1. Linda Sand

    I love the simple look. It fits you.

    We were camping with friends one time when a woman said, “we should…” Her husband asked, “Is that the singular ‘we’?” We all laughed but that has become a popular phrase in our house now.

    • tammy j

      i have to remember that! rather like … the royal we? LOL.
      and thank you.
      i like it too. back to the beginning. the original gift.
      don’t know why I ever changed it. i feel at home again!

  2. What a great poetic representation of even a tough situation ! In Sanskrit it is called ‘kavithvam’. I just finished reciting 500 couplets from an old Sanskrit hymn and am amazed at poetic excellence — you ARE gifted !

    • tammy j

      oh raj.
      when you come by here… i just get the biggest smile.
      thank you for being here my friend. i’m honored!

  3. he *done* it!!!! ,-)

    and I like the way your lines line-up… all beginning on the left. much easier to read, than each line, being centered in the middle.

    ahhhh these full moon effects! ’cause no matter what anyone else may say, your “blog horror”, was a result of what I call full moon effects!

    onward! onward! 🙂

    lots of hugs, tessa

  4. mmmm, another change. all this blog is using is the captcha code now. our comments no longer wait, for you to vet them.

    just wondering if that would keep all spamers out? me-thinks that some of those spamers are actually people… with a blog site, so they could do the captcha code, but still leave a link, to their spam.

    Just wondering…….

    what say you, captain?


    • tammy j

      i don’t really know what you’re talking about.
      because i don’t see it from the say way you do.
      i’d have to go to an outside source and log onto it and comment.
      but the manner in which i respond to comments behind the scenes is the same.
      i DO know one thing though. i’m so wrapped tight in security on this thing now
      it would take a MACK TRUCK to get through! LOLOL!!! 🙂

    • tammy j

      have a wonderful time exploring that gorgeous place!
      and hugs galore with those munchkins. XO♥

  5. ok, I KNOW I left a comment here yesterday.
    yep, last night.
    ……..but I swear there was text written by the Captain too.
    Something about there being a test at the end of the post?
    Maybe I’ve finally lost it.
    I mean it was bound to happen
    but I thought I had a few more years.
    anyway, glad you’re back
    and thankful for The Captain.

    • tammy j

      you’re not losing it!
      that new post was there. but you just missed it somehow.
      it’s a new format kind of. and knowing you… you were exhausted from working.
      it happens to me too! not for the exhausted reason though. LOLOL!
      and yes… i’m SO THANKFUL for the captain. isn’t that a GREAT picture of his mermaid!

    • tammy j

      and i’m glad to BE back! and thank you for the subscription!
      i post so erratically these days it will surely be helpful to you.
      and i’m glad you got his book! it’s semi autobiographical you know! LOLOL!

  6. I’ve been on a roller coast ride several times but when I was much younger and the rides were shorter and less stomach-churning. I’m not sure I’d try one again.

    Glad everything’s been sorted out and the hackers got rid of. A shame you can’t hack the hackers so Peanut keeps popping up on THEIR website!

    • tammy j

      yes rummy. it was a scary ride. to think someone had taken over my site.
      like an invasion of sorts. very odd feeling.
      as i understand it… if you don’t catch it and get rid of it … it can then
      contaminate your whole computer. thank heaven for the captain’s quick response!
      thanks for stopping by my friend.

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