little blessings and don’t dry up!

hello old bean!


garbo as camille


it turns out that I didn’t die.


I just thought I might.

most of you already know. but for those who don’t…

I got a terrible flu bug of some kind.

I have my suspicions that it was dengue fever.


for 5 days I ran a high fever and didn’t eat or drink.

WRONG thing to do.

I wound up severely dehydrated and in the hospital hooked up to 4 packs of

life saving fluid.  kind of like when your car is running on empty.


my kidneys had started to shut down.  they call it renal injury.  next step

renal failure.

that’s a scary phrase!


soon I was peeing again like a race horse.

and eating the wonderful hospital food.

my advice to you … especially if you live under this heat dome that’s over US

right now in the middle of the country… or even if you don’t…


DRINK DRINK DRINK!  crystal clear clean water is the best.

but STAY hydrated!

apparently it can be a life threatening situation.


the reason I titled this post  ‘ little blessings ‘ …

is because there have been SO MANY!


my beloved marine.  first and foremost.

I could not have survived without him.

he is ALWAYS in my corner.  so strong and healthy.  a delight to know.

everyone should have their very own marine!

he came to the hospital each day.

and the day after I got out he taxied me around looking at apartments.

and I was able to find the one I’m in now!

my wren house had been full of black mold in the air unit… plus mold and mildew.  as much as I loved it… it just wasn’t a healthy place.

I’d been sick there for the whole 5 years.  pneumonia last year and bronchitis twice.

I just thought I felt so awful because i’m getting older and that’s how you feel!!!


now I know that that kind of thing is really an insidious poison.

I always thought of it as another ‘fad’ that hypochondriacs latched onto.

i have new respect for those hypochondriacs!


the next blessing …

the nurse that started the IV port in the back of my hand only had to stick me once!

usually they have to try at least 4 or even 5 times.

I have tiny veins and they roll.

so THAT was a blessing indeed.


every single nurse I encountered was competent and friendly and WONDERFUL!

every single shift.  all through the night.

one night when I was still fighting nausea big time…

there was this sickeningly SWEET smell that was overpowering.

it turns out that a man patient down the hall from me had dowsed himself in baby lotion and was walking up and down the hall.  it was midnight.  LOLOL!


the last blessings …

I’m finally getting stronger.  I thought I’d feel like a 90 pound weakling the rest of my life.  but today for the first time I know I’ve turned the corner.

I got a jump start on losing the weight I wanted to.

Now i have to keep eating properly and exercise as soon as I can start to stay at this trim size.  It was a hard way to lose it but it’s a blessing!


and last but not least…

I have a darling little one bedroom apartment.

it has brand new carpet and full size stainless steel appliances.

hard wood floors in the kitchen and bath.

French doors that open onto a balcony that overlooks the beautiful blue pool and green lawns.  there are shade trees at one edge of the pool so i can sit and watch my Jacob and Blake swim.

the bedroom is HUGE!  with two windows.  room enough to have one of my wicker chairs and ottoman by one window. so that if it EVER gets cool here again and rains… I’ll be in HEAVEN!


my new place has whispered its name to me.

I am calling it  ‘ Safe Harbor. ‘


I cannot thank you enough for all your loving comments and good wishes and prayers.

every one was read and even brought tears of gratitude one day when I felt the worst.


to think I have friends all over this big world like you.

I treasure each and every one of you.


I can’t wait to be strong enough to read all the wonderful posts I’ve missed on your blogs.

BELIEVE ME… I will catch up with EVERY ONE!

I may not comment yet but I will joyously be reading them!


and finally… the blessing that is the captain.

my dear dear friend who takes care of the peanut when its owner is otherwise occupied!   thank you captain ALWAYS.


and now…

this thing has gone on long enough!

so much love coming your way.


if you should have friends or family involved in the tragedies of Orlando…

my heart to yours dear one.  there are just no words to truly comfort you.



and remember…


til soon old bean!

til soon!











  1. Oh my goodness!! I was beyond thrilled to see your email just now, and I had to stop everything to read and comment. You had us sooooo worried Tammy! Don’t do that again!

    We have missed you! So happy to hear you are safely escounced in your new abode, and it sounds perfect for you.

    I’m so glad you’re back and on the mend. :).


    • tammy j

      oh darling girl!
      back and glad to be back. and I couldn’t ask for a sweeter place.
      I’m loving everything about it.
      I wasn’t supposed to do any strenuous activity after leaving the hospital…
      but Doreen. I JUST HAD to get out of there! I can’t explain it. it was awful.
      and now it’s all over and I’m just getting better and better!
      can’t wait to see what’s going on at fox den road! XOXO♥

  2. I smiled when I saw an update in my email – so i rushed right over. Ahh black mold – so glad you know what the culprit was and now you are in a place that is a “safe harbor” – really good news to read Tammy. Take care and keep hydrated and of course, always look forward to more updates at the peanut.

    and wow, sounds like u went through so much – glad it’s on the other end of the happiness scale and now u can get on being happy and healthy.

    • tammy j

      thank you!
      I will be visiting YOU too! can’t wait!
      I’ll be walking those cool wooded mountains with you!

    • tammy j

      no worries my monk!
      you’re my inspiration. anyone who could go through what you did … I can overcome a little
      I’m so thrilled with my safe harbor. it’s perfect for me! XO♥

  3. I was just checking my email and I was SO happy to get a link from the Peanut!
    I’ve been on a bit of a break myself but I just had to read your post.
    All of your “little blessings” are wonderful and I’m so glad you have The Marine and the Captain in your corner.
    I’m also thrilled to know you are on the mend and that you are in your new place. Hopefully someday we will get to see some pics!
    Welcome back my friend!
    You’ve been sorely missed.

    • tammy j

      I’ve missed you too! and I’ll be catching up with you and all the wonderful little critters.
      and the great beloved BLUE!

  4. How fitting that your first post back is about the blessings you’ve experience during your absence–because, dear Tam, your return to the Peanut is such a blessing to us. Just knowing that you made it with the help of the Marine and wise doctors and nurses is something that I’m very grateful for.

    I’m so happy that you’re in a new home, your Safe Harbor! That’s going to be wonderful for you, and for us as we hear about your new life there.

    And thank you for passing on the encouragement to drink, drink, drink! My goodness, girl, you knew better than that. You and R.H., what am I going to do with you both.

    Take care dear friend, no relapses allowed,

    • tammy j

      oh no! RH too?
      the marine mowed his lawn today and the heat index was 115. what to do with them???
      no worries.
      no relapses.
      so happy. dsm. so happy.

  5. Dear Tammy,
    You told me, so I knew there was a new post here.

    But I have to say again, that on my Blog List, “The Peanut” still shows “This Under Construction.” And does not update, a new post.

    And when I come to your blog… It says it can’t show me anything.

    I have to know, to click on Home or something, at the top.

    But does everyone know, to do that???

    How many people, are getting the “not here” or whatever message, and going away???

    Could The Captain address this issue? I have told him before.

    I know, you don’t want to bother him… But since he is the one, who does everything, about your blog, he is the only one, who can fix it.

    Hugs, Tessa

  6. Oh, dear, sweet Tammy! Thank goodness you’re well again. I’m glad you decided to leave your old nest for a bright, shiny new one. Take good care of yourself and

    • tammy j

      thank you dear one!
      I am so happy here at my little ‘safe harbor.’
      the name is totally appropriate in light of the other place.
      all is good now.
      I already feel ‘at home.’
      and as you know… that’s the main thing in life! XO♥

  7. It is nice to hear all about what happened to you. it is nice to hear from you that your hospital experience was good. Most people’s is not. Safe Harbour sounds a great name. Here is wishing you all the best in your new residence.

  8. Linda Sand

    For future reference: I keep cans of chicken noodle soup on hand. When I’m sick I heat it without diluting it so I get as many goodies as possible from it without much effort. Sometimes I just drink the broth because even eating the noodles takes too much effort.

    • tammy j

      excellent advice.
      I was having trouble keeping anything down though.
      but even now… it sounds really good! I will get some. just for those times still that I need a boost.
      I caught up on all the posts I’d missed on the sand castle this morning.
      love the fireplace with the beautiful black and white prints of dave’s! ♥

  9. Dearest Tam.
    You have chosen, or you have listened carefully for, the perfect name for your new abode.
    To read the happiness in your voice, makes me so very happy.
    My worried mind can rest easy now, knowing you are in Safe Harbour.

    • tammy j

      all my love.
      across that deep blue sea.
      hug my jack.
      not enough X’s and O’s

  10. Dear Tammy,
    I am soooo relieved you are ok and movin on.
    Sad you had to spend time in a hospital, but black mold is nothing to fool around with. Stay well and happy. Can’t wait to see what safe harbor looks like when it is finished.

    • tammy j

      how kind of you to stop by!
      I have been to your place and for some reason couldn’t figure out how to comment!
      but I am caught up with posts I’d missed
      the ride in the misty rain had me spellbound.
      I wish we had some of that same cool rain right here.
      and safe harbor IS finished! for all practical purposes anyway.
      i’m all unpacked and feeling totally at home. what a joy it is to be settled. and safe! ♥

  11. back with a real comment! better late than never, i always say. >,-)

    your ‘safe harbour’ sounds delightful.

    in a way, it was a “good” thing that you got that sick. and dehydrated, and had to go in hospital and they found out all the *ugly details.* wonder how many more years you could have lasted, in that toxic environment?? -sigh-

    hip hip hooray for your Marine!!!!!! always, always, always there. yes, everyone should have one. 🙂

    happy summer solstice and full strawberry moon, today… june 20th.


    • tammy j

      now if I could just bottle your energy and exuberance and take a huge dose…
      I’d be home free! but I will get back there too with the same energy… slowly but surely!
      happy summer to YOU too dearest bean! XOXO♥

  12. Glad you figured out what was causing your various illnesses and you’ve moved into a new home free of mould and damp. And glad you recovered from what seemed for a time to be a life-threatening ailment. So make sure you do whatever is needed to keep you healthy from now on! Drink drink drink!

    • tammy j

      AMEN nick!!!
      I’m always so happy when you stop by!
      it’s like I picture immediately the cool mists of Ireland in your every word.
      you lucky boy. XO♥ thank you!

  13. OH, joy, joy! I’m so glad to see you posting again. You have been through a lot but it’s good to see that you are back better than ever. I know you will make Safe Harbor a place of peace. And I will look forward to more of your happy words. I think you must be the most positive person I know. I can’t imagine the kind of heat that you are going through there. Keep drinking, drinking. Hugs, Peg

    • tammy j

      LOL! a breath of fresh air called peggy just blew through!!!
      thank you dear bean.

  14. well I am so happy to hear this,, what a relief,
    I am away from blogging at the moment, not sure when or if I will return but I always come to read your writings,,take care sweet lady,,
    and keep drinking,, water of course not the hard stuff or that would start a whole mess of other troubles lol,, keep drinking,, bottoms up!!

    • tammy j

      LOL! bottoms up dearest laurie!
      I can’t bear to think you might not be back. so I will say…
      enjoy a rest and renew your spirit for it. WE LOVE YOU so much!
      we would ALL miss you TOO MUCH! but only YOU know what is best for you to do.
      so long as I hear your voice here at least I’d be happy! XOXOXO♥

  15. oh tammy, i was just about to email you but thought i’d check your blog… was so happy to see you’re posting again.

    you may recall that years ago i got sick from mold, so i am very, very glad you moved. your new safe harbor sounds lovely, and i do hope it turns out to be perfect for you.

    welcome back! you’ve been missed.

    • tammy j

      dearest bean! I DO remember. it was awful. just as mine was.
      I can’t say it’s what caused the weird flu bug I got that resulted in dehydration…
      BUT I CAN SAY that my whole immune system was compromised. I’ve been sick for at least
      3 of the 5 years I lived there. it’s awful!
      but all is good now.
      thank you for stopping by! I have to see now all the pictures I might have missed of my
      little scruffy face darling! XOXO♥ stay well and afloat my friend! ♥

  16. Wow, you’re here–you’re back! Soooo happy, dear Tammy that are you doing OK now! Whew… 😉 So glad your hospital experience was a good one, and that you’re on the mend now. So worried about you, and prayed a LOT! Prayers answered!! :))) So thankful you were able to find a new home with better conditions to move into. Safe Harbor is the perfect name for such a place! Be taking good care there, mt friend, and keeping well!! LOVE YOU LOTS!! ((BIG HUGS))

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