Feb 182014

a rainy day image


sometimes we see things through the blurriness of raindrops.

in our lives.


i admit.

sometimes i like the raindrops more than i like clear vision.

it makes things easier to take.


i still drop by my beloved peanut here.

and it seems that i’m not the only one!


oh dear old bean . . .

whoever you are . . .

you still are coming to the peanut in droves.

still according to the stats . . .

usually more than 500 per day.

and i’m not even posting here anymore

except for this special one




is it the same people reading posts over and over?


or is it new people who then don’t come by my new little blog?

i am lucky to get about 87 a day there.



am stopping by here to ask a favor.

if you never read another post on my new blog . . .

please .

please .

please read this one.



and for those of you who’ve never visited

the cozy minimalist . . .

it’s about more than minimalism.

it’s about everything i love.

just not so long~winded as the peanut perhaps! LOL.


see you there old bean!

see you there!

Dec 302013




this is slightly embarrassing.




one of the facts of my life.

i can never make a clean exit.


never could.

and for such a dramatic person too!

the first thing you learn in drama is . . .

make a clean exit.



what am i doing?


when the captain learned of my closing down the peanut

he chewed me out royally.

we knew he would didn’t we!


but that is not the reason for this post particularly.

the reason for it is to let you know  . . .

something you already probably knew anyway . . .


i love the blogging world and all the richness it has added to my life.

i simply just didn’t want to continue in such a long winded way.

the way i couldn’t seem to break from on the peanut.


and i LOVE change.  and NEW endeavors.

so . . .

after new year’s sometime soon . . .

i hope to have up a new little blog.

i’ve named it


life beautiful


unless somebody takes that name before it gets set up!

as always . . .  the captain will be the host.  and the one who does

the work behind the scenes that technically i have no desire to do.


i’m the lazy one who only likes the fun part.

and it will be fun!  at least for me.

and i hope for some of you too.


i LOVE change.  and new endeavors.

and every life should have some little new something on the horizon

of a new year!  don’t you think?

it keeps it interesting old bean!



embarrassing as it is . . .

leaving with such drama only two days ago . . .

the old girl is back.

the stage is dark here and she’s still on it!  LOLOL.

talking away.   good grief charlie brown!


the new little blog may not be your cup of tea at all.

it will be totally different i’m thinking.  at least i’m hoping it will.

but i’d be honored

if you’d drop by and check it out old bean.


i have no idea how to let you know it’s up.

unless i come back here and leave a message?

the captain will surely know.

as do many of you i’m sure!


my first love in this world is beauty.  then simplicity.  then cozy minimalism.

though knowing me . . . you know how i don’t actually like any kind of  ism.

it’s just easier to call it what the world calls it.



gotta go now.

yet another EXIT!

but . . .

before i do finally go from here now . . .

thank you from my heart for all the kind comments you left.

it’s a little like getting married then breaking up and

having to give all the gifts back!

embarrassing.  LOL.


but that’s nothing new for me.

it seems i’ve spent half my life embarrassed over one thing or another.

usually because i act first and think later!

as in this case.

but life is still so good!


SO. . .

til soon old bean.

til soon!



and a return to good health for those of us who need it!

SNOOPY HUG old bean.

Dec 282013



it matters not


a toast to new year


if your glass holds champagne.


my own will be holding sparkling white grape juice

and ginger ale!

and it will be in a simple little glass.


what matters i’m thinking

is that we toast to this new year when it comes.

it’s fresh.

  and clean.

and waiting.  and almost here!


i always want to clear things out about now.

clearing out near the eve of the new year.

both physical things and mental things.

it refreshes my spirit.  my whole self.

it’s been that way for as long as i can remember.

i embrace change.


i find i want my clean spare life

to be even cleaner and more spare these days.


i suddenly feel a rushing of time somehow.

  and i want to slow it down.

to only hold dear what matters.

to think more about what matters.

to keep what is needed to live a true life.


i like that my life is small.

it suits me.


i shoo away the monsters in my attic.

the attic of my mind.


i feel like the little girl that is still me.

she sees no ill will.

she braves all.

she loves life.

she is shy.

she doesn’t talk when there’s nothing to say.


i want to be like her again.

i want to be her again.  and i will.


she likes new starts.

she likes the blank white page.

she likes to move furniture around!


 old bean.

my toast for you this year is

a  bit o’ the wee.

it’s for . . .

 when new friends meet.


 and we have been new friends.

and my life is richer for it too.


i have no idea where my childhood friends are

that i sporadically grew up with!

i know many of you far better than i ever knew them.



 until we must toast the black watch   . . .

and i hope it is not this coming year for any of us!   . . .


i drink to you old bean.

a bit o’ the wee.


to smiles.

and hearts caring.





and since we are friends

i will share with you here a decision i have made.

and not made lightly.


i have decided to take the peanut off the table.


i spend far too much time at this computer.

and truth to tell . . . it’s still doctor’s orders to not sit here long.

and yet i’ve sneaked back into the habit.  it’s so addictive!


this year of 2013 has been a rugged ride.

i had a few surprises that i think have been meant to maybe

wake me up.



i will be making some changes for my health.

i will be spending my time

simply living life more.


i need to get out into the fresh air.

to walk as best i can.  to simply move around more.

i’ve got to get my health back.

 and i know all too well that . . .  much as i love it . . .

 sitting here will not do it.


i want to read more books instead of the computer.

to cook fresh vegetables

instead of frozen dinners

that are eaten here before this screen!  LOL.


i have enjoyed every minute of being with you.

of sharing my silly pontifications with you!

(all of you are so patient about that.  and kind!)

and of sharing my stories with you . . .

my bob . . .  and my past . . .  the funny . . .  the touching . . .

but now it’s the present.

and i want to be in it fully

and in person!


i’ll be dropping by your own blogs for sure because

i love them!

i’ll be visiting them all.  only maybe not as often.

and perhaps i won’t make so many comments on them.

i truly feel right now like i’ve said it all.  i do!


and i’m very tired of my own voice.

 i am old bean.


 i’m not quite sure how it works.

whether the peanut sits here for awhile

or whether it goes out into the ether.

if it sits here . . . and you find you miss me . . .

well . . .  you can always visit the past posts!

every one of them is on the side bar alphabetically by title.


actually . . .  come to think of it . . .

i may just pay whatever the fee is to keep it up for awhile.

  i might like to take the time to read back over everything

someday my own self.

i had so much fun doing them!

and the pictures from the web were

always nothing short of spectacular.

there are some very talented people out there.

many of you among them!

alas and as it were!


and to you that are really special friends now  . . .

well. you have my email address.

and i have yours.


and to my beloved captain.

  to whom i have said nothing about this

for fear he would talk me out of it in his gruff pirate way . . .

i thank you kind sir

for building this perfect little website for me.

it was a total surprise.

a delightful gift.

  and for always helping me with anything at the drop of a hat . . .  thank you.

it has been loads of fun.

  and i’ve met the best people in the world.

my captain included.

so that makes it ALL GOOD.


it’s been grand old bean.

it’s been simply grand!


sayin’ a hearfelt good bye here.

but i will be seeing you around the web!


your comments as always are so welcomed by me.

you know i treasure them.

i’ll put them on this last post but i won’t reply to them.

it would just be too much like pulling off a band aid for me!

feeling tears welling a little even now.

good grief charlie brown.  dragging this out.



a snoopy hug for you old bean.

Dec 272013


 would you believe?





the jetsons actually debuted when i was just starting 11th grade in high school.

we thought it was pretty cool !


it was a family’s life set in 2062.


talking to relatives on screens that showed them.

we have that now.


everything digital.

robots doing housework.

sophisticated gadgetry


sound familiar?


we don’t have the cars like saucers that fly through the air.


but we have cars that park themselves.

that tell you what direction to take.

that open the trunk when you point your foot

at the bumper . . .

and whose dashboard controls look like the

control panel on the airplane my husband used to fly.




speaking of which . . .

my engine light just came on this morning.

i don’t dare ignore it.

but i understand that it costs X amount for them to hook it up

to their computer and see what’s wrong before they even fix it!



gotta just love this new world.  you do old bean.

in many ways in my heart i know it’s better.

but then

why does it make me feel cold?  and small?  and tired?


just OLD i guess!  LOLOL.

times they are a changin’

and we either change with it or . . .


home future home

our homes don’t look very much like this.

and from all the home~styling blogs that i visit

i  think that the cosy old fashioned type of living will be long lived.


people like stuff.   they do old bean!

for every kind of reason under the sun.

and everybody likes comfort.


our technological lives continue to race forward

but our mode of living . . .  the way we live . . .

doesn’t seem to change all that much from year to year.

we eat.  we sleep.  we bathe.


i am the odd ball on the modern home front.

i find it easier there than anywhere to adjust to the new world.

if you can call it that.

i’m not a technological gadgetry type person.

but the sparseness and simplicity and beauty of clean clear spaces

give me that anytime and i could be happy.


for instance . . .

bed alcove

this is one of my favorite rooms.

i would be totally happy living here.  no clutter.  warmth in the wood tones.

serene.  modern.  and to me just very beautiful.


so. the ‘ home’ style of the jetsons would be fine with me no doubt.


then why  . . .


does this thing leave me stone COLD ?

why accept some things and reject others?

i honestly do not know.


cell phone


this thrills most people.  and they just can’t wait to get one!


i on the other hand . . . do not want a phone that turns on my

slow cooker while i’m out.  or turns off my house lights.

or contacts iceland to see if the glaciers have moved.


i want a simple phone.

that makes simple phone calls.


and i don’t want to have it at my ear while i shop for groceries

or jog in the park

or sit in the theatre

or while i eat at a restaurant

or . . .  heaven forbid drive in heavy traffic.

you get it.

when did the world get so HOOKED on phoning and talking

that they probably even take it and talk to some poor soul while they

POOP !!!

i say . . .

HANG UP !!!!


aw.  my monk.

you knew i wouldn’t last.

my soap box is an appendage.  and it’s on full blast today!


i’m sure there are those who want to yell back at me



so.  okay.

i’ll get off if you hang up.



it’s all in good fun old bean.

you might as well laugh.


and of course . . .

i don’t want to get totally off the ship yet.

contrary to what the title of this post says!


BUT . . .

controls washercourtesy:coguse.com


i do not want this on my washing machine.

i appreciate my clothes washing machine.

i’m very thankful for it.  very.

but i want simple dials. or buttons.  and only

necessary choices.   AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!

i dread the day i have to replace it.  and they’re only making

dials and buttons and more dials and more buttons  and  mor


i have not flown since before 9/11.

i understand it is unbelievably complicated now

to simply buy a ticket.

that’s even before you get to the airport

 in which you have to be at least 2 hours before your flight.


airline tickets


call me lazy.

i don’t mind.

but i don’t want to try to figure this out.

i want a ticket agent to make my reservations.

and besides . . . in making your own . . .

something called cookies can mess your life up apparently!  LOL




we complain there are no jobs.

perhaps it’s because EVERYTHING

from ordering your pizza to booking your flight

is done on a computer.  YOURS !



relax old bean.

i’m not mad.

just sayin’


somewhere along the line i just got off the bandwagon.



the truth is i only SORTA got off the bandwagon.

being a little hypocritical here i guess.


 i DO admit there are wonderful things now.

for instance

i still have a huge blood clot in my left thigh from that surgery i had.

runs the whole length of it.

some years back it would have been

an automatic death sentence.

just like the one that killed my father at 45.

he died before the new technology we have today.


now i take this pill once a day until it’s gone.

they said could be months could be years.

A box of Xarelto tablets is seen in this undated handout photo.and i live.

and i’m so grateful.


i apparently have a love hate relationship with the modern

ever changing ever more complicated world.


i want a real book to read for instance.

i see the value in a kindle or a nook.

but i want to hold a book.  and yes.

i know it’s killing trees.

but so are all the hardwood floors everyone INSISTS on having.

name your poison.


and when i check out the book i want at the library . . .


check out books


you guessed it old bean.

this just leaves me cold.


i want to look into the smiling face of a nice librarian.

i want her to still have a job.  one she studied for and enjoys.




there is much about mankind that reviles me.

the way he still treats women in some parts of the world.

as if we were still in the dark ages for pete’s sake.

who in their right mind would EVER think they have the right

to throw acid in a woman’s face?  dear god in heaven.


and the way he factory farms animals who live in abominable conditions.

until they are mercifully yet horrendously slaughtered.


and the way he so easily wages war on his fellow man.


all this i find so sad.


but with all that . . .

he never ceases to amaze me too.  his sheer strength.  his genius.

he is the one who spans oceans.

who builds ships that can carry people and goods.


best world bridgesbest-posts.com


who creates dams that makes crops grow.

and electricity to light our homes.

dampong dam.  courtesy:topnews.in


look at this!

he is amazing.

he can do all this.  and he is always doing ever more.

and when i say mankind it’s only convenient.

there are brilliant women right alongside!


i do not hate technology.  but it has its place.

and if it takes over our lives . . .



black simplicity signcourtesy:createwhatmattersmost.blogspot.com


i will still be forever and first of all

valuing the tiny part of the world . . .

my own little world actually

here at the wren house . . .

that reveres simplicity in all things.





simple happiness




it’s headed so fast to the world of the jetson’s old bean!

i hope you have found a happy balance too

with all the cold and efficient and growing technology.

it’s good.  and it’s exciting !


but so is a wonderfully simple life.

it allows you to rest from all of it.

there’s a place for simplicity too!

i say . . .

” come on in !  the water’s fine ! “


sandia sunsetsunset over the sandia mountains in albuquerque.


and most of the best things in life are

amazingly enough

still free!


snoopy hugs to you and your wonderful life old bean.

til soon.

til soon!

Dec 242013




happy egg and nog old bean!


it’s finally here.

christmas eve is upon us.


all the big busyness should maybe be over for you.

i hope you can relax just a little now!

that’s really what it’s all about charlie brown.

simple happiness and peace.


and so . . .

like the card says.

” welcome! “

stretch your legs a bit here.





from the little wren house

to your house!

a christmas house


it was quite the road trip.

i haven’t been anywhere in so long . . .

it might as well have been to europe for all the excitement i felt!  LOL.


‘course it apparently doesn’t take much for some people.  :D


much fun was had by all.

i am tired to the bone.  but it’s the happiest tired in the world.


with my little buddy jacob . . .

i played

army.  YES.  outside.  i wore a flack jacket and a helmet.

i think i was a general.  not sure.


i also played

king arthur and princess roxanne.

it’s a favorite.  we have to take the excalibur from the stone always

and then we have to knight the king.  and then of course there are battles.

then . . .

he played all by himself for i don’t know how long

with a HUGE cardboard box which morphed into MANY things.

he even slept in it one night by the fireplace!

 though mostly jacob slept on the loveseat and i slept on the sofa.


the marine had the guest room upstairs.

i didn’t do the stairs all that well.  so it worked out just fine.

and jacob and i always like to talk after lights out anyway.

it’s a good time to just visit.


i hope he keeps that imagination of his forever.


i also had long wonderful often funny talks with blake.

sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s 14!

he talks like someone much older.  he’s a love.


then we ate.  we ate out a lot.

then we ate in a lot.  LOLOL!

didn’t make it to old town.  but i hardly noticed!

everything was beautiful.

lights.  the mountains.  grins and laughter.


little dog watson slept every night with me.

a white furball of pure affection.

and once even little cat max came and sat long on my lap.

a treasured moment.  and rare!

i felt honored.


it even snowed a little while we were there.


in the high mountains it snowed all one night.

they were covered with white the next morning!  great for the skiers.

and yet in the valley . . .  very little.

just a dusting to make it look pretty.


when we drove back home last night

all the roads were dry thank goodness.

but the trees here at home are all laden with heavy ice.

the ice storm came here the very next day after we left for albuquerque!

many limbs are broken all over our city.  as always.

and yet it’s so very beautiful.

sad that it’s such damage as well.


and now . . .

here it is . . .  christmas eve.


i’m sure this will be the last year jacob believes in santa.

he told me in a very conspiratorial tone . . .

” you know tam . . .   the big kids are saying that it’s your mom and dad.

but i just don’t buy that.  it think they’re wrong.

i just feel like santa is real.  i feel it in my gut. “



but i did not laugh when he told me this.

he was sharing something very serious.


  if his little ‘gut’ wants to believe one more year . . .

well . . . i think it’s wonderful.  i love the magic of childhood.

many modern parents now think the santa thing should be done away with.


i say . . .

let them have the magic of believing if they want to.

childhood only comes once.  and it is so fleeting.

 it should be special.


oh.  and he told me he really wants a tuxedo.

he thinks he would look pretty cool in a tuxedo.


good grief charlie brown!  this kid!

he’s our character.



i don’t know about you.

but i’m going to have a very very very relaxing evening.

 this morning the marine brought me the whole series of

the BBC Scotland production of

‘ monarch of the glen. ‘


our town library has wonderful dvds to check out

free of course! and so he did!

SO . . .

i’ll be keeping that popcorn bowl full and

transporting myself to bonny old scotland later on this christmas eve!





not sure if they’re totally happy about it!

but how can it be christmas here at the wren house

without at least one picture of a dog?  LOL.

this one is courtesy of the tartan scot blog.  a favorite of mine.


well old bean.

it’s christmas eve afternoon.

and i’m about to have a cup of cocoa and tuck into a great book.

i’m reading a cosy little english murder mystery!

then maybe a nap.


being alone on the holidays is pretty grand.

one thing’s for sure.  you can do just what you darn well please!


til soon dear old bean.

til soon.


and happiest egg and nog always to you!



Dec 182013



i’m sure you’ve heard!

it’s old news by now.

but i’ve been invited!  and i’m so excited!

 audi signvia carfuel.in



the marine has asked me to join him in going to albuquerque

to have christmas with his only son and the son’s wife and two boys.

officially . . .

that would be mike and reve  ~ pronounced  ruh~vay ‘ ~  meaning dream in french

and jacob and blake.

and little dog watson

and little cat max.


 it’s about a 9 hour drive from where we live here in the smack middle of oklahoma.


down a long straight highway.  just like a child’s drawing.

and it’s big sky country!

montana only THINKS it has that claim!

they’ll just have to admit to sharing it with

new mexico.  ‘ land of enchantment! ‘

decathlonvia solarfeeds.com


after the year i’ve had . . .

it’s going to be SO nice to get the heck outta dodge !!!!

even if i am walking like chester.

i can walk like chester out there just as well!


and anyway. yesterday i bought me a cane!  i sure did old bean!

my left leg gave way the other day and i landed somehow on my knee.

i was trying to exercise my leg.  didn’t think much about it at first.

cause it didn’t hurt SO bad.  but now all of a sudden it’s singin’ me a tune!


it’s the same leg with the big ole blood clot.  that’s sounds so YUKKY

every time i say it.  i guess i’m still trying to get used to the fact of it!

and now my dang knee feels like a knife is going through it when i bend it.

good grief charlie brown!  enough already!

i’m beginning to feel a bit like job.  well.

 i mean jobeena!    LOLOL !!!


the cane will help me walk a lot easier i hope.  i don’t want to be the one

you know . . .   that slows everybody else down!

besides.  when i’m not using it to walk . . .

jacob and i can always have really neat sword fights!

remember he is king arthur and i am ALWAYS

princess roxanne.

or . . .  as jacob likes to call me . . .  ROXIE !!!


as you probably know

albuquerque is nestled in a huge flat valley.

it’s high desert country.

surrounded by the ancient chain of the grand sandia mountains.

they are so beautiful!  looming and protective.


albuquerque sunsetphoto courtesy michael barley


in the glory of a sunset like this it almost looks more like a toy city!


but it’s not.

Kirtland AFB is there and that’s where the marine’s son is stationed.

he just made master sergeant and is over a rather large group.

he’s a flight chief.

he’s career air force.  it’s something to do with the nuclear part.

all i know is he has quite heavy responsibility.  he works long hours.

  but i don’t know exactly what he does !  isn’t that awful?

  the marine has told me until i’m too embarrassed to ask again.


whatever it is . . . he has to have some kind of top security clearance.

and i’d hate to get anything wrong on here.

i should know but i confess i don’t!

  it always sounds so complicated and i can never remember exactly.

i wish i could blame that on age!

but the truth is . . .  my memory for official complicated details

has NEVER been good!  i liked it better when he was simply in

special security forces.

  and i think that still has something to do with what he does.

good grief charlie brown!!!!  LOLOL!!!


he has to be on duty over christmas ~ but has a few days off before.

so that’s why we’re going early.  even then he told his dad he will be on call.

i hope we get to see a little of him at least!


i am so excited to be going.  to see the marine’s family again!

they all mean the world to me.


here’s mike on the job below at another air base with a few of his men.

he’s the first one standing on the left.  dark hair.

the really good lookin’ one!


tiger and airforce one


and below . . .  is one of my favorite pictures . . .

it’s of  mike and reve just a few years back.  he has a lot more stripes on his sleeve now!

they make a neat couple i think.  they’re both just so darn gorgeous!


i didn’t think to get permission to put the boys’ pictures here.

and i don’t overstep those bounds.

so . . .

you’ll simply have to take my word for it  .  .  .  that  .  .  .

 jacob is an adorable 9 year old and blake is a handsome guy of 14 !




i hope jacob hasn’t grown too much.

blake was already taller than i am the last time i saw them!  growing up TOO fast!

they are beautiful boys.  and even better.  they’re good boys.

loving and respectful.  their parents are doing a great job with them.

and i’m thinking in today’s world that can’t be all that easy!


the beauty of new mexico where albuquerque is ~ is breathtaking.

but then i have always loved mountains.  ANY kind of mountains!


i’ve only been to nearby taos and santa fe once before.  ages ago with my bob.

they have their own special aura.  so much history. rich and full.


autumn evening on sandiaphoto courtesy frishmanphoto.wordpress.com


a winter sunset on the sandias.


mike and reve and blake and jacob can see the face of the sandias

easily from their house.

mike sometimes sits on their upper deck and just watches a thunderstorm

move in across the mountains.



the marine and i were there together that first christmas.

the first one without chris ~ the marine’s wife and mike’s mother.

she died in september of that year.  so you can imagine christmas was

especially hard only 3 months later.

then last year the marine went out alone to spend the second one with them.

it’s hard.  but as you know. the holidays can be very hard even without such loss.

  sometimes it seems like only yesterday that she was with us.


  she will be with us in spirit always.  because she loved christmas.

and she adored her son and those little grandsons so much!


that first year we got snowed in for two days.

the highway through the pass was eventually closed.

it looked like this!


albuquerque in snowvialubbockonline.com


barely beginning to snow in this picture.   then it snowed and snowed and snowed!

but we finally made it home.


albuquerque mountains

photo courtesy john mc cormack


how beautiful!

how i miss mountains.

i live in the flat lands.

i love forests.   i love the sea.    i love mountains.

and here i am in the land locked flat lands of the great prairie!  LOL!

oh well.

everybody has to be somewhere!

and i try so hard to bloom where i’m planted.

but i have to tell ya . . .



albuquerque old town squarevia new mexico.org


the beautiful square in old town at christmas.

i hope we can go to old town this trip.  i’ve only been once before and it was lovely!

yes. a little touristy perhaps.  but i don’t care.  i thought it was picturesque and real.

i’d like to see it this time of year with all the lights.

it’s small and quaint and historical.  and so pretty.




not remotely like this!

old town is more my cup of tea than albuquerque new town!

  or rather  CITY!

ever notice how all cities are basically pretty much alike?

well.  except my favorite city of all . . .  beautiful london.

there is NO city for me that compares to london.

the marine and i walked ALL over it.  memories old bean.

wonderful memories.


and since i hate shopping.  and heavy traffic . . .

a big city is just not generally a destination of desire for me anyway!



we’re off tomorrow!  on thursday the 19th and back on sunday the 22nd.

that is god willin’ and the creek don’t rise!


i’m grinning ear to ear here.  it was a surprise invitation and i’m so happy to be going!


taking a couple pairs of jeans.  two sweaters.  a jacket.

and a sweat shirt and sweat pants to sleep in.

undies and socks and tooth brush and DONE!

travelling light.  as always.


watson always sleeps with me whenever i visit them.

that’s a special treat in itself right there!

below is what watson looks like . . .  he’s as soft as silk !!!

i’m taking treats and a stocking full of toys for him.

and kitty treats for max.


this kitty looks very much like max.  I don’t have a picture of him.

he’s a loving kitty.  takes many naps and is a quiet presence.


cat like max


and then there is what watson here looks like!   oh Watson!

talk about a presence in the house!  LOLOL

he doesn’t run he bounds . . . like a little jack rabbit!

he’s a happy dog.  black button eyes.  and he grins.


dog watson like


see you soon old bean!

back here at the peanut.

maybe i’ll even have car lag!


til soon.

Dec 162013



 some thoughts for you

if you are . . .

on the outside looking in.

 girl looking invia hereismyheart-dianne.blogspot.com


it’s almost christmas.

short enough now to count by the days.


blogland is chock full . . . nigh onto bursting with the beauties

and the cheer and the joy and the busyness

of this holiday.


but what about YOU ?

what is your holiday time like ?


are you on the outside

looking in ?


i usually am.

it’s okay you know to admit it.

it’s not about self pity old bean.

so you can relax.  you’re among friends here at the peanut!


it just is what it is.

maybe you have no family.

maybe you have few friends.  and even they are far away.

maybe you don’t mind being alone.  but being alone

when everybody else is at the table . . .

well . . .

sometimes it hits you.  you know.  what you don’t have.

and that maybe you’re missing out.


best tree ornamentsviaforestina-fotos.deviantart.com


the beauty of the holiday is everywhere to be seen!

i happen to enjoy it very much.  it’s a good thing i do.

because it is hard to escape it!


if you can old bean ~ try to make your peace with it.

there’s no use fighting all the lights and the trees and the ornaments!


see this guy below ?


blues with gold background


is this you at christmas?



i’m here to tell you . . .

LOLOL!!!  and what else pray tell is new ?  LOLOL!!!


you don’t have to have a blue blue christmas old bean.

no matter what the song says.

as a matter of fact . . .

that’s number one in the christmas arsenal of survival

for those people who find themselves

‘ looking in. ‘


DO NOT listen to songs like

‘ i’ll have a blue christmas without you ‘

‘ i’ll be home for christmas ‘

‘ have yourself a merry little christmas ‘

‘ i’m dreaming of a white christmas ‘


they are all just too wonderful for words.

they are also land mines of the spirit if you’re having a hard time.

missing her.  missing him.  missing them.

just let them go this year.  maybe next year you can take it.


i’ve been pretty much alone now for the last 34 years.

and i’ve quite gotten used to it!

no parents.  lost them really early.

no husband.  he died too.

other family gone years ago.

only one brother. the marine.

and he was always busy with his own family up until two years ago.


not a litany of self pitying horror here old bean.

just simple facts.


the thing is . . .  after awhile you do get the hang of it.

you can be alone and still enjoy the holidays.

you can !!!

as a matter of fact . . .

and one that most people will NEVER understand . . .

i even now prefer it.

you can be lonelier in a crowd than you ever are alone.



i have lots of my own little traditions.

because i have a great love and need for beauty in my life . . .

i always put up a small tree.  and i love the lights!

i don’t however have any ornaments that open wounds.

i still can’t manage that one.  it would just be too hard.

but hey.  that leaves lots of beautiful treasures only you can enjoy!


unlike me . . .  seeing ornaments that bring all kinds of memories

might be just the thing for you.

whatever works for you.  personally.

i like just the pure white tiny lights on my little tree. very little else needed.

christmas survival


OR . . .

no tree?  wouldn’t have one?  no problem.

it’s YOUR life.  that’s one of the beauties in being alone!  LOL.


a chair and lamp

if your idea of heaven is a cosy chair and a lamp and a book

for christmas

or for anytime of year for that matter . . .

that’s a beautiful thing right there!

as beautiful as any christmas tree!


a flowered chair

and who’s to say there has to be christmas colors?

if the colors of spring are what make you happy  . . .

then surround yourself with that.  it’s your own life.

and it can be lovely.


i have found what works for me.

i enjoy many of the traditional things of the holidays.

but some of the more gut~wrenching  loss~reminders . . .

i stay clear of.  like the sentimental ornaments.

you will know what you can and can’t do.

but one fun thing i do enjoy . . .


i love to watch the corny old christmas movie classics!

you can find them at your library or movie rental places.

i own most of mine!

and this time of year they’re always on tv too.


and i even love to watch the NEW corny christmas movies!  LOLOL.

yes.  sometimes my taste is all in my mouth. LOL.

speaking of . . .

get you some pop corn and dive in.



a very simple life

I love those words !!!

they’re so true.


this post is not for the readers who are now such good friends . . .

the ones of you who leave wonderful comments each time.

just from reading your comments i see that you all have families

and happy busy lives!


but the captain sends my stats to me near the end of each month.

you know . . . telling the number of people who read this pontification peanut.


since January 2013 until now i’ve had

86, 752 visitors for the year 2013.

this month i have had 5, 149 so far and counting  .   .   .



i’m thinking out of that many people . . .

there are some of you old bean . . .  maybe even many of you

who have nobody.

who will be spending christmas alone.

who maybe even have come to hate the holidays

and wish it would all just GO AWAY !!!


that’s okay.  you won’t be accused of being scrooge here!

and i even have an idea or two that might help!


well now . . .  where did you think this was leading?  really ?



i say . . .

forget about eating all the holiday food !!!

instead try something totally ‘untraditional’ for christmas.

treat yourself to THIS !!!





lasagna  vegetablerecipes.wikia.com


and include a fresh salad!


a fresh salad




and if you don’t want to eat all this goodness in front of

an old christmas movie classic . . .

try watching this gentleman instead . . .

dame agatha christie’s  ‘ POIROT! ‘


i just love this little belgian.  he is NOT FRENCH.  he will tell you that.

he is the greatest detective in the whole world.

he will tell you that too!  LOLOL.

he is the beloved  hercule poirot.

played by the one and only

david suchet.

a detective famous no

such elegance!  such joi de vivre!


and he’s alone too !

and he QUITE prefers it that way.

thank you very much !


only he’s going to be solving

a cosy intricate english murder mystery!!!

you can watch him free on the internet.

poirot on youtube!

or no doubt your library has dvd’s of him to borrow.


the only thing better to me would be spending time in

london itself!  my favorite city.


this is the time of year when something as simple as


can lift your mood.

and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

a vivid punch of a single vibrant color can make all the difference!

never underestimate it.

and you don’t have to re paint your kitchen as below !


even just a throw pillow or two in an exciting new color

would be great for lifting the mood!


a color kitchen


a color bedroom

nary a sign of christmas in sight!  LOLOL.

the colors of citrus fruits and tropical flowers in the sun!

do what works for you.  it’s your mood. your life!


a wowzer

a jane coslick designed cottage at tybee island


her cottages are a riot of happiness in color.

you can see the simple magic she makes.

her blog is in my side bar of friends.  definitely unusual and worth checking out!


a cozy bed


and always . . .  a little christmas gift to give yourself . . .

a luxurious winter nap!


it’s the little pleasures in this life we must keep.

most especially during the holidays.  it makes up for whatever is missing.


and while we’re doing that . . .

it’s not a bad thing to remember those who also feel or really are alone

and miles and miles from home . . .

in not the best conditions . . .


JTAC Support Operation Spartan Shieldviagizmodo.com


that pretty much puts it into perspective.


well.  old bean.

another post with WAYYY too many words to say one simple thing . . .


‘ it’s not really so bad to be alone at christmas ! ’

or ANY time for that matter !


you’re certainly not the only one!  and yet i know it may feel that way.

i’m usually alone myself.  and will probably be again this christmas.

and if all else fails . . .  to help you through it if you’re having a rough time . . .

you can fall back on the usual thing that really is truly true !

IT IS  ’ just another day ‘ on the calendar.  and it will pass!

and soon . . .  it will be  . . .


brand new year

HOW BEAUTIFUL is that !!!!  a brand new year !!!!   YAYYYY !!!!


this year i may get to go and see the marine’s family before christmas!

only for 4 days.  and we’d be back before christmas itself.

but what an unexpected treat!  to be invited!  so lovely!

i’ll write about it here in a few days in more detail.

i’m still trying to decide if i’m up to the trip.  the bum leg and all.

don’t want to be a drag on everybody’s festivities!  i just have to see how i feel too.


the thing is . . .  sometimes it happens.   simply like that.

you just never know when something wonderful will happen to you!!!

stay open to all the possibilities.


but remember  THIS  . . .

you can make your very own holiday or NON~HOLIDAY  too!


come back on christmas eve if you find yourself alone.

 snoopy and woodstock and me.  and the little ghost of my zeke.

we’ll be here.


we’ll keep the light on for ya!


christmas tree thru window


til soon old bean.

til soon!

Dec 132013




you know.

of the children’s christmas pageant.

 cherokeect.orgimage via cherokeect.org



i’ve heard tell that the  “best christmas pageant ever”

is a warm and wonderfully hilarious book by barbara robinson.


i’ve never read barbara’s book.  and i intend to.



pardon me barbara.

i have my very own real best pageant ever too.


i’m going to start a tradition right here at the peanut.

many of you readers . . .  if you’ve been with me from the first

might remember it from last year.

i wrote a post about one of the most fantastic evenings i’ve ever spent

at the theatre.

ahem . . .   well.

  actually at the church.   you know.


and i’ve decided that each year it will be like a little cherished ornament.

i’m going to haul it out and dust it off and offer it up again

for your enjoyment.

and MINE !!!!

i lived through it!  the memories of it are indelible!

like it was YESTERDAY!!!


it’s precious.  and priceless.  and hilarious.

all those adjectives we use about the children we love.


now i don’t know how to link to a former post of mine on here.

i know.  i know.  i should be able to figure out something that simple

FOR MYSELF !!!  good grief charlie brown !

and my captain is too busy to mess with it right now.

he’s editing a movie!!!  YES! he is!  it’s about a real mermaid!

it’s going to be fantastic i think!  all under water.

what little i’ve seen of it looks quite beautiful.


and i digresss.



at the end of this post if you’ll just go to the friendly side bar

( kinda like a buffet where they keep all the desserts!  LOL )

but these desserts are a list of all my previous posts

on the peanut.


then scroll down til you can click on  AWAY WITH THE MANGER.


is that big enough print?  LOL.


i’m just hoping

that if you haven’t read it from last year . . .

and even if you have . . .

that you’ll join me in my new annual holiday tradition of . . .


“  away with the manger ! ”


the management thanks you.


til soon old bean!

til soon

Dec 122013




app for being thankful






cheerful fuchsia robevia pinconehill.com




this is identical to my nice soft warm robe.

this color makes me so happy.  it was always my favorite in the crayon box.

and it does wonders for one’s complexion!

especially if one is ‘under the weather’

  alas and as it were.

AND it’s just

so wonderful to cuddle up in on a winter afternoon and watch a great old movie.


don’t forget my socks!

i always am wearing socks in the house.

except in summer when i go only barefoot.


i love me some soft warm socks.  just the right length.

and the color is just right too.  so nice with the fuchsia robe.


a pair of warm socks


pass the popcorn please!

i’m thankful for the robe the socks the movie and the popcorn.


life is made up of such wonderful little things old bean!

like the nursery rhyme says . . .

” i’m sure we should all be as happy as kings! “



via blog.jinifit.com


good grief charlie brown!

will the old girl ever get enough POPCORN ????



supposedly the natives of peru were the first to pop corn.

about 6700 years ago !!!

who knew?


thank you incas!


and . . .

to eat it while watching a favorite old christmas classic . . .

well . . .

that’s nigh onto my kind of late afternoon.  or evening.  or . . .

just whenever you can get the chance to LIVE a little !!!


a christmas movie holiday innvia tistheseasons.blogspot.com


astaire. crosby.

a charming cottage that becomes holiday inn.

black and white and wonderful!


a house inspired


what a pretty picture from ‘holiday inn’

and that picture comes to us from a favorite blog showing movie houses!

hooked on houses.net

you have to click on the movie houses in the bar at the top of her blog.

she has pictures of houses in almost every movie you can think of!



and speaking of snow . . .

ours is melted.


yesterday the sun shone all day long.

drip. drip. drip.

the special lilting music of melting snow!


a most particular beauty to be thankful for . . . and i am!




and speaking of light.  i’m thankful for light.  all light.

sunlight . lamplight . moonlight


tiny twinkly lights !


thankful for little tiny twinkly lights on the thinnest of copper wire.

so delicate they’re almost magical.

i saw them first on the blog i speak of below.


the next images come to us here at the peanut from

the ‘ gardenista ‘ blog.

it’s a most enchanting place!

you should visit it on one of these winter afternoons.

you won’t be disappointed!

i find these pictures charming in their simplicity.


you KNEW i’d just have to get that word in didn’t you old bean!  simplicity!


a cheery little kitchen

via gardenista


this tiny gem of a kitchen is all dressed up for the holidays!

beautifully so.


a cheerful table

via gardenista


so fresh. clean. simple.

 beautiful like a scandanavian  forest in the snow.

and there are those tiny lights on almost invisible wire again!

i do love this.


a cheery living roomvia gardenista of course!


fairy lights.  any time of year!  but now . . .  in winter time . . .

even more magical.


a cheerful blue spruce



a cheerful little tree




time to go.

just wanted to share a few little things that i’m thankful for this thursday.


and you old bean.

i’m always thankful for you!

thank you for coming by here.  day after day.

putting up with my pontification and all.

but we have fun don’t we!

it’s always good to see you here.


HA!  only 649 words here today.   ONLY ???  !!!  LOL.

well . . . getting some better.  it’s an uphill struggle for moi . . .

you know . . .   little by little with my ‘simple and spare’ writing challenge . . .

and it’s not even new year’s yet!

i’m practicing already.  but then i need all the practice i can get.




just kidding.  LOL.  i’m still gonna practice!!!


til soon old bean.

til soon!