are we there yet?

THIS is the way most people feel about summer.

lordy hot


like WOW!

can’t get enough of this great sunny SUMMER weather.

lounging about in cool blue pools!

flowers blooming to beat the band.

picnics in the park.

grilling in your own back yard.

hiking in the great outdoors.

on and on it goes.

and coming up .  .  .  a weekend of FIRE WORKS!

what’s not to love ???



i say .  .  .


when is it going to be AUTUMN ???


are we there yet?


this morning i decided to try to walk for exercise.

starting a new healthier lifestyle you know.


so at exactly 5:23 this morning .  .  .

just at daybreak .  .  .

i set out.  in my shorts and tank top and sneakers.


i soon realized i had dropped into a natural VAT OF PEA SOUP

disguised as the ‘ great outdoors. ‘

it was already almost 80 degrees at 5:30 in the morning.



last night after i watched the movie ‘ erin brockovitch ‘ on tv

at the end of it at 11 pm .  .  .  it was 94 degrees.



lest you hurry to suggest it  .  .  .


i will be joining the ranks of those  ‘ mall walkers ‘

circling the cool halls of the market place before it opens.


SO .  .  .

i guess the moral of this post is .  .  .

bully for you!   all you summer lovers.


i use to be one in your ranks too!

when i lived somewhere that had SENSIBLE summer temperatures

and humidity that didn’t make you feel like a hot blanket covered your face.


you can love summer all you want to.

and i know for those of you who live in my beloved northern and eastern climes

summertime is a most wonderful season indeed!

i remember those days with a heartfelt longing.  and i’m truly happy for you!

I AM!  because after your winters .  .  .  you DESERVE a glorious summer!


your gardens are overflowing with healthy GORGEOUS flowers.

you can go outside without the risk of having a STROKE.

you can actually USE your patio or balcony.

the water in your pool is NOT lukewarm.

it’s actually cool or even cold.

and totally refreshing!



i celebrate the season FOR you.  not WITH you.


the picture below tells you EXACTLY how i feel about summer here on this





this is my summer face.

i cannot tell a lie.

and i don’t even apologize for it anymore.

i’m as grumpy as that SWEET bull dog.  she really is sweet.

she’s just HOT!  LOLOL!


to top it off  .  .  .

my air conditioning broke in the middle of last saturday night.

i woke with a huge head ache and realized it was about 90 inside my apartment.


to think we lived in this state once for a couple of years when i was 10 and 11

years old.

and nobody had air conditioning in their homes back then!

how did we survive???


i do remember wrapping up in a wet towel once and sleeping in the bath tub!

but that didn’t occur to me as an option on saturday night.  i wish it had.

all i knew was .  .  . still being dehydrated that i needed to BE COOL!


i called the marine on sunday morning and stayed with him that day and night.

finally on monday afternoon they got it fixed.

it has now been running almost non stop to recover the comfort zone.

i dare not think about the electric bill!

but regardless of that bill.  trust me!  i’m not complaining.

THANK GOODNESS for central air conditioning!

what a blessing it is!  and NEVER think i take it for granted.

i’m thankful for it every single summer day.


SO !

alas.  alack.  and as it were.


i am trying desperately to  ” bloom where i’m planted. “

but like everybody’s flowers here  .  .  .  those pitiful courageous souls

who never learn  .  .  .

year after year they spend money once again on beautiful annuals.


they set out their flowers so exuberantly every spring  .  .  .

only to watch them start wilting and dying about 8 weeks later.

wilting flowers


they started out so beautiful.


really wilted


like those poor flowers in this constant prairie heat

i am permanently WILTED about now.

i am simply SURVIVING not BLOOMING.


everybody’s flowers look like they’ve been zapped with a nasty magic wand.

their heads are bowed and they’re fighting to simply stay alive .  .  .

even though those diligent pioneers keep them watered and shaded if possible

the everlasting HEAT is simply too much for them.


until late autumn here  .  .  .  i say LATE  .  .  .  because each year it gets later.

last year our november temperatures stayed in the mid 80’s  .  .  .

until then

this picture below shall be my  go – to for a feeling of inspiration and relief!


bears relaxing



that’s me.

the one lying down there flat out on the ice .  .  .  with a smile on her face!

AHHHHH .  .  .


til soon old bean.

til soon!



  1. I’m feeling for you Tammy. I can’t take that kind of heat either. You seem to be doing all you can to stay cool. Or you can come visit beautiful Pennsylvania.

    • tammy j

      I would come to bradford in a pennsylvania minute! LOL
      I always think of your town as the star of ‘ It’s a Wonderful Life ‘
      the perfect town.
      seriously. I guess it’s just a matter of getting older.
      the heat never used to bother me this much!

  2. I went to college in Stockton Ca. 120 in the summer. And it wasn’t anywhere near as nasty as the humid baking heat on the prairie. Stay cool, Tammy. Ice tea and frozen sheets- just fold them and pop them in the freezer, and wet towels around the wrists and ankles help. And there are even cool packs at the drug store. And a fan. We are finally closing up to 80 here. It’s sort of like the northwest. Unfortunatly you have to make your own ice tea, or buy it at a mexican restaurant. (they are from San Diego) oh well. At least the mosquitos aren’t our yet. And stay well.

    • tammy j

      there you are!
      I’ve missed you.
      I tried to comment on a couple of your last posts and couldn’t find a way.
      I especially enjoyed the bus trip.
      then this morning your page wouldn’t appear. I thought it might be my computer.
      so glad to hear from you!
      your advice here is well taken. of course now that my A/C is back working…
      all I need to do is hibernate! LOL.

  3. Good afternoon dear Tammy….
    I do sympathize with you…truly…we have been having sweltering temps here…with humidex in the 90’s…I lLOVE Summer…but I much prefer a nice warm 23*c…roughly in the low 70’s in your lingo…we also find, when it is so stifling, we don’t want to go outside here at home…thank goodness for the cottage…the lake breezes keep us very comfortable, indeed!
    Sending you hugs and good wishes for better health….
    Linda :o)

    • tammy j

      and your wonderful gardens…
      I always think of how beautifully HEALTHY they always are!
      they bloom their heart out for you cc girl!
      no wonder I love your blog.
      I hope your sweltering summer isn’t a sign of things to come there. changes I mean.
      to be near ANY body of water helps!
      sending you great hugs as well dearest little bean with the glam toes!!! XO♥

  4. I don’t think I could stand those temperatures for very long! Here in Northern Ireland the summer temperatures seldom go over 20C, and the weather swings between pleasantly warm one week and distinctly chilly the next. I was once in Melbourne when the temperature hit 40C, and it was pretty overwhelming!

    • tammy j

      now you know why I fantasize about living in the UK or Ireland or Scotland even.
      I’m MUCH MORE suited to YOUR climate than here!
      I was in London in the middle of June one year.
      everything was blooming in all the beautiful parks… and the window boxes were glorious!
      and a shower would pop up and freshen the air off and on! I fell in love with England on the spot.
      it got a little warm some days. but NEVER unbearable or downright dangerous like it is here.
      I have to be careful and not get too down on where I live. one has to soldier on and find the GOOD things.
      and the cost of living here is quite good. I’m in a safe lovely place. that’s worth something right there!
      XO♥ nick

  5. oh boy,, you have had one battle after another,,,,
    I hear ya about summer,, not my fav at all, I have a brain injury that swells like a waterballoon in the heat making a stuttering off balance sightless fool,, yup, I like Fall, winter and spring,, much more than summer.
    It must be so sad to see the flowers dying, sort of like man slaughter,, I mean if we know they won’t make it why do we plant them,,,keep cool lovely ;lady,

    • tammy j

      my thoughts EXACTLY laurie! about the flowers. I feel the same.
      it almost amounts to extreme cruelty. and yet they do it. year after year!
      maybe they keep thinking “this summer won’t be as bad.” and it always is!
      I can’t believe the things you have to put up with … the sheer danger you live with
      in regards to your injury. you’re a MARVEL.
      we shall keep cool together!

  6. Oh boy, can I relate! Thankfully the weather here in the northeast has been glorious (not trying to rub it in lol), but I certainly got a taste of the high humidity while in Cambodia and Singapore and I’m with you Tammy! I’d much rather have colder weather. At least you can put clothes on. When it’s super hot there’s not much you can do to escape.

    You’re always welcome at the cabin :).


    • tammy j

      I KNOW! you can never take enough off! at least in public!
      I remember how sick you were in the heat of those places.
      to be sick and so far from home and dealing with that climate. OH MY.
      I’m so glad you’re back now.
      I’d rather picture you in the enchanted cottage in the woods. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad your air conditioner is working again, but I’m so sorry you had problems with it so soon after you moved in.

    I’ve been sleeping with damp towels at night even though our weather isn’t as bad as yours. I’ve been playing with my oil pastels — it’s a good summertime hobby for me. I get absorbed and forget about the heat.

    • tammy j

      it’s wonderful how you stay so calm and centered.
      I think you could survive ANYTHIING!!!
      great snoopy hugs to my hero! XO♥

  8. I feel for you – we aren’t anywhere near that miserable but we are having higher temps than i would like!

    Stay cool and I just know you will survive this! I’m like you I can’t wait for autumn – down the mountain we will get indian summer type weather but up here at end of August and then into september cooler temps will come and nights will probably go down to 50.

    I was actually able to weed outside in the sun today so i know it’s not that bad – we had a bit of rain and some humidity but i love it when the cloud cover comes (but then it clears out too soon)

    • tammy j

      oh! now that I’m back home and cool again I must go to your mountain and read the posts
      I might have missed!
      just hearing you talk and seeing the pictures is refreshing to me! XOXO♥

  9. Linda Sand

    Hibernating is my favorite survival tool. I loved the picture of the polar bear laying flat out on the ice–I could do that. If there was someone around to help me get back up. I’m going to try to remember the frozen sheet trick for when our A/C has it’s annual summer breakdown.

    • tammy j

      I never thought of having to get back up! you make me laugh.
      I love your dry humor.
      and YES! the frozen sheet trick is amazing. I think though i’d use a towel.
      its size seems more manageable.
      here’s to wonderful hibernation until we can get back “out there!” XOXO♥

      • Linda Sand

        For me a folded towel would require more room in the freezer than a folded sheet. Plus I need the cool on shoulders and feet so a towel would likely not do the job.

        • tammy j

          I pictured more of a BIG beach towel but I think you’re right.
          it probably wouldn’t be big enough to stretch as far as you’d need it!
          I hope I never have to resort to that! but it would have been good to do it those days the A/C was out! 🙂

    • tammy j

      not a wuss.
      when the high winds knock your little boat around…
      see how long I would last! LOLOL!
      I hope you’re feeling post op BETTER and BETTER dear bean. XO♥

  10. Our summers are as bad as yours though with low humidity. Good thing that we don’t live along the coast where the humidity in the summers can be very high and therefore debilitating. Right now we are in our monsoon and it is cool and delightful though the full monsoon is yet to settle in.

    • tammy j

      OH! how I would relish your monsoon season.
      to know that there is a time of year when it’s just cool and rainy and can be depended upon!
      our rain is so seldom and hit and miss. we will sometimes go over a year with not enough rain.
      although I know you did get quite dry earlier and it was a bit late as I recall.
      I’m just SO glad the monsoon is back and you can enjoy it! 🙂 enjoy it for ME too.

  11. Tammy!! I have missed you my friend. I have not been reading too much lately. I had a child graduate high school and there were a lot of festivities that I wanted to enjoy. Now that I am back, I am glad to hear that you are well and hydrated. I see that you have moved!! Your new place sounds lovely. It is not hot here yet. It’s odd actually. Some years we are literally melting and this year, nope, not even in the pool yet. Brrr. NOT that I am complaining! Be well my friend and stay cool!! 🙂

    • tammy j

      amazing! I was just by your place this morning. catching up on all I’ve missed.
      got a phone call and never came back to comment!
      I so enjoyed your current post. AND the one where you did the linen valences.
      and… i have the same book with quotes of the wisdom of epictetus!
      and your pool is frankly to die for.
      thanks for stopping by dearest bean! 🙂

  12. Summer, I have a love/hate relationship with it.
    Now that I have air-conditioning, it’s much more barely… until I go to work. LOL!
    Last weekend it was high 90’s here with heat indices over 100. I worked and then I came home and worked outside putting up my privacy fence. I took breaks by going inside and cooling off with root beer popsicles!
    Do you have a pool at your new place? I thought you mentioned one. If I were you I would take a book and go sit in it and not come out.

    If people there want annuals, they should plant moss roses. They survive in the worse conditions. I plant them in the planters at work that sit on top of black rock in the hot sun and they thrive.

    Hate to tell you but it dropped to the high 70’s for the next few days here! and then it will climb back up though…
    Yep, although the extremes of Summer and Winter drive me mad, they make me appreciate Spring and Fall so much more!

    • tammy j

      I remember moss roses!
      I used to have them in planters on our patio years ago with bob at our house in tulsa.
      they’re so pretty.
      that’s a great idea.
      and yup!
      there’s a beautiful pool that is below my french doors and my balcony.
      the other night… the marine brought jacob and blake over to swim.
      I sat on the side with my legs in the water. it was as warm as BATH WATER!!!
      that’s how hot it’s been. it’s really beautiful though. a salt water pool.
      there are four in all. this is a huge complex. almost a small city in itself.
      it was just so great to be with the boys.
      be CAREFUL working out there in that heat. but… as long as you DRINK WATER! boy.
      now i’m a true believer! LOLOL! I push it like a new religion!
      i’m making myself drink 8 glasses a day now. and that’s a lot. UGH. XOXOXO♥

  13. We really should live on Nantucket, shouldn’t we? Or somewhere like that with short summers. Or Alaska? No, I could not take the long daylight hours there. I have to not only have the bedroom cool to sleep, it has to be pitch black too. shine on Harvest Moon, but not in my window please.

    I’ll be pulling for you in those mall walks, Tam. Remember what I wrote about not dating 24 year olds, though. And watch out for the 80 year old men, they’re probably heartbreakers too.

    November, my 3rd favorite month of the year: 1) October, 2) December, and 3) November.

    I hope your electric bill doesn’t soar too high but some things are top priority.

    I’m also a grumpy face dog now or even worse, grumpy face cat–and I don’t even like cats, except for ones we’ve belonged to over the years.

    Sleep well, 5 a.m. comes early,

    • tammy j

      I could take that very well. even when the season is over.
      I would be a-year-rounder.
      I walked again this morning!
      that’s 3 times this week so far. only missed monday. I do so want to alter my lifestyle.
      health is everything. and i’m tired of it being bad!
      it actually got cool enough last night that I could tolerate it this morning.
      the dewpoint remains high. to think that the marine walks 16 miles in it!!! OMYGOSH.
      love you.

  14. Ugh. Heat and humidity are not my friends either, Tammy, though I must admit, I love your summer face. LOL
    I love sitting out on my deck or in our tiny courtyard before the sun passes over, but on those hot days I’m hibernating indoors – thank God for central air. So glad yours is fixed. xo

    • tammy j

      there IS just something about those bull dogs! LOLOL!
      I can’t see you being very grumpy dear bean.
      I think you gracefully handle whatever comes your way. just sayin’.
      have a wonderful weekend this holiday 4th! XO♥

  15. this morning as I waited at the Nurse’s station to get my BP checked, I got talking to a Mother with a sick daughter – she commented how warm it was in the clinic and then at the Mall, and wondered why we had to suffer at home with not having central heating…we then got to discussing USA of all places – furnaces in the winter and air-con in the summer…

    and why here in NZ we were so backward in our thinking that homes with none of the USA methods means more children sick, elderly sick and so …

    btw my BP is getting better weekly, the new diagnosis is wonderful and it might mean that I don’t have high BP at all (that’s what my new doc thinks anyway, as did the head nurse who checked it today). I go back to doc in 2wks time….yah, for new doctors with sense!

    • tammy j

      OH CATHY!!!
      i’m so happy for your BP news. that’s wonderful.
      that is such good news.
      while I was in the hospital this new doc took me off ALL of it they’d had me taking.
      turns out I was over medicated. now I only take ONE pill for hypertension.
      there is SUCH a difference in doctors. some are real drug pushers. 🙂

      • and some just read the original diagnosis – and never imagine it could be a “bit” wrong…

        yah for your improved health issues…at least not as many pills rattling around inside you 🙂

  16. Tam!

    You are too cool to be overpowered by such smouldering heat! So, ”Get thee to a mall, doll, go!Farewell!”, as a hip, modern day Hamlet would yell!


    • tammy j

      that’s better than “get thee to a nunnery!” LOL!
      actually it has gotten at least a little cooler by dawn to walk outside.
      I’ve walked 4 days this week here in the complex. about a city block.
      next week temps to reach near 100 so i’ll be in the MALL for sure!
      love you! ♥

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