computer mud puddle


will be short but not too sweet.


knowing me as you do.

i bet it won’t even be that short.

but i’ll TRY!

for an impatient buzzard of a person like me . . .

the computer that i just bought . . .

because the other one died

an unexpected quick death . . .


the new computer keeps taking me off the network.

i’m going to the geek squad after i leave here.

probably the user.

it always is.  we all know THAT.

it was set up correctly.

it’s been fed.

and watered.

and loved.

well  . . . it’s been tolerated.

that’s all i’m admitting.

as only a

NON TEK impatient buzzard can


i have a long history with mechanical things.

as you all know . . .

my nemisis at work was the copy machine.


it said out loud . . .

“oh.  it’s you.  i’m going to quit working now.”


the truth. so help me microsoft.

i cannot tell a tekkie lie.

not smart enough to lie!


letting all you dear friends know …

i will be mercifully silent for awhile.

i don’t know for how long.

however long it takes.

i’m at the public library now.

last time i was here i sat next to a lovely man

who happened to be wearing

a parka and a ball cap on top

and a short skirt and panty hose and high heels on the bottom.

today is a little less interesting.

no pictures today.

i’m pouting.

i’m thinking the world has moved beyond me.

i almost want to return to being

the little monk in the tattered robe.

but now…

i’ve dipped my toe into the pond that is blogland.

it is a wonderful pond.

and i probably would miss it very much!


til next time old bean!

love and cheers from the

impatient little buzzard monk.