them or me. they or me?


AHHHH . . .

remember all the great soap operas ???



days of our peanut



days of our peanut.

thanks for the image



all my


all my peanuts.

yes.  i remember them all.


remember when you were home from school cuz you were sick?

and you got to sleep with a blanket on the sofa?

and your mother or your gramma was ironing there in the living room.

and the sound of the old fashioned organ music?

the DRAMA OF IT ALL  !!!!  OH MY !!!!


as the peanut


as the peanut turns.

one of my little mother’s favorites.


the guiding


yup!   the guiding peanut !


you knew i had to do that one didn’t you?  just having a little fun here.


i don’t even know if soap operas are still on daytime tv because i never turn my tv on . . .

in the daytime.   well only if it’s not tornado season.

and only if we’re having storms ~ it replaces all regular programs with warnings and such.


the only reason i use these images here is to let you know

that we here at peanut headquarters have made a powerful decision.


and because of this wonderful decision

that the peanut will now

go back to regular programming.

enough of the drama and hand wrenching and health reports and all the little dramatic details !!!

i don’t talk “sick” very often.  so i’ve gotten very sick of talking all the sick!  ENOUGH ALREADY.

  i prefer to think of other things.


i pro’d and con’ed about 24 hours total.

had one completely sleepless night.


but now . . .

it’s firm.  and i tell you what old bean . . .   i think i began to feel better



like a huge mean old giant had been sitting on my shoulders and was suffocating me.

when they told me about the TREATMENT from HELL

i feared it much more than the idea of cancer!


i believe my surgeon.  he said he ” thinks he pretty much got it all “


that is plenty good enough for me.  i am not going to let them poison me with their radioactive material

in my very bloodstream that affects every part of my body!  and for who knows HOW long ???

and all just to try to find some cancer that might not EVEN be there !



it simply makes no sense to me to stress a heart that’s already been stressed to the max

and to take a body that’s immune system is terribly low and is already a fact


it is just beyond all reason to me.

so i am not going to allow them to do it.


i won’t be on hiatus quite so long.  but i still do need to rest.

BUT ENOUGH with all this melodramatic soap opera.

rest assured that when i return there will be no more SICK DRAMATIC posts!

we will return to what the peanut is truly all about.




the simple happy life . . .


a very simple life



enjoying  cheer and mutual good will and love and humor and things to inspire all of us!


oh .  OK .

i knew you’d bring THAT up. i knew you would old bean! LOLOL !!!!

YES.  there will still be the soap box.  because you know . . .

there is a pontificating peanut who lives here too.



i can’t thank each of you enough for being in my corner.  and for all your amazing comments to me.

some of you . . .  my own tracy way up at the top of the world . . .

 well . . .  she has a big issue on the horizon.  and my heart is simply enveloping her with love.

love is the very best medicine.


i’m going to find a good naturopathic doctor and let him be in charge of helping me balance my body

to keep it in the alkaline state as much as is safe for me.

and other than eating great healthy cancer fighting food  and keeping away from sugar


keeping a simply happy and cancer free attitude . . .





so please don’t picture me bald and throwing up my socks

and providing nuclear energy for the town of purcell.

it ain’t gonna happen.


i like this image better.

a happy


i like this little peanut.  everything but her eyebrows.

they look to me like they might have doubt in them.

and i simply have NO DOUBT that i’m going to get better and better!

and that i am now totally FREE of cancer!


and this will probably be me for the next many weeks i’m thinking.

i’m just going to relax and not push it.  i’m going to let my body to the talking.

i will start gentle exercise walking maybe in another week.

it’s hard to believe that the surgery was already 8 days ago!


sleeping puppy~


just happily getting stronger and stronger and healthier and healthier.

and i wish the same for EACH AND EVERY ONE of you my dearest friends !!!


the marine and i are having dinner on the terrace of our favorite restaurant.

he’s picking me up at 7pm so i’ll post this when i get back.  have to run.

LOL.  well.  run is a fairly broad term.  LOLOL.

this started out a not so strong day but has ended up just fine!


hard to know what is my natural laziness and what is true post operation weakness.



 so til fairly soon then old bean.

at least sooner than it would have been with the scary radioactive poison!

til soon!


next post only uplifting and happy.

good night!