Feb 062013


black screen



that’s just what it looks like.

that’s the screen you see when you go into cardiac arrest.

i personally can attest to it.  having had that experience.

it’s also what i saw yesterday afternoon

when i’d come back from a late lunch with the marine.

i came over to this little computer

and instead of being asleep

it had apparently gone into computerac arrest.


i booted it.  rebooted it.  waited. booted it again.

then i almost booted it right out the window.

i called my cable and internet provider.

they said the problem was with the p c.

they gave me the 800 number to hewlett packard.

that was nice of them.

i wonder if these are the same people who sold packard cars before

i was born.  or there  abouts?

ah. i digress.  as usual.


i had sat on hold to get a human being for almost an hour with my

provider. . .

a woman with an old phone


while waiting to get the number for the hewlett car computer people

i tried my best to be patient.

for all my ‘meditational simple life loving zen lifestyle’

i am TERRIBLE at patience.


i am that buzzard sitting on a branch with his buddy buzzard

looking down disgustedly

i say “patience my ass. i’m gonna kill somethin.”


that’s me.

i’m sorry for swearing here.

i know gram.  i can hear you.  ladies don’t express themselves like that.

but then you don’t live in the computer age gram.



i begin to think . . .

what do i really need that silly old computer for anyway?

i will go back to reading more


child reading a book

i will keep my journal the way i always did before that

silly old computer . . .


notebook and pen

that’s all a person needs!

i would go back to the simple life!

as long as i have a refridgerator and a hot shower and a flushing toilet!

and . . .  and . . .

a warm place in the winter and a cool place in the summer . . .

and . . .

simpler time cartoon


who needs the hassle?




i do.


computer working again

such a nice little color . . .

is blue!




i would miss all of you so much.


my dear friend pooh said once . . .

winnie the pooh

til then old bean.

  14 Responses to “and then everything went black”

  1. Obviously you’re still with us, and we’re very glad about that, but you didn’t tell us how! Is the blue new?

    • LOL. the “how” cost me $59 with hewlett packard.
      the girl on the phone walked me through it and she was pecking away at the other end. and voila! my live screen back. and of course . . . it was JUST past warranty! LOL.
      murphy’s law.

  2. I’m so sorry your computer is on the blink! I too sometimes think of all I would get done without one here to tempt me. Definitely, more reading time, more housework time. Hmm, not sure about that last one. Journaling, yes. About 6 years of handwritten ones and 8 years done in a computer file, but 0 since I started blogging.

    I just had the nicest reading time–I went back and read your Dec 24, 2012 post. My goodness, what a beautiful post! Just a friendly down-home chat from you to us. I wish I knew some people who lived alone so I could call and say, “You have just got to read this!” I don’t, but I have 3 sisters who will love your blog.
    I’m so glad I’m new here because that means I have so much left to discover.

    • my goodness. you say the kindest things!
      it is fun though isn’t it . . . blogging! it’s a creative outlet i’m finding. and as you can see by this post ~ i guess i’m hooked!

  3. Glad it’s working again! We would miss you.

    • oh monk! i would miss all of you too. actually i had the strangest ‘cut adrift’ feeling! not good. i’ve made too many friends i would miss. hope your cold is better!

  4. Oh, Tammy! Been there, done that!!!! You should have seen me with a broken arm trying to type the keys the HP lady was telling to punch while I listened to her instructions on the cell phone with the other hand…hurt so BAD. And the McAfee security people? Geez…they had put the security I purchased with my new computer on my OLD computer and had me do all the work to transfer it to my new computer. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHh!!

    • i started the conversation by telling her i was 67 and knew next to nothing!
      she took pity on me and was extremely nice and patient. we actually had a pretty fun time of it. LOL.
      it’s the $59 that hurt a little. a lot!

  5. I could give up the TV – easily and most other technology, but not the computer. I like being “connected” to wonderful blogland.
    However would we have met otherwise??

    • it’s the truth! it’s now sunday evening here. the marine took me ‘computer shopping’ and i got a new one.
      thank you ‘house money!’
      but… it feels funny and i’m getting use to the newness of it. like driving someone else’s car!!!

  6. […] to tammy and Rummuser for inspiring this […]

  7. What would we have done had you not been soaked for 59 bucks?

    • well.
      i’m spoiled rotten.
      i was soaked for 59 bucks. and it worked for almost 24 hours. then it went black again. then it would cost
      99.00. i suddenly felt it was like pouring money into a used car. when do you cut your losses.
      i used my ‘house money’ from the sale of wee blink bonnie and today bought a new computer! YAY!!!
      but i have never done things like that. you know. just because i wanted something ~ go out and buy it!
      it’s just not the way i was raised. but i have to admit . . . it was FUN! and i get to still talk to you and
      all the people i love having in my life now. so. money well spent.

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