a happy camper



it’s just me here.

and a beautiful day.


camper happyvia:earthsunmoon.com



i’m a happy camper.

it doesn’t take much.

but oh . . .

sometimes that much is so out of reach that . . .


it’s probably not too pretty.


i was not voted best dramatic actress in my senior year in highschool

for nothing!

i am very dramatic.

and very good at ‘acting up.’



i admit it.


i’m an actor upper.

and the poor captain has borne the brunt of

my hatred of all things technical.


he is a scraggy wicked pirate yes

but he has the heavenly patience of job.

not steve jobs.  but the bible guy  . . .  job.


patience is not my long suit.

i grew sick of putting it on my new year’s resolutions

about 55 years ago.


i figure that childhood doesn’t count.  freesies if you know what i mean.

but now.

i’m a grown up and i’m supposed to have learned patience… LONG AGO.


so . . .

  it was always on my new year’s resolutions.  which i never made . . .

really OFFICIALLY.  just kind of THOUGHT about them.


like . . .

letting my hair grow

losing 10 pounds

eating more healthfully

being more patient


yeah. right.


oddly enough i have NO problem being patient with

earthshaking events.

my darling bob’s long illness.  my mother’s long illness.

living out of my car for weeks on end that time.

some pretty major stuff.

and i was a patient little angel.


but you let something go haywire with this silly computer

and i go all ballistic inside.


grow up tammy.  just grow up.

even jacob would react better.


this year

i will try to make my peace with technology.

it’s a little like mathematics.

never made my peace with that either!


til soon old bean!

til soon.


and . . .  LOTS MORE beautiful pictures !!!!

have a simply wonderful weekend.

key word ‘simply’ !!!  LOL.