moving on old bean

well old bean. here’s the deal. . you are just the BEST! from the very first post on the peanut YOU have made me feel welcomed  and appreciated  and even loved . heck. most of the time here i have even felt pretty darned cool! . we’ve laughed and we’ve cried and we’ve fought many causes! . judging from some of the … [Read more…]

good grief are you still here?

my goodness gracious! on september 7th the little peanut turned 4 years old. . who woulda coulda thunk there was that much to blab about for FOUR WHOLE YEARS! . my mother once told me that i talked from an extremely young age. and the truth is .  .  . i haven’t shut up since. . thank you … [Read more…]

the first taste

here where all is still green or brown because of drought only the calendar says it’s autumn. . but i have never minded much about such facts and things. in my heart it looks like this! . i awoke this morning to thunder and rain. no sideways rain as is usual here in my windy prairie country. … [Read more…]

finding the center

. the colorado trip has been postponed. don’t feel sorry!  or sad for me old bean. i’m not sad about that. there is time. plans needed to be changed. . instead we will probably go out to georgia .  .  .  or is it down to georgia sometime in october. that is where the marine’s … [Read more…]

simply jack

on the other side of this world today there is sorrow. my vicki. her jack. his passing. it’s unspeakably hard. it has been the source of the darkness i have been feeling. . this blue boy. beloved blue australian with fur that looks wiry but wasn’t. it was silky and soft to the touch. perfect to … [Read more…]

who dunnit?

who dunnit? is tammy’s muse wounded?  lost?  kidnapped?  DEAD? . we do not know. but we will get to the bottom of this. . peanut readers have been MORE than patient. it’s time to put some super sleuth on the job! many of them are out of work now.  and could probably use the money. … [Read more…]