it’s burning.


colorado burns.


i lived in canon city  colorado when i was 7 and 8 years old.

i sat in a hollow cottonwood tree by the stream at the back of our house.

we only lived a short way from the great royal gorge.


the great royal gorge bridge is in danger of being burned.  yet so far it’s safe.

it’s the highest suspension bridge in the entire world.


here is a picture of it in greener days.


bridge. royal gorge


my heart will always be in colorado.

in that grand old tree.

i have tears today.  watching colorado burn.

so much of it burn.


there are close to 400 peanut readers a day now.

and surely some of you live in our beloved colorado . . .

or you have family or friends who live there . . .

know that we are thinking of you.


that we care.


monk knows.

she’s been through it in new mexico.

and vicki knows in australia.  she’s been through it.

and those of you in california even now . . .


to me there is nothing on this earth more devastating and frightening

than wildfire.  a great and beautiful and terrible wildfire.

the master of destruction.


choking and destroying everything in its path.








there is nothing to do but flee.

people are evacuating as i write this.







dark smokecourtesy:forbes.com


and this heartbreaking picture below is from another fire . . .

that has stayed with me in ultimate sadness . . .

at the loss

of our precious wildlife

in EVERY fire


deer in river


and now.  fire season again.

and it burns and burns.


man to me is a wondrous creature.

i have always loved man.

and feared him. and found him humorous.

and found him awe inspiring really.

the things he can do.

he is murderous.  and warlike.

and gentle and kind.

and strong.  men’s strength has always amazed me.

on an individual level ~ of each one i meet ~

and on a collective level ~ of his sheer ability to accomplish things ~

well . . .

such as that suspension bridge over a mountainous chasm.


when it comes to wildfire . . .

he seems so small.




like little boys fighting a huge and monstrous dragon


AP10ThingsToSee California Wildfires



it’s an unfair fight.




clouds of smoke

like waiting for the dragon to arrive at your doorstep.

but before he does . . .  he fills your lungs and eyes with acrid smoke.

as dangerous as the flames almost.  a forewarning of his might and terror.


flames and treescourtesy:news.yahoo.com


beloved colorado.

heartache is with you today.

and a cry for rain.