the truest gold

the truest gold

what is the sense of happiness?

what is it for you?


is it the beautiful views from your window?

the sparkling private pool in your own back yard?

the flowers in your own garden?

the mountains in the distance .  .  .  perhaps still with white snow on their peaks?

the perfect summer temperature?  not suffocatingly hot .  .  .  but just right?

the ability to eat luscious summer desserts without it playing havoc with your



what is the sense of happiness?

what is it for you?


is it plenty of money to take a fabulous vacation to a wonderful new place?

is it fun noisy active family get~togethers making wonderful memories?

is it visiting inspiring museums and art festivals far and wide?

is it being able to afford buying fresh home grown fruits and veggies at your local

farmers market?


what if none of these things are options for you?

what makes your sense of happiness then?


for many of us .  .  .   most of those things are simply not an option.

but still .  .  .

our happiness is the truest gold!


it can be something as simple as an icy cold glass of fresh pure water!

knowing that it is bringing back your health.

it is being able to take a lovely nap in the middle of the afternoon when others are

busy working or playing.

it is watching yet again a favorite old movie classic that you never tire of seeing.

it is the surprise of a cool morning after rain the night before!

of getting to sit outside on your little balcony in the shade and feel that refreshing

air in your face!   OH HEAVEN!  and such a GIFT in this sweltering climate.

it’s the joy of seeing your two favorite boys visiting with their granddad  . . .

your very own marine.

it’s watching a mother teaching her little sons to swim.

” remember to blow through your nose! just like when you use a tissue!”


OH dearest bean!  .  .  .  so many little bits of the truest gold!


sometimes if there is no view.

if there is no beautiful place to walk.

if there are restrictions on what you can eat.

if your funds don’t stretch very far .  .  .


you simply have to remember .  .  .

you have eyes to see.  regardless of any view.

you have legs and feet to walk.  regardless of where they take you.

you have the good fortune of nourishing food that is healthy for you.

you have a roof over your head and people who love you

and who care whether you live or die.

you have books and the library and television and a computer  .  .  .

all of them bringing the world to you at your fingertips .  .  .

to enjoy from your chair beautiful pictures and any fabulous trip there is!


an awful lot of people DON’T HAVE all that!  or even ANY OF IT!


so yes.  it’s good to remember  .  .  .

happiness is the truest gold!

and most of us have TONS of it!


til soon old bean

til soon


the beautiful picture is courtesy of freda

live simply simply live blog.


  1. I dare say you have the most wonderful attitude of anyone I’ve ever known. Good for you Tammy, because yes, happiness is not having what we want, but wanting what we have.


    • tammy j

      well. thank you darling bean. but the real truth is… what I want is AUTUMN!!! LOLOL!
      so the kudos might be a little misplaced! 🙂 XOXO♥

  2. Gwen

    it can be any of those things, or it can be as simple as living in the moment and taking joy and peace from just THAT. 🙂

    • tammy j

      absolutely. living in the moment.
      so I shall QUIT wishing it was autumn! LOLOL! I promise! 😀

  3. I love your posts – and this is no exception – you say truths – knowings – word treasures – it is so good to stop and be thankful for what it is that makes us happy and realize it doesn’t need to be bought. Love your words!

    There are so many many little things anymore that make me happy. After I fed the outside birds and filled their water bowls and did a few things for Beannie who is napping lying across my arm as i type – these are some of the simplest things that make me happy in the moment.

    • tammy j

      your beautiful art makes me happy!
      would love to see some new photos of little beanie too. 🙂

  4. I agree. Appreciating the little things and being grateful is the key to happiness. Thank goodness for air conditioning! What a miracle that is. 🙂

    • tammy j

      AMEN my monk.
      at this time of year it’s first on my list of things to be happy and thankful for!!! 😀

  5. There is an old song we in my family sang as kids: “When I grow weary, and can’t sleep, I count my blessings, instead of sheep. And i fall asleep counting my blessings.” What a blessing that you have this attitude, and regularly blog about it. Lin

    • tammy j

      I know that song too lin! bing crosby sings it in one of my favorite old movies…
      white christmas.
      I remember my own mother singing it.
      we share good memories. 🙂

  6. What a wonderful post today about making your own happiness and appreciating all those little happy moments. Every single one of those things you mention make me happy. In this time of world troubles and anxiety it is important to be happy in our own way while not forgetting that there are those in agony. It is sometimes hard to find balance in our lives when we see so much struggle in other countries. Sorry, didn’t mean to make this a downer. Just thinking and am sad for our world.

    • tammy j

      you didn’t make this a downer at all dearest bean!
      it’s something we must all feel.
      and we can only hope that in those terror and war torn places that they can find
      a little peace and happiness in their own way too.
      and so much more reason to appreciate our own! i’m so happy you stopped by! XO♥

  7. I am, like you, happy naturally and can be comfortable with small achievements and comforts. Now that we are in the midst of our monsoon, I am happy staying dry inside the home reading books and solving crossword puzzles.

    • tammy j

      I know that about you dear sean.
      and it’s one of the best things about you. you live a balanced happy life.
      and I love just thinking of the sounds of the monsoon. it would be wonderful! xo♥

    • tammy j

      thank you dsm.
      unless you read between the lines and realize that i’m waiting and longing for AUTUMN!!!
      maybe I should do a post on climate contentment!!! LOLOL! or sadly my LACK OF IT.
      it wouldn’t be eloquent OR positive i’m afraid! XOXOXO♥ 😀

  8. I’ve read this post over a couple of times.
    I hope that you are able to go to the farmers market and buy what you want.
    I hope that you are able to go to art fairs or wherever you want to go.
    It would break my heart to think you deny yourself of such things if there was a way you could enjoy these things……

    For me, I am grateful for many things.
    I am truly blessed.
    Blessed to have family close by.
    To have great friends who are like FAMILY to me.
    To have a job that I mostly enjoy.
    To have a roof over my head.
    To be healthy.

    But Happiness? Well, I hate to admit it but some times it does take “things” for me to be happy.
    I’m happy to pull into my driveway and see my flowers.
    I’m happy to be able to sit in a pool and float and read.
    I’m happy to have good quality sheets to sleep on.
    Mostly I’m happy to have my home filled with pets.
    I felt happy when I went out and visited the horses.
    I feel happy when I walk out to my pretty and very reliable car.

    In the past, I had none of these things and while some people would take such things for granted, I never will, because I remember what it was like without them and how I felt then.
    Maybe I’m shallow, I know I’m supposed to be more enlightened and at peace with just myself but….. I’m not.
    I feel “happy” over these “things”.

    • tammy j

      I always love your comments.
      you are NOT shallow! never say that. the things that make you happy are wonderful.
      and never fear.
      I have everything I need. and want!
      with the exception of living where it’s more mild in the summer.
      but i’m working on being content with where I am!
      my cup runneth over. ALWAYS.

  9. Oh Tammy. You have the most amazing wisdom. I love this post. For me it is nature and the outdoors. So many amazing things to appreciate, and so many surprises. This time of year I love being in the backyard, working, playing with the pups, etc.

  10. Oh, Tammy, I hear you loud and clear! It’s all the little things – my comfy bed, AC on these scorching days, the pitcher of ice water with lemon and mint leaves.
    Thanks for reminding me of all the things I have to be grateful for. xo

    • tammy j

      oh dearest bean. of all the people who do NOT need reminding… it’s you.
      you LIVE IT. and it shows. 🙂
      this post was actually a gentle reminder to MYSELF.
      trying to learn the joys of this high summer heat instead of fighting it! LOL!

  11. What makes me happy? So many things. Landscapes. Sunsets. Lively conversation. A loving partner. All sorts of endearing animals. Delicious food. But what links all those things? I guess an enthusiastic openness to whatever is special or beautiful or unique or inspired.

    • tammy j

      what a wonderful list nick!
      those things for me as well.
      so many intangibles in life that make for joy. ♥
      well… jenny is hardly an intangible.
      but you know just what I mean!

  12. The truest gold, in its purest form, I imagine, beams with a beauty that is reflected in the eyes of its beholder, emitted in their joyous smile, morphed into energy, love and peace. It is subjective in its choice, for sure, but objective in its feeling, and thus, familiar to all, whatever it may be.

    Knowing you, (and reading your comments above!;), it is crystal clear that cooler temps, cozy clothes, and cocooning, are permanently on your gold barometer!

    XO♥XO ♥


    • tammy j

      😀 you KNOW what’s on my gold barometer well.
      on yours I would venture to say . . .
      spring in all its glory
      colors in your home and life that sing
      the smile on liberty’s face
      sunshine and freedom on a good day
      being safe and loved and knowing you are strong!
      and singing the beautiful songs that come from your heart.
      love you!

  13. Afternoon Tammy…
    I could never list all of the things I enjoy and am grateful for….too many, indeed!
    I am learning to take things easy….enjoy what I have right under my nose….and….I feel good! Better than I have felt in a very long time….
    Always enjoy your posts…you wrap me up in a warm blanket, and teach me about life…..♥️
    Enjoy your day…
    Linda :o)

    • tammy j

      you’re such a sweet heart.
      and I always enjoy YOUR posts. I pretend I can cook like you do! LOLOL. ♥
      happy birthday to our most beautiful (baby) in the world!!! ♥♥

    • tammy j

      I know you are dear bean!
      just looking at your beautifully simply home says all that about you.
      it’s warm and inviting and uncluttered.
      and I’m so glad you came by.
      a reminder to me to RE-subscribe to !!!
      I had to get a whole new email address and i’m slowly but surely resubscribing to my favorite blogs! 😀

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