wren house report



 deadly beautiful


APTOPIX Severe Weathercourtesy: aol.com



ominous all around us but not lethal yet.

i called the marine to get advice as to what would be my best option.

i had just left his house a couple of hours before after sharing a meal with him and the boys.

he remains totally calm in tornadoes.

which is a good thing.  it means his thinking is sharp.

and it also is good for little kids.  they panic if you panic.


i no longer can ride these things out in my house.

i always just stayed home before. and  you can usually survive.

unless it’s an F4 or F5 ~ like the last one that hit close to me ~

in those you have to either run from it or be underground.


the ones they talked about yesterday were only F2 or F3.

still dangerous.  but you can get into the safest part of your house.

which i used to do in the wee blink bonnie!

but now . . .

my little ‘wren house’ is a flight upstairs.  sort of a sitting duck if you want to

mix fowl metaphors!  LOL.


so just kept watching on tv of course.   oh good.  it’s going to pass me.

it showed I-35 and i suddenly saw an amazing sight on the screen.

cars as far as you could see!

it looked more like a hurricane evacuation than tornado coverage!

is all of oklahoma city coming this way?

by now it’s dark.


the tornadoes are most dangerous in the dark and rain-wrapped.

that’s how this group of national weather chasers got it . . .



courtesy: www.news9.com


some of you may watch mike bettis on the weather channel.

he was in it with two of his crew members.

he wasn’t even in the tornado ~ just the outside edges of it ~

lifted and threw the  specially equipped 7,000 ton car/van thingy about 200 yards into a field.

they weren’t killed luckily.

further down the road . . .

a mother and her baby were not so fortunate.


i sat here thinking i was fine.

vortexes were pretty much all around us.  but being tracked well.

suddenly the big one did an abrupt turn and headed straight south.


a big one again

” if you live in norman take your tornado precautions immediately”

“this thing has turned on us.”


i was ready with my bag.  went down to my car.

which way to go?

now you know how an insect feels when you’re trying to step on it.

and it scurries here and there away from you.

i try not to step on insects actually.

maybe for this reason.


i will take my chances going toward the area where there is one headed this way

but moving very very slowly.

the one coming up from minco.


i leave the apartment complex and drive down my street to the highway.


that’s when i saw the chain of cars.  it’s raining now. everyone has their lights on.

it’s bumper to bumper as far as the eye can see.


in all my years of living here and going through tornado seasons by the decades ~

i’ve never seen the people react like this en masse.

even after the big ones in 1999 and 2003.


we all know that the third worst place you can be in a tornado is in your car.

the first two are a mobile home and any upstairs building . . . as in my apartment.


so here we all are out in our cars!


i get caught in the traffic but i know the streets.  i figure if i can make it to the middle school

i’ll be fine.  i am calm.  my hardest thing is the darn rain. coming down in buckets.


straight line winds in the 60’s and 70’s. gusts to 80.

the wipers are not helping at all.  i feel like i’m creeping.


make it to the school.  i thought it would be underground or something where we’re to go.

no.  it’s just the gymnasium!  there are firefighters at the doors letting people in.

it this school is like the ones in moore last week ~ well.   . . .   just sayin’.


i go in.  stand for over an hour.  it’s unbearably hot.  no power.  the generator lights are blazing.

i visit with two friendly women.

one is here working for about 6 months.  up from austin texas.

she said her husband just called her on the cell phone before this happened.

he said “quit the job. come home. that place is a crazy death trap!”


i called the marine from the school.  he and the boys were fine of course. they had stayed

right there comfortably at home!   he lives across town from me or i’d have driven over there.

when it’s dark and such rain ~ you don’t know how much time you have.

you can no longer “see” it and gauge it for yourself.


i finally decided to just go back home.

i was told not to because of the straightline wind and the rain. and flash flooding.


i want to go home.


and so that’s what i did.

once you’re soaked through . . . you can’t get any wetter.

it was actually kind of cathartic.


today i feel very tired.  i think you keep tense without realizing it.


thank you to every single one of you for your kind wishes and prayers.

there are people here once again who’ve lost lives and property.

but we stay.

not sure why.

i only stay because the marine is here and won’t leave.

i just don’t want to be anywhere that he isn’t.


love to all of you!

we all have our own natural disasters … don’t we!


til then old bean.

til then.


i might take a little respite from here for a bit.

i never know. it’s just a feeling of needing a little break.


sometimes when i say that i get very mouthy indeed!  LOL

maybe it’s reverse psychology on myself.