Feb 042016
dundee. vicki. and me

I LOVE AUSSIES ! there. i said it. . except you better pronounce it OZZIES. . yup. i love everything about Australia. . courtesy:canberra.usembassy.gov . well! with the exception of the spiders and snakes. but then they’re not my favorite thing about ANY place old bean! LOLOL! sorry to all the arachnoidologists and serpentinologists out there. […]

Jan 302016
if i have to

i can always be very grown up. if i have to. . and i always appreciate elegance. . somewhere in me is this persona . . . . i’d say . . .  about one percent. . dame Helen mirren. courtesy:tartanscot.blogspot.com . i adore downtown abbey. i enjoy the idea of fine china ~ old […]

Jan 272016
little winter fantasy

i love little. i love cozy. . and it’s this time of year that i begin to enjoy a simple little winter fantasy. the small small trailer blog dot com . . i’m very content actually. and i dearly love the wren house it’s my own little cozy place. 525 square feet of a previous executive hotel […]

Jan 252016
the not so fine art of seduction

this is going to be a PG rated post. i’ll try to keep it as clean as possible. . once upon a time a whole lifetime ago now . . . in 1963 i was a little teenager wannabe sex goddess. .   it was the age of drugs sex and rock and roll. . but NOT […]

Jan 212016
irascible and unforgettable

i’ve talked many times about the captain. and i’m sure you’ve all wondered what he looks like. . courtesy:paintingsofseacaptains.tumblr.com . AND from some of the few photographs i’ve seen of him . . . he looks uncannily like this painting i found of a sea captain. . my sea captain is  . . . well. what do you say about […]

Jan 072016
a certain elegance

  don’t you like the word less? i do!   pic~courtesy:raspberryjamdesign.ca . less. it’s such a little word for a BIG idea! . it’s the idea of less in your life leading to what my captain likes to call a ” more better ” life! . yup. . and don’t let the word less scare you […]

Dec 262015
red in the wren house

brrrr …. the wind. it’s howling. the rain. it’s raining. ice is forming out there as we speak. . we are told to stay home. . stay home. light the corners. . know where your candles are. and extra warm blankets. be prepared. . in northern minnesota once . . . a long time ago . […]

Dec 062015

fresh green growing peanut on the table.    a gift to me from my favorite captain.  you all know the story by now. old news. . a total surprise!  amost four years ago. and much appreciated. . i have written all my life. . way before computers  i always kept a journal. . writing my thoughts […]

Dec 012015
each age

courtesy: artist charles wysocki . funny. funny how when you first look at pictures like this… you maybe think… “OH! how wonderful!” . how beautiful and clean it was. and how simple. and real. . well. it was real alright. really inconvenient! . no hot water running out of the nonexistent shower head! no flushing toilet. […]

Nov 212015
a toast to life

i’m sorry the peanut has been silent so long here. . the child in me has felt a little like this lately. but i’m finally coming around.  i see lights on the shore now. and it’s a good feeling. . courtesy:youxin2009.deviantart.com  ~ where home awaits by pesare .  if i in my safe little wren house […]

Nov 062015
even her hair!

LOLOL.   yup. i’m laughing already. good grief charlie brown! . courtesy:studio-mcgee.com . rue and dewena have maybe fainted again. and peggy is probably not far behind! and so many of my other friends here . . . to name them all would be a post in itself. i love you so! . and i truly LOVE visiting all your […]

Oct 312015
the empty drawer

it’s dark thirty. early morning as i write this. . the big window is open. the air is crispy cool and refreshing! . and up on the highway i hear a muffled silver stream of trucks. the same ones in which people in cars get so irritated during the day. . sitting here . . . they amount […]

Oct 222015
dear diary

    dear diary shhh…. listen! it’s raining. finally.  after unfulfilled promises for 90 days. it’s raining.  here on the dry prairie. there is the distant rumble of thunder. and i can smell the earth beneath my window.   just the rustling sound of the drops on parched leaves… and the sound of tiny streams running through the […]

Oct 162015
yada yada yada. yes again!

good grief charlie brown! WHAT ?  another post already ??? . well here’s why.  had to get it out of the DRAFT CLOSET! LOLOL!!!   YES! it’s what minimalists do. CLEAR IT OUT! . courtesy:pixabay.com . actually . . . this is the post that was supposed to be in place of the last post called […]

Oct 102015
so far so good

hello there old bean. . another sunrise. . and this one is downright glorious i’d say! . courtesy:jinqiaojs.com . it’s what i call my fresh start. . nope. i don’t mean i’m moving to a beautiful tropical island. . i’m probably where i’m going to be now. . and that’s okay. . because the marine is here in town. […]

Oct 052015
a birthday in the stars

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to DOCTOR NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON 57 years old today. . . a loveable brilliant controversial astrophysicist who makes science and the study of the universes and the galaxies FUN! and EXCITING! . today is his 57th birthday. . below is his office. . courtesy:NASA.  and chandrapress.harvard.edu . he is so refreshing in the world of dry and […]