Jan 242015



PLEASE !!!  HELP !!!  HELP !!!


such a beautiful scene above.



it’s also a house painter’s nightmare.

there’s a story here. and a reason for this picture.

and i’ll tell you in a minute.


OH! and

 i’m thinking it might turn out to be too long.

you know only too well how my stories are sometimes.

so you can just quit reading any time old bean.



some tools of the trade are pictured below.

i learned to use them well.

that . . .

and the three inch brush for ‘cutting in’

cutting in

the brush that filled my entire hand. you do NOT use a small brush.

and it was the hardest thing i had to learn how to use.


that and wielding a 12 foot ladder around.


but learn i did!  and i loved it!


cutting in

meaning getting a CLEAN razor sharp line of paint on an edge

where ceiling and wall meet. or wall and baseboard.

or where shelves meet the wall.


how to get JUST the right amount on a roller.

making it easier to blend . . .

so that there are no lines left on the wall.


it’s a skill.

5 gallon bucketcourtesy:simplyrooms.wordpress.com


and it meant

 working SO HARD all day long

that i didn’t have time to think. to cry. to do anything but



i would come home exhausted. but it was not the empty

exhaustion of grief and loss and mental fog.

i would take a shower and shampoo my hair and eat.

and i felt rested somehow.



but i was young.

it was long ago.




bob died in early july of 1979.


  almost immediately after he died

i worked as a secretary

in a huge corporation

rich with thickly carpeted offices.

in the middle of the oil boom then.

the corporation was called




technical oil tools corporate operations


a subsidiary of

baker’s international.


i worked there for only 6 months.

my young boss was so uptight about


in his life . . . home problems . . .  as well as work problems

that the tension there everyday could be cut with a knife.

i did feel sorry for him.  i think he was going through a divorce.



i was a young newly widowed know~nothing back in the work force.

and smack in the middle of my own personal grief.

grief that i was keeping hidden.

because i wanted to be PROFESSIONAL.

i was sorry for him

 but i had little energy left for his unprofessional problems.


i was exhausted

emotionally and physically and running on empty.


being around him and being his

‘listening post’

was the last straw on my feebly constructed house of straw.



 one day i turned in my two weeks notice and left


in the grand bahamas.



the bahama princess hotel right on the beach.

it was the first vacation i’d had in years.

the only thing missing was my beloved bob.


but it was beautiful.

i just rested. soaked up sun. played in the surf.


i did some soul searching there in the bahamas.


but even then . . . it took another 6 months to realize

i needed to do something else . . . or thought i did then anyway . . .

with my life.

my goodness.  i guess i had become a job hopper!


that first year after losing bob . . . i just wasn’t settled.

the next 6 months were spent working at the university.


here. the magnificent gothic bizzell library.


bizzell library

i loved my job at the bizzell system of libraries at the university!


you know that old bean.

i did a post about it.

in the short 6 months there . . .

it’s in the side bar

named  ‘ my bad ‘

but . . . here’s the thing . . .


i just needed to feel free of mind problems.  i can’t explain it actually.

i had a longing to not think. i needed awhile where i didn’t think.

that sounds terrible to admit here.

because most of my followers on the peanut are DEEP thinkers!

but it was true about me then.


and yet i knew i had to earn a living.

and i’ve never been afraid of hard work.



once again i gave my two weeks notice to the library.


a friend of mine introduced me to a house painter

named patrick.



 an adventure of well over a year in my life most unusual began!

uh oh. what a sentence.  LOLOL.

but alas alack and as it were . . .  true.


i had grown up helping my mother paint our rental houses.


not the outside. but the inside.


so fresh so clean.

i loved everything about it!

the wonderful smell of the paint making everything new.



when i somehow talked patrick into hiring me . . .


i apprenticed to become a professional painter.

'You're never going to follow me in my trade, Son - you may as well go to university.'

and i spent the next year of my career life . . .

doing just that!

painting i mean! LOL


painting apartments. painting houses inside and out.

painting two stories with ladders within 2 feet of the pool’s edge.

i was the only woman that i knew doing that in that ‘ man’s world ‘.

at least in those days i was here. surely there are many others now.


i was never treated with anything but respect.

maybe good natured laughter at first yes.  . . . but later

when i had learned my trade . . . respect.


i worked for patrick for the better part of that year.

i even made it past the 6 month mark!


he worked for himself and just used a helper.

i was that helper.

my mistake later was thinking i could leave him and work for


i had a little white mazda pickup… my own ladders…

and equipment.

i even had a special dolly that i could roll the

extremely heavy 5 gallon plastic buckets of paint around on . . .

so i didn’t have to ask for help from anybody.

you have to be able to carry your own weight.


speaking of weight.

i weighed 105 pounds.

and about 50 pounds of that was hair.


here’s what i looked like in those house painting days.

regular peanut readers have seen it before.

it’s in a sort of autobiographical post on the side bar over there.




naturally wavy hair like a country western singer

and as thick as mud . . . and the color of mud too!


yes. i know.

why on earth wasn’t i wearing a hair cut like i wear now?


i just crammed it all up underneath a ball cap every single day.


that adorable boy is jacob and blake’s daddy.

master sgt  mike.  my marine’s son. and my nephew.

he’s six feet tall now.

let’s you know how long ago it all was.


patrick was very patient with me.


once he left me alone in a very large very expensive empty house.

i was told to have it completed by the end of the day

while he worked in another part of the city.


we started at 5 a.m.


i worked all day.  i took a peanut butter jelly sandwich for lunch.

and a thermos of water.


i left for home finally at 7 pm that night bone weary and sore.

it was on a friday.


he informed me on the following monday morning

that he had to re~do the entire house over the weekend.

i had not used enough paint on my roller.  it dried with lines.

not acceptable.

a hard lesson indeed.


see the picture at the beginning of the post?


it truly IS lovely.  but no doubt why i don’t particularly like





these pictures of course are not the real house in the first of the post

or the little out building as the one above . . .

but they are uncannily similar.


patrick worked on the front of the big house.

my job was the little outbuilding

covered with climbing rose bushes.


and with other shrubbery all around.


instructions from the owner were adamant.




you couldn’t see it.

but at the back of that little house . . .

she had used barbed wire to hold up one of the vines.



 old rusty barb barbed thorn fence wirecourtesy:zmkstudio


and RUSTED barbed wire at that!

why on earth would somebody string that kind of wire

to hold up climbing roses.

roses have thorns enough themselves!!!



this is WAYYYY too long already.

so let’s just end this sad tale.


1. tammy sets up her ladder on the side of building.  it’s taller than the one in the picture.  she has to be careful not to harm the bushes below . . . she has to duck between the wire and the roses.

2. she is wearing a white short sleeved t-shirt.  two places on her arm are already bleeding from the thorns. she somehow manages to get entwined in the barbed wire reaching for the eves.  and  . . . WHAT???? YES!!! lo and behold!!!  a lovely WASP’S nest right up under the eave.  and not an old nest either.  ZZZZZZ ZZZZZ

3. OH LORDY!!!!  OH NO!  wasps wire thorns high on a tipping ladder a can of paint . . . ALL are terrible combinations for disaster.

4. HELP!  PATRICK!!! HELP!!! PLEASE HELP HELP!!!  can he hear me? he’s all the way up front!

5. he hears me.  he arrives.  he does not laugh.  he makes his way through the roses.  he removes the paint can.  CUSTOMER CARES first.  of course.  the wasps are swarming.  i’m not bitten yet. but the thorns and barbed wire are working me over.  every way i move i’m constricted by the wire that has twisted all through my shirt.

6. he says BE STILL.  0@#$%!  yes.  he used very colorful language. at me? at the wasps? the wire? the roses?  nope.  we ALL know.  probably ME.

7. i hear a ripping sound.  he’s literally tearing the shirt off my back.  the only way to untangle me. he then grips me around the waist with one strong arm while holding the wire over my head with his other arm. with one swift turn he gets us both free without even getting a scratch on him.

8. i am now standing there for all to see . . . half naked and bleeding and needing a tetanus shot.


i lost my shirt in another way too old bean.



by the end of that year and into the new one . . .  i weighed 89 pounds.

i wound up in the hospital.


i had tried to bid my own jobs.

i lost money on every one of them.


a silly little girl thinking she knew how to do it all.




i collapsed on a job site one day and had to go to the hospital.

i hadn’t been eating apparently. food costs money!

and i was just working very very hard.

not a combination for good health.


BUT . . .

it had a happy ending old bean!

after a very rough spell i’ve already told you about . . .


i got my wonderful job at the big hotel and conference center.

you remember!

that was super fun.  and i dearly loved the people i worked with.



i tell you what old bean . . .

next time you see a guy or a gal up on the top of a ladder

paint brush or roller or sprayer in hand . . .

tip your hat with respect.


it’s not an easy job.


and if you grow roses . . .






til soon old bean.

til soon!


and if you made it to the end of this epistle . . .


Jan 192015

in your life

sign simple things


do you have things that just upon seeing them

or thinking of them

bring you a feeling of




like this picture?


window curtain blowingcourtesy:kuwans.com


i can literally look at this picture and feel the air.

i can see the swell of the gossamer simple white curtains.

just the movement and the breeze

and the greenery outside

promises of spring.


and oh. i don’t know!

it simply brings me joy.


and if the picture alone does that . . .



you can imagine what the real open window does old bean!

as a matter of fact . . .

it has been so warm here the last few days

i could have my big window OPEN!!!

all day!

what a wintertime gift.


and the northeast part of our big country

was suffering with


 of huge proportions at the same time.

oh my!

i hope you peanut readers there are safe and warm now.

i was thinking of you during that dear bean.



it’s a time to think of simple pleasures for sure.

other than the weather!


 maybe this pleasure?


this strange little fruit!

i just love them.


who was the very first person to have the courage to

break into that dark nubby outside and then

try the delicious pale soft and subtle inside?


but i’m SO GLAD they did!




the simple





delicious and full of healthy stuff.





blowing bubblescourtesy:susannoonanmd.com



was and continues to be a magical wonderful thing to me.

i loved it as a child.  and i love it now.


is it good for the environment?  i have no idea.


but it’s a simple lovely quiet enchanting part

of childhood pleasures.

and yup.

i still keep a bottle and a little bubble wand on hand

here at the wren house!

you never know when you might want to blow some bubbles.




here is one of my favorites.


the simple little house sparrow.


house sparrowcourtesy:animalphotos.me


i’ve always loved the common folk of bird land.

and the little brown sparrow is my favorite.


they’re industrious.  cheerful.

yes. they are cheerful.


they don’t have the vibrant flash of the cardinal or blue jay

or finch.


they just go about their business being

simple. brown. small.




one could do worse in this world than to imitate

a little brown house sparrow.


 and last.

but not least.


only the mere thought of the


i can just think of them and smile.


to me they’re like

little rolls royces!


london cabcourtesy:placeilive


just to remember being there is enough!

but then to remember . . .

riding in one to the queen’s theater

one enchanted evening to see . . .

with my beloved marine and his dear wife . . .


phantom of the opera!


we stepped inside a london taxi

 one of only five or six we took the whole time there.

and we were never disappointed!


all were shiny black


each one with immaculate dove grey interior.


clean would be an understated word!

amazingly clean really.

obviously a point of pride for driver and the city.

and what a pleasure to ride in one!


dove interior


it makes me happy

just to know there is a huge city filled with people

and the taxi cabs that are at their service

are almost like little identical rolls royces!



well. humor me old bean.

they are to me.


if you ever took a taxi in new york or chicago

or in all of our great cities really . . .

with their grime and grit and rattling around  . . .


suffice to say.

it’s a treat to ride in the london taxi.

and one of life’s little excellent pleasures.



that’s surely enough for this time.

there will be other pleasures posts on other days.

because i just love life’s little pleasures.


you no doubt have your




it’s fun isn’t it?

i could fill a book with all of mine.


i haven’t even scratched the surface here!

one book could be dogs alone for pete’s sake!




sometimes i like to just take stock of all my pleasures

and think of them.

and keep adding to them.

it’s a great little inventory to keep.

kind of a lift to my day.


i hope you have a pleasure full day today


have a wonderful week old bean!


til soon old bean.

til soon!

Jan 162015

 a discovery old bean

in the wee small hours

time in hour glass

i often awake now in the wee small hours of the morning.

this morning it was 2:30.

i try not to start thinking.  you know? because that’s a sure way to not get back to sleep!

but this morning my mind had a mind of its own old bean.

it was the day of my 34th birthday.

he is lying on the cream colored sofa in our living room.

this has been his bed for the last six weeks.

i sleep in a chair pulled as close to the edge of the sofa as possible.  just to be near him.

right now i’m sitting on the floor.  my face is inches from his beautiful face.

even the chemo could not take his hair.  and he has had much chemo.

he is thin.  but he is still the handsome boy i married almost 16 years ago.

today is my birthday.

he says “i didn’t get you anything for your birthday.  not even a card.”

i say

“you are all i want for my birthday. and this.”

i kiss him on the mouth.

his mouth that is so clean and smooth.  the mouth that seldom smiles now.

he kisses me back.  i kiss him again and again.

dry kisses.

no passion in these kisses.  passion is long since spent.

passion takes energy.  and his energy now is used simply to keep breathing.

but these are the sweetest kisses in the whole world.

he whispers “happy birthday my girl.”

i do not cry.

4 weeks later he is gone.

i’m not even crying now as i write this.  my tears are spent long ago.

and yet.

my memory this morning . . .

i was THERE.  right there with him again.

the only reason i’m bringing this up old bean . . .

not to elicit sympathy.  the days for sympathy are long gone.

i’ve been without him now longer than i ever had him.

the reason i bring this up is . . .

as i was lying in my bed in those wee small hours of this morning . . .

re~living in my mind . . .

that absolutely beautiful birthday with the dry kisses as my present . . .

i literally felt inside

that i am still brand new 34 years old!

and it dawned on me . . .

we never really grow old.

am i so late in the game at discovering this???  LOLOL

i’m sure many or even all of you have learned this secret without me!

but it’s true.  we do not age on the inside.


i hope to grow wiser inside.  of course.

but my feelings.

my sense of self . . .

it’s the most amazing thing.  i’m not old!  i’m exactly whatever age i want to be.

whatever age i feel!   i’ve said it.  you’ve said it.  we’ve all heard it til the cows come home.

“you’re only as old as you feel.”

i always thought they meant how you physically feel i guess!

“age is a state of mind.”

there’s another one!   and i thought it meant you need to simply ‘think’ young.


it’s not about thinking.

it’s about feeling.

our outside becomes more and more fragile.  we can’t physically do what we used to do maybe.

but inside.


the inside is bursting with health!  and vitality.  and the same emotion we felt at any given age.

i can even still feel like i’m jacob’s age!   and OH!  that was a VERY GOOD AGE for me!

10 years old!!!   i can feel it as if it’s right here TODAY!  as a matter of fact i usually do.  LOLOL.



that’s all i have to say this morning.

dry kisses and time.

what more can a person ask from this life?

to know that kind of love once.  and to be able to feel its presence inside your heart

at any given time in your life.

you gave me one of my best birthday presents ever my darling bob.

til soon old bean.

til soon!

Jan 132015

there is a place i go

i have for always . . .

or anyway . . .

for a long long time.


room white carpet



there is a place i go.

in my mind. when i need to.

it’s an empty room.  and there is light.  and it is cool when i want it to be cool.

and it is warm when i want it to be warm.

and there is always fresh air to breathe.

and in my mind i can easily sit on the floor.  and the floor is comfortable.

the carpet is clean and smooth.  and soft to the touch.  and it’s good.


snow and bed



in my mind


in my real life

every room is simple.  there is everything i need.  nothing superfluous and cluttered.

it’s so easy.  so comfortable.  so light and welcoming.  i relax.  i do not need tons of STUFF.

i look out the window and am delighted that i see whatever there is to be seen.

it is enough.

it may not be a grand vista.  nor even a very beautiful view.  but

there is always beauty to be seen. there is always beauty you know.

if only in the way a roof slants just so . . . and the branch of a tree sways in a breeze.


mind with sea



cup and saucercourtesy:becomingminimalist.com


i love all kinds of china!  i love the IDEA of having a lovely set of dishes for breakfast.

and pretty vintage plates to have ladies join me in charming luncheons with tea.


here’s the thing old bean.

i don’t drink tea.  i like the idea of it better than i like the tea.

and i don’t even know enough ladies to have them at the wren house for special lunches.

the truth is

my beautiful and plain set of simple white dishes is all i need.

and they are all that i own.


lovely clean and white

they never cease to delight me.

they let the food on them be the star of the show!


and . . .

if i do have to want a special occasion to shine . . .

i can do it just as well with simple white dishes!


simple white elegance



simplicity as artcourtesy:savycomsoftware.com


there is art in living a simple minimalist life.  people tend to think it’s not very pretty.

but that’s just not true old bean!

what IS true of course  . . .   is that it’s not for everyone.

  we all do what works best for US.

most people feel happier and more secure with LOTS OF STUFF around them.

and there’s nothing wrong with that at all!

please never think i’m pushing minimalism on you.  i just love talking about it!

it makes me happy.

minimalism doesn’t  have to be so minimal as to be clinical.  and that IS true!

i find

the more the world is with me . . . and it’s been much with me of late . . .

and the more my mind becomes cluttered . . .

the more i’m in need of rest

and the more i need my minimalist way of things.

it’s as if it says to me . . .

be calm.

 you have all you need. life is still good.

then i become overwhelmed with gratitude for my own life.

in my life

i have beauty to look upon.  and function.  and comfort. and love.

my mind can relax.  i can breathe easily.  i have space.

and i have just enough.  and i am not drowning in stuff.

and . . .

as martha has said so many times that it’s almost very tiresome now . . .

if it weren’t so true in this case . . .


cozy minimalism.

” it’s a good thing. “

she might say it . . .

and i do too!


til soon old bean.

til soon!

Jan 112015

paris tower





je ne suis pas charlie



i am not charlie




i am the pain of it all.


i am the senselessness of it all.


i am

the fierceness of the freedom in the parisian heart right now.




at the same time

i am wondering too


if in our age of total freedom



we have not slowly lost something rather dear.







in our modern time . . .

there is simply no reverence left.


it really has nothing to do with religion

that i’m talking about here . . .


we even see it in how we’re treating our planet.

our wildlife.


our road rage


let alone  . . .

simple reverence for the way other’s might believe.



reverence is too strong a word.

it raises a red flag right there!


maybe consideration is a better word here.


we live now in an age where we literally

make fun of everything and everybody.

we take it as



our children are learning it well.

when they do it we call it



it’s all about freedom of expression.

verbal or artistic.


and these days the more

‘in your face’

the more press it receives.

it feeds off itself.




it’s never

a legitimate reason to butcher or slaughter people

 as an inflated justified excuse.


freedom is important.

freedom to say what we want.


but freedom to belittle

to be cruel

to be destructive


is it a better freedom


than freedom

tempered with





a question for the ages for sure!


there will always be haters and killers and destroyers

among us.

they are abominable.

and they should never be tolerated.


but as a society in general

in everyday in every way

we seem to becoming



simply mean.


in our talk.

in our thinking.

in our ways.

in our simple respect for others.


just thinking about it all today old bean.

as the masses in paris are showing their unity.


just thinking about it all and pondering the question.


it opens many doors of discussion.


but then too . . .

since man has been slaughtering man for eons now . . .

with little or no reason at all . . .


perhaps it’s all simply



til soon old bean.

til soon.

Jan 082015

d n a




long long ago

in a land that i mysteriously and curiously feel

a strong affinity for . . .  england . . .


there was a young man.


he worked hard at his calling.

and heeded the pull of the sea.


he became . . .

according to my maternal grandmother . . .

a sea captain.


he was my great great grandfather.


he sailed . . . rather he


one of these.


big shipcourtesy:spinwardtraveller.blogspot.com


and his son . . .

my grandmother’s father was also a man of the sea.


docking at the great st lawrence.


and leaving his sea loving dna there in the form of my

mother’s mother

my beloved little grandmother.


she was born in 1897.

near the end of the victorian age.


victorian eracouresy:catehogan.com


she grew up educated and in a refined environment.


about that same time . . .

another great great grandfather

was traveling west in a covered wagon.


according to my texas grandmother . . .

my father’s mother . . .

amazingly enough born the same year as my

new york grandmother . . .


their family would settle in texas.

and that great grandfather would become

a united states marshal.


my texas grandmother lived as a young girl

in a sod hut.

much like the one pictured below.


 sod hutcourtesy:edsitement.neh.gov

i have an old picture of her as a very young girl reading a book

sitting on a chair outside the door.


her father insisted they all learned to read.

luckily through both sides of the families

the value of education flourished.



it was a rough life they lead on the prairie.



they were called.


years later . . . when she had my father . . .

her own husband was gone for a few days.

the nearest help was a two hour drive from their cabin

by horse and wagon.


she gave birth to my dad . . . her first child . . .

by herself.


a midwife arrived not long afterward

thinking she would be near time and had traveled to help.

she found that mother and son were doing fine.

i hope to think i have some of her couragous dna.


just enduring the prairie weather was enough.


similar to this family below . . .

apparently dressed in their best . . .

with a cow on their roof.


sod hut familycourtesy:loc.gov


when she became a widow at the age of 34 . . .

she brought her three little sons to oklahoma city.

and survived the great depression and educated herself

and them.  and took care of them.  alone.

she eventually amassed quite a lot of real estate.

and that little sod hut girl was quite comfortable.



on this now modern prairie . . . full of trees

where i live . . .

just like much of the whole country is today . . .

it’s bitterly cold outside.


it was the same yesterday here only with winds

contstantly blowing over

50 mph.


i cannot imagine this prairie with these conditions

in a sod hut or a log cabin.


my daddy was born december 2nd.



i’m afraid i have not the

courage part of all their dna.

not for that early life anyway.

i’m spoiled!



it had been left up to me . . .


the west would never have been settled!


the sea would never have been crossed!


i would have been perfectly content

in jolly olde england!


give me this any day of the week.




english architecturecourtesy:thesixthduke.tumblr.com



i have all those genes.

i still live on the prairie.

which . . . i suppose with the tornadoes and such

is still honing the old pioneer spirit perhaps . . .


and though i dearly LOVE the sea

i only want to be near it.

not ON it!


and if i could choose to live anywhere else on this planet


it would be my beloved england.


it’s all just apparently about what’s


in our blood.


til soon old bean!

til soon

Jan 052015

hello there old bean!


amazing little puppy

i love this little puppy face.


it is full of hope.

it’s expecting the best!


but it will joyfully accept whatever comes

with the ever wagging tail.


and it’s just beginning

a dog’s life of giving

unconditional love.


what more can we ask?

what more can we give?


 teach us puppy.


til soon old bean.

til soon!

Jan 032015

sarah cried wolf.



such a beautiful creature!

oh my.

except when they’re hungry.


or when you cry wolf

and everything turns out alright anyway.




so embarrassing.

almost too embarrassing.


if it weren’t for the fact that the captain

literally worked all day long on this

to fix what was wrong . . .

and it’s dark now.

and he just wouldn’t quit . . .



how can i quit on him now?




i’m back.



i feel like

i am this lady below.

she was way before my time.

and she’s way before your time.

but we all know her type

as soon as we hear her name.


high dramacourtesy:yalepress.yale.edu


that’s me.  that is i.

just call me sarah.

actually i love the name sarah.

i had a darling little blonde cocker spaniel

once upon a time.

and i named her sarah.


she was highly dramatic too.

we both lived up to her name.



here are some wonderful

embarrassed but pleased and pleasing

pictures of how i’m feeling right now.



embarrassed bearsyfereitz.com


embarrassed bunnycobblelearning.net


you get the picture . . .


when you over react

because . . .

TA DA !!!


once again.

the peanut is back.

but then i have no doubt you knew

that was going to happen anyway.

didn’t you.

this time i really didn’t.

i was too tired and dizzy.



maybe we’ll be spared from all this

MESS whenever they UPDATE

unnecessarily again.


he found that it plays havoc with the peanut’s

plug ins.

whatever those are.

and he’ll know from now on what to do.


i hope to have all the past posts list up again too.

if you’re new to the peanut . . .

there’s some fun reading there.

i love to re~read some of my favorite ones!

especially those about bob and the marine and jacob.


ok sarah.

give it a rest now.


and hey!

to those of you who were routing rooting routeing

cheering me on

to start a blog on blogger . . .

i’m STILL going to give that a try!

just because it sounded so


and i appreciate your encouragement

more than you’ll ever know!

i want to try it at least.


but oh.

i am so glad i don’t have to give up my beloved

little peanut!


so . . .

thank you for being my friend.

i do love you.  and i’m glad you keep

coming back!


til soon old bean!

til soon.

signed . . .

sarah polly tammy anna

Jan 022015

good grief charlie brown!

there seems to be a new post here at the peanut every 15 minutes lately!

blank book

LOLOLOL!!!!  i know it.

talk about a talker.

i dearly love the fresh blank pages of a new year.

and this is a brand new year!  that’s not really news i know . . .  but . . .

this is also the year that word press finally updated my little peanut into oblivion.

the captain revised it . . . revamped it . . . re designed it . . . has done everything he possibly can.  AND it’s STILL not working right when i write a post.

you can’t see what’s wrong.  but believe me.

it’s awful.  it’s enough to give a person a seizure.

after every letter deleted and corrected and every time i hit enter . . . it JUMPS to the top of the screen.  or sometimes to the bottom.  it’s apparently not choosey!

then i have to scroll up or down through what i’ve written to search for the little cursor and begin again.  it takes forever just to write a sentence or two.

i dearly love the peanut.  i do.  but i don’t want to live like that.

it’s not fun.  and i always said . . . when it’s no longer fun . . . i quit.

maybe it’s FATE’S way of saying . . .

GROW UP tammy!  quit leaning on the captain and learn this stuff for yourself.”

EVERYBODY ELSE seems to be doing their own blogs.  WHY CAN’T YOU?

so . . . it’s possible i’ll show up on blogger somewhere someday.

AND . . .

i’m going to leave the peanut on the air waves. or whatever the net waves are  LOLOL!!!

I love this little peanut.  it was a precious gift given to me by my captain.

and i absolutely LOVE the new way he’s changed the look of it.

it was a tedious last ditch effort to circumvent the problem from the updates.

He’s freely given of his time.  SO OFTEN here.  and he’s so PATIENT.

much more so than i am.  i’m the naughty one who uses the word “arse!”

but he has his OWN REAL business to be taking care of .  and that is NOT this peanut!

besides . . . he’s long past his ‘patience’ expiration date.  he just won’t show it.

he’s an amazing man and a wonderful friend.

but now it’s time to let it go.  he teases me that if i do it . . .

it will be the 129th time i’ve threatened to quit!  LOLOL.  and he’s probably right!

he has steadied this blog through

surgeries and hospitalizations

blood clots

torn rotator cuffs

malignant hypertension and AFIB

GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN!  it sounds like a BAD tv show!  LOLOL.

“grey tammy’s anatomy”  LOLOL!


the truth is . . . the latest updates have created a situation when i type the post that literally makes me dizzy.  he’s done everything he can think of to fix it.

we think it’s fixed and word press seems to prove us wrong.  it jumps up and down . . . enough to cause a seizure.  and that’s the last thing i need!


am signing out.  crying wolf for the last time.

i will see you at your own place old bean!

i love so many of you!  i’ll be stalking and commenting and having a ball visiting!

and when i rest and get up my tekkie courage . . . someday i’ll dip my toe into Blogger.

surely it can’t be as complicated as word press.  I HOPE!

right now i’m just going to chill.  relax.  start the new year fresh and unencumbered!

i’m leaving the little peanut up.  it’s been a FANTASTIC FUN ride!

besides i LOVE to read a lot of the old posts.  some GREAT memories there.

i want to publically thank my pirate captain for every long minute he has spent making it a wonderful place to write upon . . . for the last 3 years!

and i thank him forever for such a wonderful gift.  i have loved every minute of it.  i NEVER would have even thought of such a thing.  it just appeared for me one day.  how neat is that!

well.  except for the insufferable word press updates!  LOLOL.

word press and i are getting a divorce.  irreconcilable differences.


THANK YOU for sticking with me through thick and thin and drama and ALL!

i’ll see you soon at your own place old bean.  let the fun continue!

til soon.

til soon old bean.  ♥

Jan 022015


she cried


i hardly know it’s me!

i have a brand new look!

thanks to the captain and all his hard work in figuring out word press.

thank you capt.

i feel like the peanut has grown up!  very elegant.  and spare.  and cool.

i’m a princess!  i was a lady frog.  well . . . frogette.

 now i’m a princess.

i shall make my posts short and elegant and peanutty . . . just so.


not a resolution.  just something the new look inspires me to be.

before this whole thing turns back into a pumpkin word press mess.


ahhhh.   see?

even in a ball gown.  she still retains that quaint sense of peanut humor.

til soon old bean.

til soon!