for once

for once i have absolutely NOTHING to say. . my goodness folks!  is she sick?  is she feverish? LOL!  nope. you know only too well that    sometimes i simply get all talked out. and now it’s just a very quiet time here at the peanut. . i’m sending love to each one of you. you’re the BEST! and … [Read more…]

living a small life

there’s a movement going on old bean! and it’s exciting!           ~ but first.  some thoughts about why we needed this movement. in the 80’s there was a catch phrase from a popular movie that described the era. ~ ”  GREED IS GOOD  “ ~   our country bought into that … [Read more…]

our work here

  do not ask how did we get here ! .       do not ask . why are we here ! . . life IS . . tell THIS tell ALL . . . . amidst the broken edges of the world that slice the heart may we find solace dear friends. . … [Read more…]

a tiny winged soul

house sparrows they are the common folk of bird land. . maybe they’re not brightly colored. maybe their chirruping is not the most melodious. maybe they can be a nuisance if you park under a tree where they reside. but lo! they have ALWAYS been a favorite of mine!  my whole life i have loved … [Read more…]

making the best of it

. . this picture I saw recently made me think of my mother. and I realize that so much of what I am now is because of her. . my little mother was my best friend throughout my early life. I never went through that horrible stage that some teenagers do. you know . … [Read more…]

mini living . when i say i’m a minimalist . . . usually people immediately get a mental picture of how they think i live. . a white cube. nothing in it.  nothing of beauty to look upon. hard edges. cold. . and for the die hard purists living it  . . . i suppose that might be true. and truth … [Read more…]

darkest before the dawn

. sometimes this world seems so dark old bean.  we’re all feeling it. sometimes it’s downright scary. IF you think about it like that. . which i don’t.  not anymore.  i’ve just been thinking about all of it lately. . and i think we’re experiencing the darkest just before the coming dawn. . tragic things ARE happening everywhere.  … [Read more…]

to you

our lives are like ripples in water. we touch everyone we meet. in one way or another. . that first little drop is so important. . it always was and it always will be the most important job you’ll ever have. . happy mothers day! . to all of those who hold now or held then … [Read more…]

our hearts to yours alberta

canada burning. . . 88,000 people evacuated from one city alone. homes lost. . the devastation that wildfire brings. . at last count 49 wild fires burning. ~  here where i live . . . tornadoes leave devastation too . . . but at least they LEAVE QUICKLY. . this wild fire has raged for days. and … [Read more…]

cinco de mayo

. YAYYYY!   OLE! . it’s cinco de mayo! . i love this day. it’s a day of celebration. joy ! outrageously beautiful color ! music ! dance ! and TEX MEX!!! LOLOL! yes. a favorite cuisine here where i live. and i absolutely LOVE IT! ~ YUM !!! ~  actually it can be very healthy. my favorites … [Read more…]