Be Patient!

The peanut is getting overhauled.  It will take a little while.  So be patient. Study your notes.  There will be a test later.

Capt. Fritter


    • tammy j

      and he managed to save all my old posts.
      we lost pictures. but otherwise… intact.
      I think i’m the only one who reads them! but i’m still glad.
      he’s a Trojan!

    • tammy j

      i just did the first post! about to publish it in a little bit!
      and DITTO … thank God for him.
      he would say Darwin… LOLOL!
      but still.
      i’m so happy!

    • tammy j

      we did. we do.
      and he’s worn out. he’s still sick.
      but he just kept on.
      don’t you love that picture of ‘you know who!’

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