1. Glad you are doing better Tammy. Thinking of you often. Mold is nasty, and something it is always better to stay away from. Can’t wait to read the first energy-filled post from your new home.

  2. So glad to hear you’re out of the hospital Tammy and that you and the marine are out finding you a new place to live. I’m so sorry you have to do this when you’re not feeling well, but you have to get away from the mold.
    I’m sending love and prayers your way and hoping you’ll be all squared away soon.

  3. me too, great that you are at least away from said hospital, minimalist but not from the point of view of comfort (thinking clean white sheets, a bed, a beside cabinet…well that’s what you get here)

    with mold usually comes damp which isn’t great for health either…

    a new wren house, will be a another challenge but it will give you a goal to do whatever is needed…slowly and nicely.

    take care, gentle hugs from New Zealand

  4. I’m so happy!
    Tammy is getting better and moving to a new place!!!
    What better news could there be?!
    I can finally exhale.
    Love you!

  5. Giving thanks here today that my sweet friend is out of the hospital! I know that the Marine will see to it that you find a new home, Tammy. You just take very good care of yourself and let the strong men do all the work! You’ll have so much to tell us when you’ve put your precious cozy minimalist belongings around you.

    Until we see that sweet little signature puppy photo up here again on the Peanut, a heart full of love to you,

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Not just for updating us, but for taking care of our sweet Tammy!!

    We are ALL thinking of her and missing her, and sooooo happy to hear she’s on the mend.


  7. On this beautiful summer day in northern Virginia, we are sending lots of healing vibes on the warm sun and cool breezes! 🙂 ALL of her friends at Golden Pines hope that Tammy is back on her feet very, very soon, and that a new “wrens nest” is easily found! Tammy is thought of and missed here in blogland. — Also tell her that at Golden Pines, we have a new addition … A 6 ish year old yellow lab (from Lab Rescue) named Axel.

  8. Linda Sand

    I wish I could come do the house hunting for you. You need lots of rest. Preferably at the marine’s place until you have somewhere else safe to live. In the meantime, I recommend Boost or Ensure as a way to get healthful calories with no effort. And chicken soup, of course.

  9. Sooo you’ll be on the mend after a bit, dear Tammy! 🙂 Mold… oh that’s hard to get rid of sometimes. Do hope when you’re feeling better, you’ll be able to find a new place soon after. Be taking good here, and wishing you a good recovery! Lots happening here, so I will send you a card/letter with news. LOVE YOU!! ((BIG HUGS))

  10. I’m sad she will leave the wrens nest but good lord mold, thats horrible, nasty nasty,, she must take care of herself,, we all miss her so much,, she is bright spot in the day when she posts, but a new home is exciting and becasue she is a minimalist it will be easy packing lol,,
    give her my love and thank you so much for updating us, I have thought of her often.
    Summer is a hard time for people with sensitivities and allergies, I know this from experience,, I will send all my positive energy and thoughts that she finds the perfect for her home, thank you again,,

  11. Sorry to hear about the mould problem and that you’ll have to move to improve your health. I hope you find somewhere suited to your minimalist and uncluttered lifestyle – and mould free!

    • tammy j

      I have found a GREAT little apartment nick. totally mould free! who knew it was such a BAD THING!??
      I surely didn’t but I do now!

  12. Thanks Captain for the update. I am so happy that she is home now and on her way to recovery. It looks like there will be a new wren house in the future. Pass along my best wishes and that I’ve thought of her often. I miss those happy posts. She is a bright light her on blogland. hugs through the computer, Tammy

    • tammy j

      thank you peggy!
      I can’t wait to catch up with you and your wonderful full life!
      I send you huge snoopy hugs too! XO♥

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