today i am ashamed to be from Oklahoma.



i who never watch the news ~ turned it on today.

today i learned  what happened here in my own state last week.

this beautiful young man was shot in the back while he jogged.


he stumbled forward. fell to his knees.  and then he died in the street.  alone.


he was here from his native australia attending college.  on a baseball scholarship.

he was 22 years old.


it just happened to be chris.

his name was christopher lang.


the reason it just ‘happened’ to be him is this.

the three teenaged boys who shot him in cold blood

were BORED.

they decided they would go out and EACH SHOOT SOMEBODY.

it didn’t matter whom they would shoot.  they just wanted to kill somebody.

they thought it would be cool for them each to kill someone.

then i guess they wouldn’t be so bored anymore.


they were caught before they EACH got to do their fun thing.

there was a hand gun in the car.  and a rifle.

three teenagers with guns.


i am speechless.  it’s all i can do to simply write this.

my heart aches for his parents and sister in australia.


america is a land of violence.

we apparently love our GUNS above all else.

we’re so afraid someone will take them away from us.

just ask the NRA.


i do not expound usually on any hot topic.

but this.

in my own state.  and for a boy who was a visitor in our land.

it is embarrassing and shameful to me.

if we want to kill each other off with our precious guns.  so be it.

but to kill a visitor.

who was doing nothing but running innocently down the street for exercise.


he was an athlete and a scholar.


i don’t know who the punks were who killed him just because they were BORED.

honest to god.  what are we coming to?


the killers were 15 and 16.  the 17 year old drove the car and is the one who confessed to it all.

they will ALL be charged as adults.  and so if convicted will be sentenced to life in prison.

because they are under age  ~ they will not be given the death penalty.


i’m sorry mr and mrs lang.


i’m so sorry.  and right now.  today.  i’m ashamed of my state.  and my country.



feel free to comment if you like.  your comments are always welcome here.

but i will only be publishing them ~ not responding.


til soon old bean.

til soon.