duck lessons

water as chaos

hello old bean!

thanks for stopping by.


i love that beautiful picture above!   don’t you?

it makes me think of energy.

 a light filled energy!


little by little i’m learning to attract the positive energy out there.


the one that connects us all to each other  .  .  .  just like in the picture  .  .  .

and to the magnificent source of that energy in all of the universes.


the one that allows you to live right NOW.

the one that lets you become wonderfully aware of every present minute.


it has taken me over half my life to get here.


little by little every day now

except for my many setbacks    .  .  .   LOLOL!!!

i think i  finally might be getting here.

you know.  that curious ability to simply BE.

to just live right NOW.  and be totally present.


do you love ducks?


i’ve always loved ducks.


there’s just something about ducks.

especially that afflac duck.


duck by pool


THE great celebrity in all duckdom !!!

here he is on the red carpet.


movie star duc




i always just like your regular every day kind of duck too.


ducks float along.

they get wet.  they don’t mind.

they let it roll right off their back.


sometimes they’re known to have words with each other.

but usually when that happens

they just flap their wings


get rid of all that negative energy!



there they go

right back there

just relaxing and letting life simply





ducks know how to relax.

they have life figured out.


they just don’t spend time figuring it out and worrying about it all that much!




are here now.


dogs are too of course.  oh yes. my beloved DOGS.  oh my!

but then this is a duck post today.


where was i?

oh yes.


being here now.  being present in your life now.

i’m learning that it’s the key.

the key to joy and happiness and a wonderful contentment.


i’m thinking it really is old bean!  there is great truth in it.


living right now.  this current moment.

it’s only what we have anyway.


the past is OVER.

it can’t hurt you anymore my dearest bean.

unless you spend this now time letting it.

don’t let it.


that seems to be the secret of the universe i’m learning.

the secret that makes the living here not only tolerable

but magnificent!


the past is OVER.

good or bad.

it’s over.

the future isn’t known and CAN’T BE KNOWN.


we just never can seem to realize that.  it’s hard for us.

unless we’re a duck of course!


we might as well realize that our precious LIFE is



and as ducks get older


birthday duck


they just find more about life to enjoy old bean!

they enjoy ALL their birthdays!


so what if they’re a little plump?

so what if they waddle a little slower?

so what if they sometimes forget which end is up?


it can happen to all of us old bean!


upside down duck


it’s all just part of the experience here.

a person could do worse than live like a duck.


til soon old bean!

til soon.


    • tammy j

      that post was wonderful!
      and now i’m going to also let what you’ve just said here
      be my KEY WORD words whenever i’m not being here NOW.
      is it a duck or not a duck thought! I just love THAT!
      and you.

  1. Linda Sand

    Noticing our thoughts is the first step to deciding how to respond to them. I once went to a walking meditation where the leader would quietly say “thinking” whenever a thought came into her mind. She told us that let her acknowledge a thought without having to follow it. It’s much harder to do than it sounds like it would be.

    • tammy j

      the monkey mind.
      it is harder to do than it sounds. but sometimes we can achieve it and there’s that
      glimpse of wonderful peace.
      what a neat experience you had there! ♥

  2. Tammy–you’re back!! I stopped by here the end of last week and it was all wonky… I thought maybe you’d left us again… LOL! Great The Peanut is still going strong… and so are you! 😉 It take most of a lifetime, it seems, to just BE. To just be like the shore–let the waves lap up, but don’t become too ruffle. Our feelings & emotions have a tendency to derail us from our path–even just momentarily. Sometimes I have to tell my own mind to just shut up for a little bit… I like the quiet much better. 😉 And I like ducks too! Happy Days, my friend ((LOVE & HUGS))

  3. Morning Tammy…
    Hopefully you and your cute helmet made it thru the night with no tornadoes… :o)
    I love Ducks…love watching them float by at the cottage…
    Love hearing them flap overhead in a big “V”…
    Love hearing their honks and quacks as they take off from the lake…
    And I am learning to live in the hear and now…
    Honestly…I am…
    Picking up Vivian and Lissa and Jeff are stopping by for a cup of tea, and I will give her her bday gifts…
    Enjoy your day…♥️
    Linda :o)

    • tammy j

      i can tell you are just by your posts and your life dearest bean!
      lissa will love her beautiful afghan with our florida sunshine built right into it! XO♥

  4. It’s so hard, isn’t it, just staying in the moment and relaxing and forgetting the past and future? I’ve never got the hang of it, but maybe when finally I’m free of the busy-ness of work it’ll come to me. I’d love to be a duck and be oblivious to all those complicated human concerns that make us so restless and preoccupied.

    • tammy j

      it’s true nick. i think you’ve made a good point.
      it’s much easier with the gift of just TIME.
      time without the getting ready meeting deadlines going to meetings going coming all the RUSH.
      it’s simply lovely. i wish it for you. soon!

  5. Except in some small coastal settlements with 12 months of water everywhere, ducks are not very popular birds in India. I personally have had duck egg omelettes but that is about all. Some of our Chinese restaurants offer duck but I am a vegetarian, or rather an eggetarian.

    More to the point, just being is not as easy as it sounds and if you are getting there, all strength to you.

    • tammy j

      yes! they can be very messy which sometimes makes them unpopular i guess.
      ours here are mainly always near large ponds of water or natural lakes.
      being here now is not easy as you say. i keep just gently reminding my monkey mind.
      maybe SOMEDAY i’ll finally get there! at least i’m better than i was. 🙂

  6. Becky

    I’m going to the Duck Derby on the Saturday before Mother’s Day…it’s my Mother’s Day way to spend with our son and his family. We will sponsor a duck who will paddle in a race on Jordan Creek. 🙂

    • tammy j

      omygosh!!! you do the neatest things! LOL!
      and dearest bean…
      i had a bad glitch happen to the peanut.
      if you were subscribed i’m sorry to say you’ll have to re-subscribe again. the captain had to close it all down and out just to fix it! it was scary!
      thanks for stopping by… as always! HUGS. XOXOXO♥

      • Becky

        No problem, I’ve been traveling and not looking in at anyone. Now back in Des Moines where we are working on selling our condo. Long story….

        • tammy j

          oh my. well…
          with your staging skills and beautiful creativity it should sell quickly.
          will want to know how it goes and how you are dearest bean.

  7. Yes! Embrace our Duck-Hood!!! -gigggles-

    Plump! Not always knowing which end is up. And all.


    And I love the AFLAC duck!

    • tammy j

      i know! i just love that aflac duck!!!
      i don’t really know anybody who doesn’t! LOL. XOXOXO♥

  8. Apparently I need to re-subscribe although I thought I had.
    But I was just thinking of you and came here to check and I find I’ve missed this post!
    I am trying very hard to keep my mind and thoughts in the present and the positive.
    I’m also trying to envision things into being.
    But you are right. It’s hard.
    Right now I’m trying to envision myself feeling good and energetic.
    (besides this shingles thing, I now am sick with aches and …etc.)
    It’s hard to do sometimes but I’m going to accomplish it!

    • tammy j

      and it all seems to be part of growing older.
      just sometimes you wake up and something totally NEW hurts that never did before!!!
      it can be very frustrating.
      especially when you have to then go to work and be as active as YOU ARE in your job.

      i am having to accept that stuff I used to think nothing of … now i have to struggle in doing!
      i’m not used to that. i was ALWAYS very HANDS ON.
      if i wanted something heavy moved. i moved it! but not anymore. and that’s very hard to accept.
      and shingles are HORRIBLY painful. bless you.
      and …
      you must have re subscribed before he got completely through with whatever he did in there.
      i also notice that anyone who subscribes … it has his name on it now instead of mine.
      but it’s STILL the peanut! LOLOL!
      i hope you feel better soon. i’m about to publish a post that might help a tiny bit!

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