checking in with hilda


 OOPS !!!!

hilda housework


not sure we’re supposed to see this!

hilda is tired of winter.

and what’s a girl gonna do?

housework has to be done.


fire trouble

just staying warm is hard enough !!!


AHHHH . . . .


walking in that snow is worth it!

a warm tootsie bath is waiting afterward !!!


hilda knits


the perfect fit.


” oh! you look just like me now! “


one can only hope he thinks that’s a good thing.


picnic hilda style


OH YES HILDA!  I like them to catch on fire too.

then you blow’em out!

then you eat the black crispy marshmallow !!!

cool it down a little FIRST!   YUM!


hilda exercise


time to exercise off some of those burnt marshmallows.


oh.  time flies.

it’s late.


a good book.  a little winter midnight snack.

a girl simply has to keep those delicious curves doncha know!



dreaming of spring


shhhhhhh .  .  .

sweet dreams hilda.

we’ll just see ourselves out.

thanks for letting us visit so unexpectedly!

you’re ALWAYS so much fun!

we love you!


three guesses what you’re dreaming about . . .


summer with hilda




til soon old bean!

til soon.