cinco de mayo

let's celebrate.




it’s cinco de mayo!


i love this day.

it’s a day of celebration.

joy !

outrageously beautiful color !

music !

dance !





a favorite cuisine here where i live.

and i absolutely LOVE IT!


YUM !!!

tex mex


 actually it can be very healthy.

my favorites . . .


i adore the refried frijoles with spanish rice!

fresh salsa

avocado ~ guacamole or just purely plain



tortillas both corn and flour!


chimi changas  . . . just fun to say

let alone to eat!

cheese ~ shredded or hot queso

oh my



margarita and chips


and the music

such HAPPY music

it’s hard not to dance!


south florida cinco


no matter WHAT your age!

such adorable little ladies


little ones in color


all over this country of ours

from the south to the north . . . east to west . . .

cinco de mayo


an american tradition


there are parades

like this one in the upper west side of new york!


upper west side cinco


all because back on

MAY 5th 1862

a small mexican army defeated

a MUCH LARGER intruding french army

at the famous bloody battle of puebla.


they were grossly outnumbered but they fought valiantly.

and theirs was the victory.


  great valor and bravery on that field that day.

the odds were stacked against them higher than a kite.


but they won!

and ever since . . .  that simple victory has been celebrated.


i like to think it is a symbol to them of the spirit they must

often find in the trials they face even here in the 21st century.



only now it’s little known probably by the masses of us

who are simply caught up in its beauty and colorful splendor.


sights smells sounds

the delicious food

the icy cold slushy margaritas!

dancing and maharachi bands


all this truly celebrated

 by a people who have known extreme hardship and hard labor for

most of their lives.

their history fraught with take overs and fighting.



it’s the spirit of the people that always catches in my throat.

that dignity and love of life.


the ability to make music and smile and keep family together.

the ability to live a good life with very little.


and today

i celebrate with the people of cinco de mayo!

and i hope you will too!

even if it’s just at home.


here’s to a wonderful day old bean!!!




at least eat some re fried beans!!!



or maybe drag your belly in some cool green grass!



get your cinco on


til soon old bean.

til soon!


  1. The festival looks like a lot of fun. Interesting how a tiny army defeated a much larger one through sheer determination.

    We have a great Mexican restaurant just down the road from us that does fabulous Mexican food. And there’s always a great atmosphere among the diners and staff.

    • tammy j

      amazing synchronicity this morning!
      i have just now been browsing in the deep archives of nick’s place…
      and stopped to come by here… and here you are!
      i’m glad you have a mexican restaurant there.
      i’m told actually that TRUE mexican cuisine is not like our tex mex at all.
      but whichever… i’m so glad to have the chance to enjoy it!
      and you’re so right. the atmosphere here too is always colorful and happy!

  2. In India, May 1 is always Labour Day and a holiday. It is also Maharashtra Day for those who live here. The downside to it is that there are no newspapers the next day and so, no crossword puzzles for me.

    • tammy j

      thank you for that interesting link rummy! interesting how the states were formed
      by the languages spoken! I’ve heard you talk about the different dialects. even among your fiends.
      I’ve heard that some people do crossword puzzles on line but I’ve never checked into it!
      that might be a nice substitute for you on those days your paper doesn’t come. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Tammy. I will now have to rethink our dinner plans. Oh, how I love re-fried beans! And the music. And the colors!

    • tammy j

      to often be such poor people it still is such a happy culture to me.
      they love color and every time I hear their music it just makes me want to get up and dance!
      I sometimes wonder if our definition of ‘poor’ is off the mark.
      I think perhaps they are the ones who have the secret of real living! 🙂 I’m so glad you came by!

  4. Wonderful post – enjoyed reading it. and the pics – oh yea – all that color and joy. I think I’ll have a margarita today and instead of the hot dogs we were planning tonight – maybe some chicken flautas and rice.

    Happy celebrating.

    • tammy j

      or…. you could just have margaritas and tortilla chips with those hot dogs I guess! LOL!
      wishing you the same too.
      and a wonderful weekend with your boys and beanie! ♥

  5. Linda Sand

    I can’t eat spicy. The closest I come to Tex-Mex is a Taco Bell taco salad without the salsa. But I, too, love the music.

    • tammy j

      I like taco bell’s nachos belle grande with beans instead of the meat. good.
      although i’m not a fan of taco bell in general.
      but yes… that
      wonderful music! love it.

  6. I never knew this history!
    Thank you!
    My town is part of a group of towns.
    There’s not much of a Mexican population in my town but there is the next town over and then the town after that, there’s a heavy population. But to be honest I haven’t heard of any really big celebrations except at restaurants.
    I wonder why there’s not!?
    Sounds fun and very festive!
    (And suddenly I’m craving enchiladas! Lol!)

    • tammy j

      omg! cheese enchiladas are my favorite! 🙂
      they probably celebrate at home perhaps.
      there aren’t always parades here. sometimes in okc they have a street festival and the public can attend.
      it’s wonderful really.
      I just love all cultural traditions! ♥

  7. I love all the food you wrote about, haven’t had any in ages. Must dig out my old recipes and try some soon. Then again, I remember the hours I used to spend cooking them so maybe a trip to a restaurant is in order?

    • tammy j

      after what YOU’VE just been through!!! by all means…
      a trip to a happy restaurant IS in order!!! and a lovely ICY COLD SLUSHY margarita! OLE!

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