to you

a drop of forgiveness

our lives are like ripples in water.

we touch everyone we meet.

in one way or another.


that first little drop is so important.


it always was

and it always will be

the most important job you’ll ever have.


happy mothers day!


to all of those who hold now

or held then

that wonderful job


raising little girls

and little boys

to be fine people.


a boy stick figure

til soon old bean!

til soon.


    • tammy j

      you had ALL to do with it! and andy too.
      and beautifully done mom and kaitlin and andy!!! XO♥

  1. such a beautiful way to put it,,
    I enjoy being a Mom,, its brought me joy and tears,,
    more of the first than the last thank goodness,
    many of my friends although have no human children have fur babies and I know some people say its wrong to compare love for animals to love for humans, I disagree, no one should be borders or conditions on love,
    I say Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

    • tammy j

      i say the SAME dear bean!!!
      this old world needs every kind of love it can get! and it’s ALL important.
      and treasured.
      and the unconditional love of furchildren is often the sweetest kind!

  2. My Mother went long ago, I don’t have really many “dear memories” as such. I know that sounds hard…

    one of my local friends said “now I understand why you are so fiercely independent…”

    and I have never got to be a Mother – even though there were chances, my ex-DH just didn’t care for that to happen. (long and sad story, on that matter)

    • tammy j

      bob’s daughter from his first marriage was a joy to me.
      but i really wasn’t old enough to be her mother. as time went on we felt more like sisters.
      so much like you cathy… i never got to be one either.
      mine is also a bit of a long and sad story. not for here.

      but i have many ‘children’ in my life… some grown now and others still very young
      that i feel like are my own. i love them that much!

      and i think that an artist as wonderfully creative as you are has surely unwittingly nurtured MANY
      young minds along the way! it’s a label after all. how we affect lives is what matters!

  3. I lost my mother in 1998 and you well know how highly I had thought of her. I also had a stepmother about who the only good thing that I can say is that she looked after my father well after she broke up my mother’s marriage.

    I am now both father and mother to Ranjan and Manjiree. They don’t seem to mind!

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