for once

for once

a happy puppy

i have absolutely NOTHING to say.


my goodness folks!  is she sick?  is she feverish?

LOL!  nope.

you know only too well that

   sometimes i simply get all talked out.

and now

it’s just a very quiet time here at the peanut.


i’m sending love to each one of you.

you’re the BEST!

and no doubt

i’ll often be lurking around your place.

and . . .  well . . .

stay well!



til whenever.

til whenever old bean!



  1. Evening Tammy….
    Where are you going?
    Everything ok?
    Now I have to worry about you too…..Geesh….
    Love you ♥️
    Hurry back….
    Do not be a stranger….I need your lovely comments!

    Until we meet again my dear…

  2. I understand if you need some quiet time.
    To just rest.
    To meditate and reflect.
    ………. ok,
    Well that seems long enough!
    Seriously though, don’t stay away too long or I’ll have to bug you Sheldon style. Xoxoxo

  3. You say something even when you aren’t talking. Love that picture. Stay well. hope to hear from you again soon. and thanks for your posts.

  4. Linda Sand

    Too much socializing will do that to us introverts. We’ll all be here when you are ready to talk again.

  5. It’s okay, as always we’re here when you are, just as you have always been for each of us, I betcha.

    Sometimes it’s just time to fill the well. With me, that time comes more frequently now.

    A big messy sloppy puppy kiss to you, nose to nose,

  6. I know what you mean. I sometimes also get all talked out and imagine I have nothing more to say, and then miraculously something pops up out of nowhere. I hope the wee dog isn’t laughing at your predicament.

    • tammy j

      oh nick! that wee dog is ME! i use her as my signature photograph.
      we laugh together. xo

  7. You….quiet?? I am so used to your positive voice on the peanut. But I know the feeling. Sometimes we need to stop blogging and just live life. And that is ok. No pressure to come back. We’ll be here. Enjoy your break. Hugs.

  8. I’m trying to catch up on posts…as I’m not really do ing much either – tired and cranky with a little sickness thrown in for good measure 🙂

    • tammy j

      I hear ya.
      I’ve had some kind of bug now for days. high fever. headache. whole body hurts.
      good grief.
      we make a fine pair!

    • tammy j

      have been sick for days now. just am getting on here with a little strength.
      so people don’t think i’ve died. although i think i did! XO♥

  9. Hello there Tammy!! I’ve no doubt that you will find something to say, and I will really look forward to it! I also have to say, that I’ve loved following your blog via-e-mail. I can now read your blog in between patients at work, while the doctor isn’t looking. Now to just get that moment to leave MY words! 🙂

    I do hope you’re doing well, and have had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

  10. Hey there!!!

    Do you know that your blog updates, on my Blog List, as “Peanut Under Construction”??????


    If I didn’t come over, I’d think you were having troubles again.



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