of it…
      and shared with us those wonderful pictures you took then.
      a mark of your character dearest bean. ♥

  3. Wow, I can’t imagine nighttime temperatures of 99F! It seems over-hot here when it’s in the seventies! My favourite snack in scorching heat is always ice cream – it cools me down instantly. But it would be nice to have a swimming pool nearby to cool down in.

    • tammy j

      it’s this way every year. you’d think I’d be used to it by now!
      but I’m finding that the older I get the more the heat gets to me.
      I actually never minded it when I was younger here.
      YOUR climate is the one I prefer!
      and you know…
      I can’t believe I forgot about ice cream. it’s my first love nick!!! LOL!
      just thinking of it makes me feel cooler. thanks!

  4. Good morning, Tammy! I like your strategy for staying cool. If it gets really bad, try putting ice and water in a cooler or similar and soak some face towels in it. Then you can wipe off with ice cold water or wear the wrung-out towel around your neck. I do this set-up for my hubby when he’s out working in the yard on a hot day. It’s amazing how much it helps to cool the back of the neck.

    I love watermelon, too. So refreshing! And iced tea! I’ve also found a product that is refreshing in water called Stur. It’s a sugar-free water enhancer and comes in a bunch of flavors. Really good stuff!

    Keep cool, dear Tammy! Enjoy that pool you live by!

    • tammy j

      oh i’m so glad to see you again!
      i’ll have to rediscover you now that my computer problems are all solved.
      and thanks for the great ideas! PLUS… the link to your board works great!
      and boy. what gorgeous images. they do actually make me feel cooler! LOL. xo

    • tammy j

      I just love pinterest. and yours is beautiful!
      i’ll be looking at these OFTEN. 😀

  5. I did see the fan! I have also seen the movie and given a chance would like to see it again. Watermelon is a favourite in my household too. I too love to drink iced lemonade either with water or aerated water. Summer is when I too use the air conditioner regularly. A lot of common factors there!

  6. And how about looking at the amazing photography of Tiina Törmänen?
    By clicking here……. She lives in, and photographs, Finnish Lapland. And on her IG, you can find other links, to her work.

    Mmmm… No “Preview,” on Word Press, so I don’t know if my link… will work. -sigh-

    So I will put it here, and you can copy & paste it, yourself. 🙂

    Happy cool viewing, Tessa

    • tammy j

      oh tessa. it works beautifully. I clicked on the link.
      such photography! and the night skies with the snow and the birch trees and the stars.
      can you imagine seeing a sky like that? now with all our urban lights you just never see it!
      and I did love the one with the three reindeer lying in their meadow not far from the house! LOL.
      THANKS dear bean! that site does truly made me FEEL cooler! 😀

  7. Such a heat wave! You’ve found ways to keep cool thank heavens. It’s really hot here for us…in the eighties is overwhelming for us who don’t have central air. All we can do is sit in front of a window air conditioner in one room while we roast in the others. Today we had a blessed shower. It really came down for a while and those poor dry trees must have loved it. I don’t like to complain because most of the time our weather is rather cool…but Enough already!!

  8. I wondered and then I read if u keep your air conditioner on all night. We only have a swamper here and that is for the top floor. Because the overhead deck pretty much shades my bedroom downstairs it doesn’t get too hot but…we have been in the 90’s and it barely cools to 70 at night so fans help a lot. We don’t do any cooking that requires an oven right now – just toaster broiler and crock pots. I feel for ya! I use to get so tired of hearing the air conditioner on during the summer – it was great when we would turn it off and i could hear natural sounds outside.

    • tammy j

      oh sandy. you SO understand!
      I’m eternally grateful for the A/C but for one who dearly loves fresh air
      through open windows… and the quiet sound of peace. and simply nature…
      YES! i’ll be so glad when it shuts OFF!!!

  9. That movie is a classic and I love the gloves and the fan. What a different era! I have been living in the pool the past few days…or in the ac!! Too hot for anything else. Stay cool, Tammy!

  10. I’m with you, Tammy. Lots of watermelon and ice water with lemon and mint leaves. I’ve been hunkering down indoors with the ac on and making the best of things. I don’t like to wish away my life, but, I must confess to daydreaming about cool autumn days too.

    • tammy j

      oh susan! yes mint in it too! it just even SOUNDS more refreshing!
      I will have to grow my own little pot of mint!
      well. is that enough exclamation points? LOL.
      take care dearest bean.
      and here’s to our loving autumn club! ♥

  11. someone probably said it – wet towel wrung out and placed around your neck…

    plenty of fluids, which I see you’ve done…

    keeping calm & going with your flow…

    • tammy j

      thank YOU too. yes. the wet towel is especially wonderful when I first get into my car and it’s about 150 degrees in there! I use a little hand towel.
      it keeps me cool until the A/C brings the temp down.
      and yes. after the dehydration bit… drinking LOTS of water. ♥

  12. He needs some sunscreen, doesn’t he? I saw on Facebook that dogs with white fur need it if they’re out long as they can get skin cancer.

    Otis & Milo of course don’t need it, not with all that long hair, but their potty breaks are pretty swift today and they beat me to the door to get back inside to the air conditioning.

    What is weird here is that it can be miserably hot outside but ever once in a while there will be an actual cold, not just cool, gust of air. I want much more of that, please.

    Your watermelon pic makes me crave some. We’ve kind of got on a honeydew binge lately, with lime juice, so time for some more of the red stuff.

    And I could live on another red dish in July, my icy cold, almost frozen, tomato aspic with lemon-basil mayonnaise dressing.

    I always loved the classic 7-year itch movie with its memorable white dress scene, but the movie I watch several times in July is Smilla’s Sense of Snow with Julia Ormond. Even though it takes place at Christmas time in Copenhagen, it’s a knuckle-bitter that I prefer to watch away from the holidays. And the scenes from Denmark and Greenland in it are so cooling.

    But I agree the number 1 relief from the heat has got to be air conditioning. I remember when we got our first one when I was a child, and the hole Daddy had to cut in the wall for it. What a blessing it must have been for my poor mother as she canned and pickled in the kitchen.

    However did women last through a summer without it back in the days when they wore long dresses and long sleeves–and corsets for heaven’s sake?

    They would think we were spoiled princesses today, wouldn’t they?

    • tammy j

      LOL! I’ve wondered how those women survived myself. they did SO MUCH.
      and with no comforts that we have today.
      I admit I’m spoiled ROTTEN! my only consolation is that I’ve never taken it for granted.
      I’m so thankful for the cool air. got my first electric bill for this new LITTLE one bedroom apt.
      it’s $126. wonder what it would be if it were bigger!!!
      might not sound much to someone with a big house. but to me it’s huge. ah well.
      que sera sera!
      I really like julia ormond. I liked her in the remake of ‘sabrina’ with harrison ford.
      though nothing beats the original sabrina with audrey hepburn!
      I haven’t seen the movie with ormond that you spoke about. will look for it at my library!

  13. It’s been very hot here.
    They said we were going to have a cool spell and the temp dropped to 87 degrees.
    Yep, really hot here which makes my job harder because I can’t let anyone out for very long.
    And I’ve been sweating like crazy.

    I love melons but I hate cutting them up. I guess I’m just lazy and I refuse to buy them already cut up because they charge so much for it.
    My drink of choice is Diet Sprite or Diet Sierra Mist. It’s really bad for me, I know it. But when it’s this Hot, I like the carbonation.
    Sometimes I add UV Blue Vodka.

    To beat the heat and keep the bills down I bought a Vornado fan. I heard a lot of good things about them but they are pricey. I put it in front of my air-conditioner and it circulates the air so well that I don’t have to turn on the other air-conditioner at the other end of the house!
    I just got the electric bill and the difference was so huge that it actually paid for the fan!
    Best investment ever!

    and yes, I have my pool to float in and cool off.
    But then it turned green and I had to shock it with chlorine. Then I was super itchy on my chest and arms and it’s because I didn’t rinse off when I came inside and the chlorine made me break-up. So now I’m rinsing immediately.
    I bought some suntan lotion stuff but… I always forget to use it. I’m fair so now I’m very freckly.
    Truthfully, I don’t care about my freckles. My mother hated hers and hid them. It actually makes me kinda mad when people feel like they should cover them up, I mean, why?
    Oh well!
    I’ve written another book!
    OK, good night.

    • tammy j

      i love your books! you know that.
      and i like freckles too.
      and now i have to research vornados!!!
      my electric bill was HIGH here! that could/would save me $ too i bet.
      thanks for the info!
      i was just about to publish a post. sort of a rant type. 🙁 !!
      but your comment always makes me happy.
      except for the rash and the heat.
      we’re headed into the high nineties all next week. autumn can’t come soon enough!
      last year it was December FIRST. LOLOL!

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