darkest before the dawn

very small


sometimes this world seems so dark old bean.  we’re all feeling it.

sometimes it’s downright scary.

IF you think about it like that.


which i don’t.  not anymore.  i’ve just been thinking about all of it lately.


and i think we’re experiencing the darkest just before the coming dawn.


tragic things ARE happening everywhere.  yes.

but most of it is no different than it has been all through man’s history here.


and in some ways it was even worse in older days than it is now.


the unspeakable horrors of the holocaust. unbelievable suffering.


the wholesale slaughter of indigenous peoples just to take their lands.

not only here in america but over most of the world.


the taking and breaking of african families from their homeland to treat them

like work animals for the wealthy.


the crusades perpetrated by most ALL religions for years on end . . .

to force their mindset on people.

truly not so unlike what the extremist terrorists are doing today.

only it was done on horseback with swords and maces.


innocent women proclaimed as witches hung or burned if they were simply

eccentric souls.

some of them maybe even suffering from epilepsy and seizures not understood.


and people boiled in oil and drawn and quartered.

good lord.  what a way to kill someone.

it almost makes our modern guns and bombs look tame.

as horrendous as it is . . .

at least death by bomb or gun is usually instantaneous.


i think the world . . . little by little . . .

sometimes maybe it’s so microscopically little that we may think it’s not really


especially if you listen to newscasts.

 because  it’s their job to report all the BAD STUFF.

always remember THAT!

BUT . . .

little by little . . . it IS changing!  it is old bean!



little by little mankind is learning.

and change will come.  it WILL COME old bean!


because underneath it all . . . and thanks to the technological age that is

seemingly uniting the world as never before . . .

we humans are

finally beginning to understand.


to tolerate differences.

to appreciate those differences.

we are learning that it just cannot be ‘ business as usual. ‘


it’s no longer about sitting in our churches and singing religious songs

and thinking we’re ‘saved’ and holy . . .

and then feeling a certain way in our hearts about those OTHER people

every other day of the week.

the ‘others’ that don’t look like us or speak like us or believe just like we do.


years and years ago when ‘south pacific’ was a huge HIT on broadway and then

as a movie . . .  there was this wonderful song.  and truer words were never sung.


you’ve got to be taught. 

  music and lyrics by rogers and hammerstein.


you’ve got to be taught

to hate and fear

you’ve got to be taught from year to year

it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear

you’ve got to be carefully taught.

you’ve got to be taught

to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly shaped

and people whose skin is a different shade.

you’ve got to be carefully taught.


don’t let all the warring and the bad stuff get to you old bean!

we ARE making progress.

there are so many wonderfully courageous people doing wonderful things.

people who realize they can’t change the whole world.

but they CAN change their place in it!


we can each do that.

every single day.

by simply

responding to those in our own everyday little world with



kindness is contagious old bean!


the dalai lama says it best

for me too.


”   kindness is my religion.  “


til soon old bean.

til soon!


  1. My forthcoming LBC post on Friday will talk about calamities in a very general way and particularly how human beings are responsible.

    • tammy j

      yes it is darling bean.
      all your life. given what happened to you and the way you live your life only
      with beauty and forgiveness. xoxo♥

  2. Linda Sand

    When we were kids, our Mom taught us color of skin made no difference. I played with blacks and whites never even realizing some of them didn’t play with each other. I did know the girl across the street didn’t play with the one next door but they were both white. I now suspect probably that was class prejudice. Which I, obviously, didn’t learn either.

    • tammy j

      just as the song says…
      you have to be carefully taught… to be a bigot.
      i really don’t think children come by it naturally.
      although they often can be little bullies! for lots of different reasons!

      obviously your mother was wise in teaching the way we should see all people.
      i was lucky that mine was too!

  3. very thoughtful post by you. I enjoyed reading it and kindness is a good religion to have.

    My side bar blog list has not been updating since you had trouble with the blog. I think I need to re-enter your address again.

    • tammy j

      why that song came into my head the other day I don’t know!
      it’s not even one of the more popular ones.
      usually it’s “i’m gonna wash that man righ outta my hair!” LOLOL.
      the song is what prompted the post really.
      and yes…
      thanks to the silly hacker…everybody has to RE-subscribe. ♥

  4. What I sense right now is fear. Of those who are in some way or another not like us. Fortunately it is not overtaking all of us and kindness can still be found in so many hearts. .

    • tammy j

      you’re so welcome!
      i have been dragging my feet (no pun intended!) and have not yet tried it.
      but i’m going to. i sat and read those reviews … so many and they were amazing.
      thank you for coming by the peanut! i’m honored!

    • tammy j

      LOVE it.
      and hope you’re feeling much better.
      but then the faeries will make it so! xo♥

  5. I’d like to think humanity was making progress towards a more enlightened era. But it’s hard to believe that when every day there are shocking new atrocities and brutalities right across the world. As the song says, people are taught to hate and fear, and I can’t see that stopping any time soon. I guess all we can do is cultivate our own little circle of tolerance and creativity.

    • tammy j

      totally nick.
      just cultivate our own little circle and hope it somehow spreads! xo

    • tammy j

      i do too. the most important thing in the world really.
      it just SIMPLY covers everything and everybody! ♥

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