Jan 162013



happy puppy


yup.  that’s me old bean!

i’m a happy puppy.


my real estate lady just left.  and this post is going to be an unabashed love letter to HER!  i bought the lot and built wee blink bonnie with her dad’s realty 15 years ago.  she has stayed in touch with me ever since.  so she was the first person i wanted to call if i ever decided to sell.  and i’m so glad i called HER!  . . .  SHARI MONTELONGO

i like saying her name. lol.  it’s musical.

i have never dealt with a nicer ~ more efficient ~ more savvy ~ more professional yet accommodating person ~ in my entire life!

she made this process absolutely painless.

i called her on december 22.  that’s 2 days before christmas eve for pete’s sake!  that’s the day i called her to put wee blink bonnie for sale.

sorry for all the exclamation points.  but this is an exclamation point story!

she called on me the next day after she had done a comparison study of houses in this neighborhood and presented me with three selling amounts.  i chose the middle one.  just like goldilocks.

mind you  ~  this all took place when most people are simply taking care of their own christmas plans.  she worked for me.  i told her to put it on hold til after christmas.  she multi-listed it and lo and behold ~ in 6 days the potential buyer came to see it.  my realtor SHARI was going to schedule an open house shortly after the holiday.

we didn’t even have time nor the need to do that!  it sold.

you pretty much know the rest of the story.  an unscrupulous roofer man had totally botched my roof job so badly after the little tornado and hail storm we had a year ago that i had to put on a new roof or FHA would not accept it.

SHARI brought me a reputable accredited  man who is taking care of not only the roof on this friday ~ but many other things that the very picky inspector wanted done.  no earthshaking things but enough to be a nuisance.  the windows that i loved will all be fixed.

i’m taking the ‘bouquet of sticks’ with me!  my marine made them.


mind you i have NOT ONCE had to go to her.  she has brought everything i need to sign to me.  i have copies of everything.  i have asked question after question and she has explained every last little detail.  this has been utterly painless.  and i have to tell you…

i was dreading it!  but SHARI MONTELONGO with VAWTER REAL ESTATE INC.  is a pure blessing.   she made it easy.  and quick!

i am shouting SHARI’s name from the rooftops.  LOL!  i am!

if you’re in my city of norman oklahoma ~ home of the famous sooner football team ~ or if you’re thinking of moving here ~ or if you know anyone who is ~  i am here to tell you ~  this lady is the one you want to call.


you won’t be sorry.  and i will be delighted that you do. you’ll be in good hands.  she worked her little head off at a time that most people would have simply coasted ~ because of it being wintertime and ~ good grief! ~ even over the christmas holidays. she went above and beyond in every respect handling this sale.  i am very happy.  i’m a happy puppy.

well . . .  my lovingly ranting letter is at an end.

i don’t know if rant is the best word here.  i hope a rant can be positive too!  anyway . . . mine is.

the closing is on the 25th.

i’m moving out totally on the 21st. but  moving a few things myself on the 18th.  well . . . “i shot a bear” as they say . . . no bragging here . . .

because the marine will be doing most of the lifting. LOL.

little wren house . . .  here i come!

thanks again SHARI !!!

and thank you to all you peanut readers who have been so supportive and kind in leaving comments and wishing me well.

you are ALL just the dearest friends!  you’ve made it not so scary and lots more FUN.   xoxo.

  18 Responses to “a happy puppy”

  1. TOTALLY meant to be ~

    • yup! i totally agree. it felt right even from the beginning. i hope you’re feeling better!
      take care. can’t get soup to you but here’s a bear hug. xo

  2. Awwww, a wonderful image to portray how you feel. So happy for you Tam!

    And, very glad that you have a sweet lady to take care of your real estate details. It is so important to be able to feel that you are in good hands, and you were :)

    Well, not long now. So excited! I almost feel as though I’m moving too. There’s just something about a shift to a new abode that makes my tummy tingle with happy anticipation. I’m a restless soul :)
    So, until I can move again, I will happily experience the excitement through your blog!

    Soooo looking forward to reading more. What fun!

    • you know something… after my bob died i moved every six months for at least 3 years.
      weird! i signed only 6 month leases. i’m sure it had to do with grief and simply running to find home.
      only the home i lost was himself. after doing this one i can’t imagine moving every 6 months!!! talk about a challenge!
      my back nor energy level is apparently what it used to be. LOL! but i admit. i am having a lot of fun.
      xo stay cool gypsy girl!

      • When I left home for the first time, I too moved around constantly, for years.

        The only place I ever really felt anchored to was my Secret Hollow. I have never felt the same since leaving.
        I doubt I ever will.
        Forever on the move. As though I’ve lost something and can’t find it.

        • well ~ big red was there and so many special beings. that never ever leaves. even just the name secret hollow spells magic
          for me. how grand that it is forever in your memory now and that you had it once. your next special place is waiting.
          the time will be right someday. in the meantime ~ it seems to me you live in a kind of paradise!!! that park alone . . .
          and the lorikeets and cockatoos ~ and forest behind your deck! give my blue boy ice and a bear hug! xoxo and kiss his nose!
          from me. xo

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful words you had to say. It was so easy working with such a nice and funny woman. I am very happy for you and know you will enjoy your new home. I will miss our daily visits and me leaving laughing from our conversations. I wish you the best!

    • Awwww … a mutual admiration society! and one of us has such great hair!!! LOL. hint…and no grey.
      i’ll miss you too!

  4. Afternoon Tammy….
    Sounds like everything is going just as planned…
    Good for you…
    And good for Shari, for taking such good care of your needs…
    We have lived in this house for 30 years…tons of memories…and new ones to be made…
    I hope the same for you….:o)

    Best of luck, dear…

    Linda :o)

    • i can’t imagine being anywhere for 30 years. that’s wonderful.
      i grew up moving every year. sometimes more than once a year. i’m a rolling stone. NOT a stoned roller. a big difference! LOL.
      my mother lived in upstate new york her entire life til she met my texan father. he swept her off her feet and she never looked back! and it was all worth it. thanks for your good wishes! i am getting excited. it’s a simple little move. but i’m excited. lol. xo

  5. Moves are exciting. They don’t have to be far. I think you are going to like your new place.

    • i think so too. the marine and i are taking a lot of things today. and i’ll clean the kitchen and get it all set up.
      that always makes a place feel like home. i remember mother doing that always first. it’s just habit!
      the movers come next monday bright and early. i’ll stay here at wee blink bonnie through the weekend.
      i was so happy to see your little ‘community’ out there in the desert. i think that’s wonderful! maybe carl will eventually change his mind and want to travel again too. that would be the frosting on the cake!

  6. This is a wonderful “love letter” to someone who has been a real friend, Tammy… so sweet! We should celebrate the people in our lives more–and not just on birthdays, etc. ;o)

    • we’ve had fun with this. and that makes all the difference. and i can’t imagine what being in the real estate business would be like these days. stressful indeed i would think. although it’s finally picking up a little. oklahoma wasn’t hit as hard as other parts of the country. our cost of living is quite good here. one reason to stay i guess! LOL. xo dear friend.

  7. We need zillions of Sharis. I am still looking for someone that I can trust.

    • so important! after the first roof guy i would always be careful now. there are apparently a lot of unscrupulous people out there waiting for fools like me.
      i drove home yesterday and my new roof was finished ~ all the debris gone and everything in perfect order! it looks great. so refreshing when a job is done right.

      i hope you find someone fine rummy and that your move is a happy experience! we’ll hold only good thoughts about it!

  8. So lucky you were to find Shari. And here it is the weekend, your last weekend at the wee blink bonnie. I’ll be thinking of you on Monday….so much excitement!!! And I liked your “getting the kitchen in shape” early in the move…the kitchen is the most important function of a home and it can be chaotic on the day of the move…lotsza eating out going on!!!

    • yes. she’s kept in touch with me the last 15 years and as i mentioned ~ i bought the lot and built the house through the realtly company her dad had at that time.
      so i felt really comfortable with her. we had fun!
      getting ready to post about my first night at the wren house! xo

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