cinco de mayo

. YAYYYY!   OLE! . it’s cinco de mayo! . i love this day. it’s a day of celebration. joy ! outrageously beautiful color ! music ! dance ! and TEX MEX!!! LOLOL! yes. a favorite cuisine here where i live. and i absolutely LOVE IT! ~ YUM !!! ~  actually it can be very healthy. my favorites … [Read more…]

an expensive day?

this post was originally from 2012. but since it’s that time of year again . . .  have washed its face and refreshed all the lost images due to the recent hacker on my peanut here. . it’s a fun post. and if you’re planning a big day or know of someone who is . … [Read more…]

a very nice way

this post is for all the ladies. but of course you men are always welcome here at the peanut! and you may find something of interest in this post too. . just a very nice way to start our first week in may! . we’re celebrating a favorite of mine here today on the peanut. . HELLO THERE … [Read more…]

duck lessons

hello old bean! thanks for stopping by. . i love that beautiful picture above!   don’t you? it makes me think of energy.  a light filled energy! . little by little i’m learning to attract the positive energy out there. . the one that connects us all to each other  .  .  .  just like in the … [Read more…]

Be Patient!

The peanut is getting overhauled.  It will take a little while.  So be patient. Study your notes.  There will be a test later. Capt. Fritter