i love you i hate you




i cannot tell a lie.

dear computer .  .  .

THIS is how i feel about you

love hate quote

you know old bean.

it’s like this.

i have one foot in the 21st century

and the rest of me is solidly in probably .  .  .

oh.  i don’t know

the late 19th century.  YUP.  very probably so!



i just know that i have a totally LOVE/HATE relationship with this

dang computer!


if it weren’t for all the wonderful heartfelt friendships i’ve made through

the wretched thing throughout the years with this peanut .  .  .

i’d have kicked it out the window LONG AGO.


i just spent $$$ with the geeks at best buy to fix it.  to clean it.  to protect it.

it’s like owning a finicky hybrid something or other that is unfathomable

to me in every way.

and even NOW .  .  . after it’s fixed  .  .  .

i find i can’t comment on anyone who has a blog in blogger.

it sends me to a weird page that wants me to make a POST!!!  ???

so i slink away and don’t comment.

and so many of you have blogger blogs.

when i tried to google help about that .  .  . i get solutions from the year 2008.


i hate that i have become so infatuated with this computer that it is completely

part of my life now.

so much so that i feel lost and abandoned on a little lone island without it!



as my favorite pirate captain says.

it’s sometimes the only expression to use.


but thanks to the young geeks at best buy .  .  .  it’s back and working now.

and i’m in the 21st century world again.


it’s good to be back old bean.


i’ll catch up with all your posts i’ve missed.


THAT line seems to have become my mantra these days.

if it’s not ME that’s on the blink .  .  .  it’s this bloomin’ COMPOOTER!



and because of the recent problem .  .  . in the fixing of everything .  .  .

i managed to completely lose my email account.

thus a new one.  yes.  again.

that bit is getting rather old too.  and i’m so sorry for the inconvenience of it.


my new address should you ever need it is



til soon old bean.

til soon!


picture above courtesy of: theodysseyonline.com


  1. I too share your feelings about computers. I however spend less time on the hate part because I have a geek at home who fixes problems as they arise.

    • tammy j

      oh my. to have your own loveable geek! 🙂 we should all be so lucky.
      my marine is pretty darned good.
      but this was a biggy problem. and while I was at it…
      I bought the unlimited technical assistance PLUS protection for a whole year.
      so now watch… i’ll never need them again. LOL. murphy’s law.

      • If you never need it again, it’s well worth it, I say!

        I’m sorry it’s been such a hassle for you, but I’m glad it was just the computer, not your body again. I do worry about you! Take care.

        • tammy j

          i’m sick of glitches. ALL KINDS. especially my body glitches.
          i’d rather the computer get sick.
          thank you my monk. no worries here. all is good.
          i’m drinking water like a fish!!! LOL! ♥

  2. Becky

    Darn captcha…I had a comment written but now it’s gone. Repeat: Thanks for the email address, something I put right in my little black book!
    Yeah, blogger keeps me from entering Dewena’s blog which drives me crazy…sometimes I can get in if I’m patient with “recover the webpage”

    • tammy j

      I can always get in… I just can’t comment! arrrgh!
      have you tried subscribing by email to her page? that should work I would think.
      the peanut is still showing up as under construction on your site sidebar!
      famous last words. LOL!

  3. I see you managed to put two comments on my blog, so the problem must be fixed now! My own computer is very reliable and seldom needs any fixing. I think both Microsoft and BT provide very efficient firewalls, and bugs and spam are virtually non-existent. Like you, I would be lost without my computer, which links me to so many friends, news sources, information pages etc. A necessary technological evil!

    • tammy j

      I KNOW!
      that’s it exactly nick! “a necessary technological evil!” LOLOL!
      I now have all kinds of security and stuff. they fixed whatever was the problem.
      thank goodness there’s somebody like that to take it to! i’d just have to quit if they weren’t there.

  4. Hmm.
    I wish I could see what that looks like to you on Blogger.
    I’m sure you can’t really post a post because you have to be an administrator on it to post.
    You are most welcome to try it on my blog and see if you make a post or not. I could always delete it if you did. But if you write about a cat or a dog, I’ll leave it. LOLOL!
    Sorry you are having all these problems!
    Just super glad it was the computer and not you!
    I kinda wish it would happen to MY email.
    I’m up to 5433 today!
    I know, it’s crazy. But I’m afraid I’ll delete something I must have.
    I need to just do it.
    At first it was paper and now it’s emails with me!
    Anyway, Glad you are back!

    • tammy j

      i’m sorry to laugh. but FIVE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE???
      that’s shock therapy. LOLOL.
      yelling it and spelling it out in all caps.
      kind of like an email intervention. LOLOL.
      I just crack myself up.
      who cares? it’s YOUR computer.
      someday when you’re 90 you may have nothing to do but go through and read all that mail!!!
      oh stop me.
      i’m on a roll.
      i’m so glad to BE back!
      and I just may take you up on your offer. or…
      maybe I can copy that page if it will let me and you can at least see what i’m talking about.

  5. If I didn’t have my computer wiz living in the house I would up a creek if my computer was giving me problems. I feel for you!! Glad it’s fixed and how is your new place? Are you enjoying it away from all the problems of the other one. Are you near where you were living? geez i’m full of questions today.

    • tammy j

      i’m closer to the marine.
      i’m LOVING this location. it’s a huge complex. but I love the architecture.
      the boys… (marine’s grandsons and my great nephews) Jacob and Blake are coming over later
      to swim.
      i’m not near the apts I used to live in at all. and this area is so much quieter.
      I feel very much at home already!

      • that’s great that u are closer to your brother and fun that u can have your nephews over to swim. I’m happy for you – it’s great to love where you’re living. Happy for you Tammy. (thank u for all your comments by the way)

        • tammy j

          I know! it IS great. it’s such a better location.
          it’s not as an attractive complex as the other one.
          but the apartment is better for me.
          and I love love love the location!
          what do they say? location location location. 🙂
          the boys go home soon. but it’s been so much fun.
          I will miss them. they are sweethearts. XOXO♥

  6. You are not alone, dear friend! 😉 For all the good of technology, there are some woes at times… I’ve had many a tech headache, to… LOL! Thank you for your email update. I emailed you a couple of weeks or so back, but maybe you didn’t receive it? Be taking good care there, and good luck with the new system–may the force ve with you! 😉 ((LOVE & HUGS))

    • tammy j

      I never got it darling girl of the north!
      I must have been having problems even then and never knew it!!!
      wish we had a little of your cool Norwegian air. XOXOXO♥
      hug sweet charlie and the viking for me! and a huge one for you. ♥

  7. If it happened to me you’d probably hear the sound of my head banging up against my office wall. And then you’d know I was putting away my blogging shoes. So I’m proud of you, dear Tam, for persistently trying to solve this tech puzzle.

    Of course both of us could probably get REAL expert help–from a child to whom it all would prove logical and a snap to fix. Right?

    We love them, we hate them, we can’t do without them.

    Wish I could put some of the Stress Away oil on your wrists that Wallace gave me–really helps!

    • tammy j

      I could have used that stress away oil.
      the boys’ mom is in to that too… essential oils.
      i’m so sensitive to scents though… not sure I could handle it.
      some of them are too strong for me.
      but I know they DO work. and they’re so much healthier to use than other things!

      i’m so enjoying our boys. they’re coming over later to swim.
      they and the marine have been a wonderful distraction from all of the tech problems!
      this one was a BIG ONE. usually the marine can handle whatever comes my way.
      but he was even out of town for most of it anyway.
      now it’s over.
      i’m back in the groove!
      I HATE to be so dependent on this thing. but I did miss it!

  8. Afternoon Tammy…
    Hahaha! My son is my very own personal computer GEEK…he is a web designer you know…and very good at it!
    Good to have you back…again…
    We are M E L T I N G up here!!!!
    Need some rain!!!
    Come on by for a visit…
    Linda :o)

    • tammy j

      good grief. you’re even lucky in THAT!!!
      oh cc girl.
      yup. i’ll be by.
      my boys are on their way here to swim. so it won’t be tonight.
      but you KNOW I never miss your posts. even when I have to play catch up! 🙂

  9. Oh Tammy!! I hear you loud and clear my friend. I have spent so much money on fixing computers over the years I could rip my hair out. Pen and paper never gave me these kinds of problems. Ah, the good old days! 😉

  10. Linda Sand

    Great news! It was your computer; not you! I know worry doesn’t help but how do we not indulge?

    Your new email is already in my contacts page. That’s how important you are to me!

    Thanks for a bit more info on your new place. I’m looking forward to more of that.

    • tammy j

      I know! I was glad it was the computer and not me too! 🙂
      enough awreddy! LOL!
      you and I and cindi are worriers. it just is.
      but… all is well. and YOU are that important to me too.

  11. Reading over the comments I just realized you probably never got any of my emails.
    Which might have been a good thing.
    The first one was just a quick flippant one. Inquiring as to whether you were ok. Then the ones that followed started to turn into mild hysteria.
    This whole experience made me realize that I might need counseling.
    Hahahaha……. ……ha?

    • tammy j

      I had NOBODY”S email address written down on paper.
      it proved to me there is still a need for that. without my computer I couldn’t send anything.
      I don’t even know the captain’s email add by heart.
      I went one day to the library (the marine was out of state)… I thought I’d use their computer
      to leave a message on his blog and have him tell everybody the deal.
      but every single computer was in use. and it was already in the 90’s here and I didn’t want to wait for one.
      so… I just kept thinking i’d have it back soon and so I never did go back to the library.
      by the time the marine got back I had just picked up my computer about an hour afterward!
      i’m sorry I caused you worry! I know how that feels. it’s awful!
      and NO. LOLOL! I think you’re one of the sanest people around. I do NOT think you need counselling! XOXO♥

  12. I’ve got some useful geeks nearby…now that my spacer bar keeps making sentences where all the words are together – notjust my usual typos which I try to correct. Anyway he lookedatit – oops and then put something under the spacer but as you can see it’s not playing the sametune (although not as badly) – so today whilst I was out with the garbage bag, he asked me if it was okay… says he has a fix, i.e. apparently you can insert a new keyboard into the gadget but he will need it’s specs…it will be chearper than buying a new one …for sure!

    • tammy j

      as our monk says… YAYYY!
      it’s time you had a good break!
      that’s an odd saying isn’t it. usually a break means bad.
      we want NO MORE of that kind of break. either one of us!

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